Singer Ciara just tweeted this pic of herself rocking a pair of Air Jordan Retro 9's at the Hill Street Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club in Atlanta this morning.

Later this afternoon she's off to the 2nd Annual Sprite Step Off Challenge at the Fox Theater in midtown. The step show starts at 5p.m.

I attended this same event last year at the Atlanta Civic Center. If you recall, controversy raged when the 1st prize of $100,000 in scholarships was awarded to the all-white Epsilon chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha out of Arkansas.

The white girls killed it at the majority black competition last year. They electrified the crowd with a dazzling step routine that clocked in at just under 9 minutes. But almost immediately after this video hit the 'nets, accusations of "the fix was in!" began sounding from HBCUs across the country.

Black sorors complained bitterly that MTV (and their sponsor, Coca Cola which distributes Sprite) wanted a step crew winner that was more in line with their targeted demographic.

So what if the white women stole parts of their routines from black step crews? The truth is that the all-black Tau Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha from Indiana University (who came in 2nd last year) should have stepped their game up a notch instead of acting like it was a dance competition.

The Zeta Tau Alpha girls should have been the sole winners because they stayed true to the historical black traditions of intricate stepping, call and response.

Well, to quiet the uproar (and to appease the media who began making inquiries), Coca-Cola announced that due to a "scoring discrepancy," both the The Zeta Tau Alpha girls (white) and the Tau Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha step crew (black), would be recognized as co-winners.

Naturally the outrage and indignation was split along racial lines, with white college students yelling racism right along with the HBCUs. Coca Cola's excuses about scoring discrepancies fell on deaf ears.

"Why won’t they let YT be great!!!!!! I swear black people won’t let white people have anything," was just one of the sampling of comments left on an all-white message board.

Probably due to the 2010 controversy, this year's competition at the Fox Theater has been scaled down.

Instead of V-103's Ryan Cameron hosting (as he did last year) -- they have someone named DJ Rock-T of the Tavis Smiley Show handling the hosting duties.

Ciara will perform during the competition. Lots of tickets are still available at $20.

  • LadeeA

    Hi Auntie! :waves: Glad u workin today!

    I'm not even goin to comment on the YT comments cause they know the real deal. They've been stealing from us since they stole us from the Mother Land.

    The End.

  • thatgirl4real

    I don't know what the other teams did but them girls got down. If they were the best they should have won regardless of color.

  • DownSouthZeta

    I've seen more than my share of step shows and even participated in a few and I thought those girls were ok. Sometimes we tend to give people of other races bigger props because we assume that they do not have rhythm. That's what we get for giving away our secrets to anyone who will listen.

  • iscream

    For some reason Ciara just doesn't have star power... She can dance, has a great body, dates celebs, has celeb BFF's and still she is just can't seem to grasp Fame....

  • iscream

    and uhm big feet and straight leg jeans on women should be against the law.


  • KrayZKat

    I didn't think they were all that great. Regarding the comments from the "victimized" white people :rofl:

    Many of them love flipping the script claiming WE do the things THEY'VE done for centuries. They steal our innovations, and call it their own, and when we call em on it, they wanna play the "white people are treated so poorly" card. Huh!

    I think SOME people saw the novelty of them being white. If you've seen step shows or such, these women were average at best.

  • His_Mommy623

    if Ciara dnt get them Retro Jordan boats off her feet :blink:

    those dogs of hers are huge..

  • MZN

    I agree with Krayzkat, this kind of step show isn't new. I've seen this exact one years ago at my college when the matrix came out. A black sorority, Zeta Phi Beta, did a very similar step show to this...The Matrix look and all. The look was cool then, but not now.
    ZTA was exciting to watch because they were white. If it was a black sorority dancing like that, they wouldn't have won anything because we would have been wondering why they would choose that dated look. That took countless of hours of them watching black sorority's to copy their moves. If you closely watch, they are still very much stiff with no rhythm. I would really like to see them in a hip hop club, or free style dance to see just how talented they really are. They could have been more original with their dance moves and costumes instead of using the played out Matrix look. Since Swan Lake was the intro, they couldv'e come out in ballerina costumes and freaked it.
    I'm flattered by this because this goes to show how once again black people are the originators.
    No hate... just my IMO.

  • cocoa49

    My goodness her feet are huge. I know she is tall but those feet take some of the femininity away from her.

  • Jay Bee

    stop stealing our shiiiiiit and then think we the scum of the earth we made America stop stealing our shiiiiit yea its some that mess it up for the culture but stop stealing our shiiiiiit

  • attorneymom

    Skee Wee!!!!! Stop stealing my Sorors' steps.

  • attorneymom
  • GoldenGurl

    Never liked the looks of those sneakers.

    When YT imitates something black, its a novelty and everyone then wants it. So :coffee: at the yt girls...

  • Ace

    Those look like about size 12 or 13...

    *looks down at his 10.5s*


    I guess we all can't be blessed like Ciara...i mean you know what they "say"....

  • Ms.Alabama

    I just watched both groups show and I don't think the white girls were all that good...the AKA's should have won..ever show has at least one dance in it....The white girls won because stepping is considered a black think and sense the whites took the effort to join in than I guess the judges looked over there show and said lets make them the winners

  • Phrozen1der

    I've seen both shows, and people were in awe that "YT" girls were actually stepping that was their "WOW" factor. But the Sorors from "TAU" chapter were doing basket tosses and everything CLEARLY the winner. Since they annouced (ZTA) the victor they had to call it a draw because score sheets and obvious video footage showed the truth... :coffee:

  • lnp03

    Shout out to my Soror AttorneyMom for her posts! This is exactly why I did not support the Sprite Step Off this year. The ZTA's won because of the novelty of them being white not because they had a better show.