This contest has ended and the email box has been disabled. No more essay submissions will be accepted. A winner will be chosen on Friday, July 29!

Thank you to everyone who entered! We wish we could choose more than one winner from the amazing submissions! The lucky winner will be announced on Friday, July 29, right here on! The winner will have 24 hours to claim her prize. If the prize is not claimed, an alternate winner will be chosen.

One lucky reader will win a brand new Louis Vuitton Montorgueil PM bag courtesy of and Louis Vuitton! (subject to the Contest Terms & Conditions)

This bag retails for $940 and is already out of stock online!

I received my inspiration for this giveaway from an article I read on the Chicago Defender entitled "Remembering To Care for the "Least" of Us" by Phil Wilson.

He writes: "No matter what type of difficulty or tragedy we've experienced in our life, all of us can begin again. And no matter how successful we become, there is value in remembering where we came from and those still trapped there, including people living with HIV and AIDS."

This Louis Vuitton handbag will go to the reader who best demonstrates her outstanding character and spirit of giving back through unselfish service to others.

All you have to do to qualify is write a 400-word essay explaining what you have done for the least of us.

Please note: This contest is open to anyone with a job email or a paid ISP email such as Bellsouth, ATT, Verizon, etc. SUBMISSIONS FROM FREE EMAILS WILL BE DISQUALIFIED. (Free emails are Yahoo, gmail, Hotmail or any email that you do not pay for.)

Please READ the contest Terms & Conditions.

Email your entry to essay @ (remove the spaces).

It would help if you attached a photo of yourself being of service to others!

The contest ends on Tuesday, July 26, and one lucky winner will be announced on Friday, July 29!

This contest is open to child care workers, caregivers, nurses, teachers, hospital volunteers, etc. Lurkers are welcome to enter the contest. You do not have to be a member of the family to win!

A description of the bag is provided by Tavius of Louis Vuitton at Phipps Plaza after the break!

The Montorgueil monogram bag is a variation of the traditional Speedy with longer shoulder straps and beautiful Gold hardware accents, reminiscent of our hard sided luggage.

With a simple and feminine shape in Monogram canvas, this bag sets off any outfit with a touch of refinement. Its smooth shape and comfortable shoulder carry make it perfect for everyday use.

The inspiration behind the Montorgueil is the Rue Montorgueil, a street in Paris, France that is lined with famous restaurants, quaint cafés, bakeries, cheese shops, and wine shops. Rue Montorgueil has become recognized as one of the best places for hip Parisians to socialize while doing their daily shopping.

  • chocalatecity29

    Really auntie, a 400 word essay!...geesh, it would have been easier to draw names out of a hat...but oh and well lemme get to writing!!!

  • mrsloveleigh

    Finally a contest you don't have to be in Atlanta to enter!!!

  • spongebobfan

    comcast email counts right?

  • Yall still crazy

    I'm on it Auntie!!! :yahoo: I am a humanitarian and raise money for various causes & I could propably write a 400 word essay in my sleep... Good looking out :wink:

    I need that purse in my life. :grill:

  • NikkeMinxx

    @Yall... idk why but I thought of you when I read this.... Good luck!!

  • NikkeMinxx


    Can you have a win a lunch with Gucci Mane contest? I would win that for sure... (by default I know, but still....)

  • Anna

    Sandra you have male readers/lurkers who would love the bag for themselves or a mate. Is the contest just for women to enter?

  • Laci PYT since 1984

    lol @ Nikke

    honestly I wouldnt mind a lunch with Drake. I have some infactuation with that boy. I dont know why :shrug:

  • Fayla aka JuicyFruit

    :applause: that's a REAL good look Auntie! :love:

    GM Mrs, Nikke, YALL, & Laci :waves:

  • Mamacita

    @NIkkeMinxx If you do go on a date with him make sure you take your own car! He's known for tossing women out of his lol. And I'm still waiting on you to follow me back on twitter MA'AM! :waiting:

  • Yall still crazy

    Hey Fay :dance:

    LOL @ yall turning (trying to) this into a snackdate with gucci and drake. :rofl:

    @Ms. pspMinxx, cuz you know I have good taste :shrug: :lol:

  • mrsloveleigh

    Morning Fayla!!! Morning Fam!!

  • Yall still crazy

    *threatening gucci and pointing my finger*

    This one, here *pointing to psp* is off limits for tossing outta the car dude! We will find you *mean stare*


  • Fayla aka JuicyFruit

    I can see me & that bag looking great together :lol:

  •!/Birdshu Bird

    I stopped working with teenaged girls 3 years ago and the last time I tried to volunteer with an organization the nigra that was running it never got it off the ground so can I write an essay about how I'm not afraid to check children? How I tell people that they need to say hello when they call my phone and how I keep trying to get up the energy to answer my husband's phone anywhere from midnight to 3 AM when his immature azz friend calls him to remenisce about the dumb sh*t they used to do as kids and brag to the other immature idiots who are with him at that hour on work nights? I come from a long line of people checkers and it makes a differance. My friend told me that she didn't know you were supposed to say hello before my mother cussed her out as a teenager. Not only hello, but how you doin and wait for and be interested in the cot damn answer. We are moving too far away from just plane ole manners. If we don't teach they don't learn it on their own.

  • NikkeMinxx

    @Mamacita..... I sent you a follow request a long time ago.. and I just checked, it's still pending. No worries, for #10, I'm probably putting out. :ashamed:

    @bird.. That sounds like a finalist entry.

    @JuicyFruit :waves:

  • Yall still crazy

    *adding to Bird's list*

    -folks that weren't taught to say God Bless You after a sneeze
    -folks who don't say Goodbye or Bye before ending a phone call
    -folks that don't respect their elders (carrying packages, open doors, offering any helpful assistance)

    I know there's more, can't think of them... :think:

  • Mamacita

    @Nikke :lol: oh my bad let me check...

  • Dawn Sheen

    I will be giving away a lewis veton bag which I purchased (while wearing trench coat and shades) at the local flea market along with matching Nike highheel tennis shoes, yes the one seen on facebook. In order to win email me from ur hotmail or yahoo account. This shld her Sandra filter out you people who will put on ur best oj simpson or casey Anthony story in order to win a purse.

  • Iblondon

    This would have been perfect for me. Too bad I don't feel like writing a 400 word essay, too much work to do and too little time.

  • NikkeMinxx

    -folks who don’t say Goodbye or Bye before ending a phone call
    Guilty as charged, but working on it.


  • candibfly

    twin :hug:

    p to the muthapluckin s p :yahoo:

  • Bigbadwolf

    Yall still crazy says:

    *adding to Bird’s list*

    -folks that weren’t taught to say God Bless You after a sneeze
    -folks who don’t say Goodbye or Bye before ending a phone call
    -folks that don’t respect their elders (carrying packages, open doors, offering any helpful assistance)

    I know there’s more, can’t think of them…

    -folks that weren't taught to be thankful. Were taught to say thank you, but not to be thankful.
    I hate ungrateful people, acting like your obligated to help them with their bills, and be upset because you can only pay one of them. You are my dam sister, not my daughter, ask one of them nigg@z u keep chillin wit! Sorry for ranting, I had to get that off my chest :lol:

  • NikkeMinxx

    @CandiPants! :yahoo: Whassup girl? Fun trips? Good eats? Whatchu been up to?

  • masturbatehate

    Thanks Sandra! Finally a contest I'm going to enjoy entering and a prize I want to win!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yall still crazy

    :yahoo: Twinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    400 words ain't ish....

  • Yall still crazy

    *hi5* BBW

  • It’s Better in The Bahamas

    @ Bird I totally agree with you on the manenrs issue. Where I come from we learn at a very early age to:
    - say good morning or good afternoon when you enter a room.
    - say please and thank you
    - say yes/no ma'am and yes/no sir

  • NikkeMinxx

    Damn BBW tell us why you really mad. :cosign: though, I hate for somebody to try and count my money.

  • It’s Better in The Bahamas

    sorry manners

  • Laci PYT since 1984

    :waves: hey fayla... hows it going bew :D

    @ yall :lol: i was. I enjoy drakes voice. Maybe he can sang-rap to me over a sandwich and soup combo

  • Laci PYT since 1984

    welcome Bahamas

  • West Coast Chick

    a 400 word essay on the you do for people :lol: really???!!!

  • NikkeMinxx

    @IBITB you aint slick... announcing newbie status in a post with 32 comments so you won't have to fill out the packet. I'm going to tell!

    Oh yeah, :welcome: but Im still tellin'.....

  • Bigbadwolf

    @ Nikke and Yall

    She really was upset that I was only paying her light bill which was the highest bill! Got to love family.

  • caligirl

    *adding to Bird’s list*
    When did Thank You go out of style? My stepmother wants me to send her a card after she does anything.

    I work at a hospital and volunteer for special events, and I also cook at church for special events. Let me get to writing....

  • Bigbadwolf

    :welcome: bahamas

  • West Coast Chick

    least you do for people.. was my post was edited?? :blink: I aint even do noffin :mad:

  • mrsloveleigh

    Welcome Better in The Bahamas!!! And i bet it is!!! Always wanted to go somewhere beautiful with beautiful water

  • Eb

    Sandra, a 400 word essay :blink: I like the 140 character life :coffee:

  • Dawn Sheen

    is the purse planking.......

  • Yall still crazy

    :welcome: Bahamamama! Wit yo mannerable self :rofl:

    But, like Nikkkkkk said you'll be needing to fill out an e-packet. Either Brown or Man will give it to you :wink:
    Edited/hacked-WCC, that was me trying to make sure you don't win MY PURSE :lol:

  • Yall still crazy


    I constantly send Thank You cards, because that card reflects me and allows me to put more (gracious)words on paper. I love gifts, and I like receiving ones that are well thought out and "perfect for me"--so when I do receive something, the least I can do is let the person know how much that meant to me and to show my son that that's how we do things around here....

  • brenden

    ''demonstrates HER...'' why come I can't win? You knw how much pu**y a purse like that would get me? I could retire the bottle of lubriderm and even better the calluses on my palm may finally begin to dissipate.

  • Friskme KI$$E$

    -folks who don’t say Goodbye or Bye before ending a phone call

    my ex would never say goodbye or bye because he felt like it meant "forever" ..........whatver :rolleyes:

  • Anna

    Friskme KI$$E$ says:

    -folks who don’t say Goodbye or Bye before ending a phone call

    my ex would never say goodbye or bye because he felt like it meant “forever” ……….whatver
    Some ppl just don't, has nothing to do w/respect. My first mother-in-law never said goodbye, but most of the time you pretty much knew when the conversation was over. LOL. Most don't say it because it's so final.


    I have tried to submit the essay twice and keep getting a kick back email from

  • spongebobfan

    submitted :) :coffee:

  • NikkeMinxx

    @anna and frisk me.. I don't have any fancy reason but i donthgive any wrap up.. Ttyl, see ya around, nothing... I :cosign: with anna's old mother in law, it ain't hard to tell when the conversation is over.

    @Brenden, If tipping strippers and employing sex workers doesn't count as public service, then what would you put in the essay? :waiting:

  • spongebobfan

    did the email work for anyone when they submitted it? mine came back delivery failure :( (yes i removed the spaces)

  • KK76

    @SR- just saw the newest Atl "Housewife" Marlo Hampton on accessatl. Quite a rap sheet and mugshot gallery :coffee:

  • vero

    Is it open to foreigners?? :D

  • Sandra Rose

    spongebobfan says:

    did the email work for anyone when they submitted it? mine came back delivery failure

    My apologies. I got sidetracked and didn't create the email box. Try now. :)

  • Sandra Rose

    vero says:

    Is it open to foreigners??

    It is open to anyone with a job and who are in service to others. :)

  • Sandra Rose

    @ KK76: I don't watch that show.

  • spongebobfan

    opps i sent it to your reg email in my panic lol ill send again, dont disqualify me!

  • brenden

    @NIKKEMINX as a proud employee of Mcdowells inc. I work hard as a customer service member always serving with a smile :-) it was me who single handedly invinted the McD.L.C. Our coveted bacon, lettuce, and chittlin sandwich (which is now avail on the dollar menu) it was also I who jumped in on the whole fish oil craze by recomending we cook our fries in 'fish oil' (recycled fish grease) insuring that all our customers are on their way to a healthier heart with every meal :-)

    As an avid cougar chaser, my community service is not limited to my worl place. My last G'friend Mertyl whom I met while playig bingo at the local reservation (more community service btw ;-)) suffered from severe chronic arthritis. Being the giving person that I am I would visit her every 3rd Wednesday of the month at the Shady Oaks retirement village to not only grease her scalp, but also comb the kinks out of her wig, AND change her bed pan. If that doesn't make me a contender for this purse, then I don't know what does...

  • NikkeMinxx

    :yahoo: #57 Winner winner chicken dinner!!! :trophy:

  • TruBeautyPrsprs

    Can a university assigned e-mail address be used?? *prays you say yes*

  • Ididntreallymeanit

    That bag is gorgeous

  • ursmyle4me

    This is a great contest.

  • Daisy

    Good Luck all I HATE logo bags designer or otherwise so I will pass.