NBA star Kobe Bryant is no different than any other powerful, wealthy man who desires a little variety to spice up his sex life. Luckily, he's married to a submissive Latina woman who understands that her place is in the home raising their two daughters. Besides, there's nothing he can do to her that a $4 million, 10-carat ring won't fix.

You recall that sexual assault case in 2008 when a hotel desk clerk complained that Kobe brutally sodomized her? It turned out she was lying -- the sex was consensual. Kobe supposedly learned his lesson and started treating his extramarital sexcapades as business transactions. But now a hooker has come forward to say that Kobe didn't put a ring on it like he promised:

Selina Miller, an Ohio prostitute (as listed on her resume) filed a lawsuit last week in Orange County Superior Court. Selina is claiming that Kobe gave her a “completed and signed agreement” to provide her with a ring. Of course the promise always came during their sexual liaison. “He likes playing games with women more than people know,” she said. “I’m upset because he promised me a ring [during one visit], and then some other people influenced him, and I didn’t get it. He thinks he can stop by my house any time he wants to. There are other women, too. One of them got a ring.” Kobe’s infidelities have already cost him a multi-million dollar ring. I guess any woman would be mad to know that she gave him this negro some head and tail and didn’t get the ring but other whores did.

At least she didn't accuse him of raping her.

Source: DD

  • LittleBigMouth

    hmmm :coffee: and here I was thinking vanessa stuck around because she knew where her bread was buttered but ok. And lol at ring agreements with prostitutes, that's a first.

  • Eb


  • Nicola

    Sandra that sounds like the court filings of a crazy woman. What prostitute would take jewelry when she could get cold hard cash. And do prostitutes hand out resumes now? When did whores get proper?

  • KaraZ

    Kobe is just a generic azz fcukup. Who gets tricking wrong?

  • Jamillah

    That's her fault, not his. Top 5 Jumpoff/Hooker Rules:

    1. Get the money/ring before he leaves town.

    2. Play your position. You are not number one (probably not 2 or 3
    either) so stay in your appointed slot.

    3. Keep your mouth shut. If you know you are dealing with a married
    man what happens between you two stays between you two.

    4. Check the jealousy. You knew what your dumb ass was getting into
    when you agreed to the arrangement.

    5. Keep your mouth shut.

  • Eb

    :ha: is that a butterfly tatted on his arm

  • BlackBeauti

    Another Tiger Wood about to happen. Vanessa not going anywhere. She will get a bigger rings and more money in her account ... Ho not dumb. I'm sure there is some kind of agreement between the 2.

  • Jay Bee

    When will these ppl learned.. im sure he can find some tht will settle for onion rings instead

  • masturbatehate

    Morning all!

    LOL @ jay bee...settle for onion rings!

    I stay out of all bedrooms except for my politicians. If you'd f*** over your wife then you'd probably do the same for the people you are supposed to serve.

  • datsmdubya2u

    he look terrible in bed

  • datsmdubya2u


  • Fayla

    & the next star of BBQ Wives is...*drumroll*...Kobe's long-suffering, submissive wife Vanessa!! :champ:

  • Fayla

    oh & Kobe might wanna morph that gay azz butterfly tat into some saggy tittays or somethin STAT! oh, n/m he IS Kobe Cryant :crying: :coffee:

  • under_ware

    KaraZ says:

    Kobe is just a generic azz fcukup. Who gets tricking wrong?

    Too Damn Funny, KaraZ!

  • NaijaGal

    Jewelry in exchange for sex is prostitution. Prostitution is against the law. The courts cannot legalize an illegal arrangement. And this confirms that these "men" will never learn regardless of how many times they get caught up in their own bull.

  • therapist1911

    I'm still trying to get pass "as listed on her resume"...

  • LaTechGrad02

    What in the world? She needs to step up her ho game and stop with these pawn shop shenanigans. You can swipe a credit card with a smart phone these days but she's still accepting jewelry?

  • jazi65

    Korny Kobe is so sloppy with this cheating I almost feel sorry for him. Guess he better go shopping for an other bauble for the wife before this gets outta hand.

  • GoldenGurl

    Damn, I wish these dumb azz hoes would shut up and go the hell somewhere. Augh!

  • Tatted Diva


  • AllNYC

    Who knew hookers had resumes?

  • YSoSeriousPraisesBeigeBeysus

    I find that I'm stuck on the resume thing too. Like, seriously? :blink:

    I'm a leave Kobe Bean alone today. Seems he has enough problems to deal with right now. :haha:

  • Yall still crazy

    A clean punanni is > than a 100 carat ring!

    Really ladies, some things are priceless... :coffee:

    Throw this news in the bag with any amber rose/nikki stories because I can't bring myself to actually care enough about any of these folks! :shrug:


    an Ohio prostitute (as listed on her resume) :blink:

    And that better not be a butter fly on that crown! :hailnaw:

  • Lady_L

    yeah okay lady.....