Peek inside Jada and Will Smith’s 25,000 sq ft home

Uber stars Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith gave Architectural Digest an exclusive look inside their 25,000 square foot Adobe-styled home. The Smith’s luxury crib was designed by architect Stephen Samuelson, with interiors by Judith Lance. The custom furniture added an additional $250,000 to the cost of the unique private residence.

The living room includes a 1930s copper lantern from Downtown, columns wrapped in jute rope, a pair of ’60s Brazilian rosewood chairs (at left) from Noho Modern, custom-made lounge seating (at right) upholstered in a Rose Tarlow leather, wing chairs covered in kilims and leather, and a beige silk area rug by Hokanson.

Always at one with nature, Will calls the lake gazebo his favorite spot: “Answers come to me out there,” he says. Will and Jada wanted a highly personal space to share with their children, Willow, Jaden, and Trey, Will’s son from his first marriage. “For Will and me this home was always a spiritual endeavor,” Jada says. “We’re very earthy, organic people. We wanted to create a family retreat, something made by hand and as natural as possible, something that ties back to the land.”

The bedroom terrace has pendant lights by Tom Dixon from Twentieth Art and Design, drum tables by Studio JRM, and cushions covered in Donghia, Holly Hunt, and Perennials fabrics. “Everything needed to be done by hand,” Will says. “We wanted to feel the love and labor that went into every piece of this place.

Pick up a copy of Architectural Digest’s September 2011 issue to see more of this home!

Text by Mayer Rus/Photography by Roger Davies | Family portrait by Art Strieber
Produced by Carlos Mota


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    SnootyPooty1 says:

    Nice home absolutely Gorgeous loves it to death!!!!! Beautiful family…….

  2. 2
    pointhimout says:

    yeah I saw the birds eye view of their home on virtual globetrotting. it’s massive and sits far away from the street, as it should. Love the Smiths, all of em, can’t do any wrong.

  3. 3
    Ms. Thickness says:


  4. 4

    The exterior looks straight outta Bedrock

  5. 5
    PAHairston says:

    Hello All. Absolutely breathtaking. Take a look at the cover of today’s NYT, it also takes your breath away. Peace.

  6. 6
    annabraa says:

    Not what I would have chosen for myself, but a truly beautiful home.

  7. 7
    chocalatecity29 says:

    Beautiful!…that’s what dedication and hardwork gets ya!…I heard it took 7 years to complete their home!

  8. 8
    iscream says:

    I love how Jada is dressed here… cute and casual.

  9. 9

    NICCCCCCCE :yes:


  10. 10
    Dawn Sheen says:


  11. 11
    DMisses says:

    Unlike most celebrity homes, theirs actually looks comfortable. Most stars have homes that don’t look very kid friendly, or like show homes. White furniture, lots of glass, open windows everywhere, etc. I can get jiggy with this here…

  12. 12
    DMisses says:

    OAN; Sandra can you please find out what kind of shoes those are Willow is wearing? I believe you posted a pic of Rihanna wearing a pair last week and since RiRi is Willow’s style icon I’m curious to know who makes those hideous shoes!

  13. 13
    renegadesince1985 says:

    It’s a really nice spread! I designed the ad for my company that’s in AD so I’ll check it out when they send us our copies :thumbsup:

  14. 14
    Daisy says:

    LOVE the outdoor space

    #teamSmithfam :cheer:

  15. 15
    Daisy says:

    LOVE the outdoor space and I :heart: the Smith fam

  16. 16
    Sandra Rose says:

    @ DMisses:
    Upscale Hype blog is a good place to find out what the stars are wearing. The link is

  17. 17
    ELove says:

    The OUTSIDE Views are Absolutely AMAZING (Just Breathe-Taking…) :yes:

    @point SAID:
    Love the Smiths, all of em, can’t do any wrong.

    OF Course they Can’t… THEIR Scientologists (Didn’t You Know) :coffee:

  18. 18

    Nice I”m a Smith Family fan as well.

  19. 19
    H-Townmama says:

    I agree with DMisses. This home looks like they designed it with the children in mind. It doesn’t look sterile and cold like a museum.

  20. 20
    DMisses says:

    Thanks Sandra! You were right I was able to visit the site and run right into it!

  21. 21
    Quin says:

    Or my blog, Sandra. My blog also gives you scoop on what the celebs are wearing as well as just all thinhgs fab and fly out there! :)

  22. 22
    mjoylaw says:

    Jada looks absolutely GORGEOUS on the cover. And the Smiths look like they are actually still in love. Then just look at their beautiful children.. and last but not least look at the crib. Daammnn.. We, the public, need to put things in perspective when we talk smack about the Smiths–we sure do love to talk a little shyt about them, now don’t we. But evidently, they DO know how to do a few things right! Say what we will, but these nuccas are BALLING! In every way.. Jada, you sure have come a long way from Bmore, WOW O_O

  23. 23
    Natasha says:

    I love this family!!

  24. 24
    Secret says:

    I am loving it. It gives you a comfortable type feeling to it. Awwww I love the Weeping Willow tree. I wish they had them here :(

  25. 25
    Lizzyb says:

    Nice home but facts are facts on the Smiths….

  26. 26
    BigCityGirl says:

    The house…or should I say MANSION is absolutely gorgeous. The outdoor space is NICE….

  27. 27
    GAGIRL87 says:

    This home is simply breathtaking :yes: I love that it looks like somebody actually LIVES there….

  28. 28
    LaTechGrad02 says:

    GM Sandra Rose Fam!!!

  29. 29

    It looks like a nice relaxing retreat!!! Love it!

  30. 30

    LA I woke up mad cuz I had to come to work!

  31. 31
    prynsexxx says:

    Morning Everybody…

    I can only imagine what’s been done (or what I would do) in that lake gazebo. :ashamed:

  32. 32

    Nice, but it’s too “open” for my liking. although i’m sure security is trump tight, i wouldn’t feel safe bc it looks too “outsidey”. beautiful nonetheless

  33. 33

    GM Lusciousness BIG :hug: ion want u mad today..

  34. 34

    Hey Pryn! :cosign: like a mug :oops:

  35. 35
    flsun99 says:

    Good morning all!

    I love the Smith Family. The house is BEAUTIFUL. Will has some SKRONG genes.

  36. 36

    Mornin Fayla!
    Pryn seeing as how I finally recovered from your “lottery ball” comment Friday I can actually speak to you today!

  37. 37
    prynsexxx says:

    Hey Fay and Lusc. LOL

    :think: Is that shower head detachable?

  38. 38

    Pryn them detachable shower heads aint no joke! :biggrin:

  39. 39
    free says:

    this is one of the very few that i’ve seen that i actually like.

  40. 40
    outlaw2011 says:

    They have a beautiful home. 25,000 square feet. Does one really need that much space? I guess if your Will and Jada you do.

  41. 41
    mirsmommy says:

    That mansion is beautiful. I love the gazebo, or what my Uncle (R.I.P.) used to call them, the gazoozie. :lol:

  42. 42
    Mamacita says:

    Thebomb dot com! :yes:

    The house is beautiful! Soemtimes I wish I had done architecture instead of doing engineering. Architecture has always been something i’ve liked.

  43. 43
    MrUnapologetic says:

    Niceeeeeeeeeee! I love it… And I love THE SMITHS!

  44. 44
    ohpretty1 says:

    The Smith’s tend to have warm inviting homes vs a showplace. The spread they have in the Georgia Mountains is a sight to see and I’ve never been impressed by cabins.

  45. 45
    MzDetermined says:

    I just love them. They are so genuine and the love seems unconditional. They have beautiful children, a beautiful life, a beautiful and peaceful home, what more can you ask for.

  46. 46
    Bosstown says:

    Beautiful and classy home for a beautiful and classy couple. Job well done Will and Jada!!!

  47. 47
    trenee says:

    wasn’t what i envisioned, but nice.

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