Rapper Fabolous called into DJ Clue's show on Power 105 last night to address the "fight" that went down between him and Brandy's little brother Ray J after the Floyd Mayweather fight in Vegas. Allegedly Ray J was angered by a tweet that Fabolous sent out on his Twitter page clowning Ray J's piano playing at Mayweather's house before the boxing match.

Thanks to DDotOmen.com for the audio.

"Celebrity stylist" June Ambrose will get her own half-hour docu-series TV show starting next year, VH1 announced Monday.

Ambrose is partly responsible for some of the atrocious fashions you've seen on your favorite stars over the years. She shares that same cognitive egocentrism that afflicts most industry insiders who rub shoulders with narcissistic celebs -- she thinks she's a celebrity herself.

Don't bother following Ambrose on Twitter.com if you're expecting a response to your tweets to her. She's not genuine, nice, or real.

According to United Press International:

For more than two decades, Ambrose has helped create looks and wardrobes for stars such as The Dave Matthews Band, Sean Combs, Alicia Keys, Kelly Ripa, Kim Cattrall, Jay-Z and Mary J. Blige.

"We at VH1 are so thrilled to dive into the fashion world with none other than the industry's top styling icon, June Ambrose," Jeff Olde, VH1's executive vice president of original programming and production, said in a statement.

A word to the wise: if you're a drag queen intent on committing petty larceny, make sure your hairline is edged and laid. Because if you are arrested, your wig will be snatched for your mug shot.

According to Gawker.com, a gang of cross-dressing drag queens that terrorized Florida in search of drag paraphernalia has been caught.

"It's a whole gang of drag queens," said Amanda Marshall, manager of Jo-Ann Fabrics on East Colonial Drive in Orlando, where police arrested three suspects Sunday afternoon.

"They were real upset when the police made them take their wigs off."

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Comments Off on Prime Suspect on NBC

Maria Bello stars as Jane Timoney, a forceful, willful, reckless and brilliant detective who always keeps her eye on one thing: the prime suspect.

Premieres tomorrow at 10/9c on NBC.

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Sandra Bullock was spotted flying out of Austin, Texas with her son Louis Bardo Bullock. Mother and son spent several days at her Austin home. Sandra tried to make the little guy smile for the paparazzi but he wasn't having it. Louis always seems like he has something weighing heavy on his mind. We'll find out what it is later on when he gets older and starts to express himself more.
Photos: Splash News Online

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Industry veteran (and Bow Wow's homie) Bart just posted a brief Twitter summary of what really went down between rapper Fabolous and Brandy's little brother Ray J.

According to Bart, who witnessed the entire incident unfold in a tiny hallway inside the Palms in Las Vegas, the whole thing was planned by Ray J. He said there was no fisticuffs between the guys, but Fab's goons did pound Ray J out and Ray J lost a flip flop in the ensuing melee.

"Fab got pushed and that's it!!!," Bart tweeted.

Click the link to find out what really went down, according to Bart, who doesn't hold back on Twitter.

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As you know, we have fallen out of favor with R&B Diva Monica. Therefore, we will no longer be privy to any more Mo scoops. But Monica news is still open to conjecture. We're going to to take a wild guess that Mo is not pregnant, because every time she performs at FSO her attire sparks baby rumors. But you can never tell about these celebrities and their baby bumps.

Photos: Wireimage.com

Let's pretend we didn't know Beyonce was an attention starved narcissist. What woman would want to conceal her pregnancy? Seriously, what part of the game is that? Does she know how crazy she sounds?

In an exclusive interview with CNN, Beyonce dished about her pregnancy and her struggle to fit her baby bump into her fast paced celebrity lifestyle.

On shopping for maternity gear to wear:
Actually I am having so much fun, it has been the most fun time now that it has been announced and I don't have to, you know, it was really difficult to conceal, but now that I can be proud and excited about it I'm having so much fun shopping -- it's great.

On why she is relieved to have finally gone public with pregnancy:
I am having so much fun, it has been the most fun time now that it has been announced and I don’t have to, you know… it was really difficult to conceal, but now I can be proud and excited about it.

On her attitude towards style and fashion since learning she was pregnant:
I just feel like it is often within. My mother has always told me that beauty comes from within and what's exciting about being a woman is you can say today I feel like being, today I feel really conservative, today I'm feeling classy, today I am going on a date and I want to just be a showstopper and you know there is this variety of beautiful clothes that can bring out whatever you feel inside but it comes from here and you should wear your clothes they shouldn't wear you.

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According to INFPhoto.com, birthday girl Angela Simmons spent yesterday afternoon playing paddle ball with her girlfriends. Afterwards, Angela met up with her old flame, rapper/actor Bow Wow. She seemed extremely happy to see him. The pair cuddled, kissed, locked hands and whispered to each other as the sun went down.

As you know, Bow Wow is the new father of a baby girl. But clearly, Angela put it on him. A man will chase after the groupies all day, but they always wife up the good, clean, wholesome women.


The tweets are talking about a knock down drag out slugfest between rapper Fabolous and Brandy's little brother, Ray J.

If you recall, Ray J came to prominence when he came in appeared with his ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian in that viral video a few years back. Well, the tweets are saying that Fabolous rocked Ray J's world last night. Ray J phoned into Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club this morning to address the rumors, and things didn't go well. :yawn:



Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mike Vick entered last night's Falcons vs Eagles game with his head held high. His spirits uplifted by the smattering of cheers from his family members in the stands. But Vick left the game in the 3rd quarter holding his head and spitting up blood.

The Atlanta Falcons defeated their former star quarterback 35-31 in a hard fought game that ended with a head ringing technical knockout for Vick.

It was an ugly win for sure, with a few bright moments provided by star tight end Tony Gonzalez who caught two dazzling touchdowns.

But the real hero of last night's much-hyped matchup between the Atlanta Falcons and Mike Vick was Eagles' defensive tackle Todd Herremans who knocked Vick out of the game with a concussion in the third quarter.

The Eagles had a 10 point cushion when Vick headed to the locker room to get his head examined. He pointed to the scoreboard as the boos rained down on him from the end zone bleachers.

But the lead wouldn't last long with Vick out of the game and Eagles quarterback Mike Kafka subbing for him.

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Loyal reader Zuley writes:

Hey Sandra,

I saw on your blog you posted pictures of Basketball Wives Jennifer Williams and model Dollicia Bryan and they both had on the SAME limited edition Christian Louboutins on the red carpet. The must haves out here in LA. They are called the Christian Louboutin Daffodil Brodee. Those heels are ovahhh and gave me a shoegasm. They didn't have any left at the Christian Louboutin store out here in LA and there is a waiting list on them I was told by the store manager.

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This video of a black man harshly disciplining his son for acting up in school is difficult to watch. In the video originally posted on Worldstarhiphop.com, the father lists the 3 steps he takes to teach the boy discipline.

First he shaves the young man's head bald. Then he whips him into shape before forcing the youngster to run laps and perform push ups out in the courtyard. As a final humiliation, he sends the video to Q at WSHH to publicly embarrass the kid.

The video's introduction explains why the dad thinks his brutal methods are necessary (because there are more black males in prisons vs college). The introduction doesn't mention the statistics of young black boys who are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD (hyperactivity).

ADHD makes it difficult for children to concentrate or pay attention in class, which leads to disciplinary problems in school.

We're sure the brotha meant well but this disturbing video certainly borders on child abuse.

Many agree that Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s sucker punch knockout of Victor Ortiz was unsportsmanlike. But no one can dispute his personal sense of style.

According to comedian Alex Thomas, the spokesman for the Louis Stewart Collection, Mayweather received his big custom order this weekend just in time for the Big Fight. Mayweather's order included the same Rockstar backpack that singer Chris Brown has. The backpack comes in black nubuck with leather pockets and leather trim, accessorized with Swarovski Crystals.

Money May is such a big fan of the Louis Stewart line that he wore his orange and black Pony and Gator Snapback into the ring before the fight!

If you're a baller then you already own a few pieces from the Exclusive Louis Stewart Collection. But if you don't, you can get yours at www.louisstewartcollection.com!

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Boxing chump Floyd Mayweather preserved his winning streak in the ring with a 'dirty' 4th round knockout over Victor Ortiz, who had his guard down.

Mayweather landed a quick 1-2 punch that ended the fight while his 24-year-old opponent seemed to be apologizing to him for an unintentional headbutt.

The first 3 rounds of the boxing match started off slowly. But the action sped up in the 4th round when the referee penalized Ortiz for a headbutt.

After the two boxers touched gloves to resume the fight, Ortiz seemed to be apologizing when Mayweather tapped him with a quick left jab and then dropped him with a vicious right cross punch -- while Ortiz's hands were down.

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