Sports: No ring for LeBron James this year?

The Boston Celtics pulled off a stunning 94-90 upset over league MVP LeBron James and his Miami Heat in game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals Tuesday night in Miami.

The defeat was the Heat’s 2nd loss on their home court during the post-season. Miami jumped out to a quick 13 point lead over the struggling Shamrocks in the first quarter. But the Heat couldn’t hold on to the lead despite the much-anticipated return of forward Chris Bosh, who suffered a groin sprain in the 1st round.

Bosh was sorely missed after sitting out 9 games in the post season. His return to the court was expected to help Miami solve the Kevin Garnett problem in the paint. But Bosh saw limited action, playing only 14 points, scoring 9 points and grabbing 7 rebounds.

Game 6 in Boston on Thursday is a must win game for Miami. They need a Herculean effort from their Big 3 if they expect to win game 6 in front of Boston’s loud and hostile home crowd. If Miami loses game 6 — and Boston advances to the NBA finals — the high scoring Oklahoma City Thunder will destroy the struggling Shamrocks.

Everyone loses out if Miami doesn’t take game 6: an OKC vs Boston Finals is expected to be one of the least watched finals in NBA history.

In the post game interviews, Miami Coach Spoelstra said it wouldn’t have been fair to insert Bosh in the last few minutes of the game — when the team needed him most. Miami fans were outraged over the team’s lack of effort which they attributed to poor coaching.

The disappointed fans renewed their calls for General Manager Pat Riley to fire Spoelstra.

And with no cap room next season to sign a veteran point guard or a real center, it looks like LeBron’s dream of winning his first NBA championship ring will have to wait a few more years.

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    44 Responses to “Sports: No ring for LeBron James this year?”

    1. 1

      My Celtics did that thang last night!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:


      I told you no to doubt the green machine! One more game in Boston baby!!!

    2. 2
      !*LaKErCHiC@*! says:


    3. 3

      Sandra Rose says:

      the high scoring Oklahoma City Thunder will destroy bow down to the struggling Shamrocks. big green!

      fixed that for ya…. :coffee:

    4. 4
      Daisy says:

      I grew up cheering for the Celtics thanks to my daddy :cheer:

      That being said I do want Lebron or Kevin Durant to get a ring this year

      KG post game interview was classic

      Good Morning Happy :hump: day

    5. 5

      I asked this on Twitter last night….but when will folks realize that Lebum just ain’t that deal????

    6. 6
      AWESOME says:

      How the :cuss: do you not play Bosh more minutes? How the :cuss: do you not play ANY big man ‘cept Haslem? Spoelstra was thoroughly outcoached last night and the Heat’s lack of testicular fortitude was on display full blast last night.

    7. 7
      NaijaGal says:

      DAMN :no:

    8. 8
      KishaMinyonn says:

      I think Miami will pull off.

    9. 9
      !*LaKErCHiC@*! says:


    10. 10
      gypsyeyes says:

      Good morning hun-teas!

    11. 11
      Ateya says:

      Im so proud of Boston. Thats my team! Great Game last night and I cant wait for them to bring the house down on Thursday in Boston. But, I like OKC too Perkins is from where I reside and it will be great to see Perkins against the Boston Celtics who traded him to see what they got..but Im a CLETICS FAN ALL DAY!!!

    12. 12

      Lebum James can’t make a phone call because he always shows up with only 3 quarters… :coffee:

    13. 13


      IKR! He always needs “help” which says a lot… :coffee:

    14. 14
      missmiami says:

      They always freeze up. Gosh!

    15. 15
      Iheart says:

      FeFe Feminine says:

      Sandra Rose says:

      the high scoring Oklahoma City Thunder will destroy bow down to the struggling Shamrocks . big green!

      fixed that for ya….


      Fixed it for YOU :coffee: I like Boston but they ain’t flucking with tha Thunder :coffee:

    16. 16
      luVn_liFe... says:

      Good Morning Roses…

      That was a huge Fail for the HEAT’ :smack: bosh Had a abdominal strain not groin.

      If they could just make a few FREE throws :cuss: they could be in it to win it!

    17. 17


      We’ll see about that… :coffee:

    18. 18
      Iheart says:

      I see the coach being fired in the off season if they dont pull this out :coffee:

    19. 19
      !*LaKErCHiC@*! says:


    20. 20
      !*LaKErCHiC@*! says:

      <<OL CRY BABY AZZ! :lol:

    21. 21


      Folks also said the Thunder wasn’t fukking with San Antonio… :shrugs:

    22. 22

      :dead: @Lakes gravie! :rofl:

    23. 23
      !*LaKErCHiC@*! says:


    24. 24

      :trophy: for Lakers Gravie :ha: :haha:

    25. 25
      jazi65 says:

      :shotsfired: boston! fake azz floppin on the floor for cheap fouls..Da Heat will get it together, win game 6 & take it back to Miami :yes:

    26. 26


      My bad…Kobe gets respect from me now… :coffee:

    27. 27
      Iheart says:

      @Fe,True, True :yes: But I can’t even lie, I was worried bout the Spurs at first because of their record coming into the series but our boys have really showed up :cheer: I love the Celtics but their age will be a huge factor against them if they meet the Thunder. Those guys are to fast and Boston as a team can’t hang with their fast break game

    28. 28
      gypsyeyes says:

      I don’t care about no sports. Someone call me when there is a new post or there is a subject change!
      And I did speak to yall sports talking junkies!

    29. 29

      :hi: @gypsey


      but that’s what folks have BEEN saying about Boston…that they are old…but ummm, yeah….look at them now… :shrugs:

    30. 30
      !*LaKErCHiC@*! says:

      FEFE :lol: I BET BISH.. :hug:

    31. 31
      !*LaKErCHiC@*! says:


    32. 32
      Iheart says:

      @Fe, I agree with you that everyone has been wrong about their age but the Thunder is 1 of the youngest and fastest teams in the league and that’s why I think it will hurt Boston.. It will be an awesome series though :yes:

    33. 33
      AWESOME says:

      Short of winning the chip, Spoelstra is outta there. Teams usually take on the characteristics of their coach and if you watched dude’s post game interview he showed the exact same demeanor the Heat have under pressure.

    34. 34
      Iheart says:

      @Lakes, I agree 100% about the Celtics :yes: Even with their old age they are still a BAD ASS TEAM!!! I am not trying to take anything away from them on that level, im just saying that IMO they won’t be able to hang with the Thunder :shrugs:

    35. 35
    36. 36
      sabrown says:

      It’s obviously time for the Miami coach to be gone!!! If Bosh is scoring why take him out? I am not impressed with the Miami coaching staff. With all the talent in Miami they play like they are playing street ball. There is no structure or anything. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. I’m still a Heat fan but not impressed with their horrible playing…

    37. 37
      Sandra Rose says:

      FeFe Feminine says:

      Sandra Rose says:

      the high scoring Oklahoma City Thunder will destroy bow down to the struggling Shamrocks . big green!

      fixed that for ya….


      iheart says:

      Fixed it for YOU :coffee: I like Boston but they ain’t flucking with tha Thunder :coffee:

      :rofl: :hahaha:

    38. 38
      J Said it! says:

      It’ll be spurs and miami in the finals.. Miami is in a good place again!! A series like this makes the best champions!!! Who said this game was predictable!!! I love it! Great basketball on all levels!!! #Heatboysssss

    39. 39
      J Said it! says:

      Spoelstra should have never be given the opportunity to coach Miamis talent.. Spoelstra was the camera/film guy.. He never earned a letter in the game!!! He has been outCoached the entire season and so sad.. its more evident on the highest level of the game!!! yoooo Pat Riley get rid of him!!

    40. 40
      Usual Suspect says:

      :waves: @Iheart – Who is that in the gravie?

    41. 41
      Carmez79 says:

      first it will be a highly watched game bec its young vs veterans. a team that is thirsty for their first and another group that wants their last before they retire. secondly, perkins( former celtic) will be battling his old teammate KG. they are both aggressive and have the same game playing tactics. this game will be highly watched. the reason why my CELTICS are plowing thru is because everyone is always saying old, aging, struggling, injured yet they continue to show the league. stop it. Celtics taking Heat and OKC as much as i love them, their time is next year vs. the Heat

    42. 42
      hell_on_heels says:

      I’m going to disagree with this entire post Auntie (though I am a diehard Celtics fan). Ummmm, it will NOT be the lowest rated finals if in fact it’s between OKC and Boston. People (including myself) are so tired of the league trying to give Miami/Miss. James a championship. Dwayne Wade always reminds me of an onion….face forever balled up looking like a 4 year old (always crying)!!! STOP the madness…..people!!!

    43. 43
      Bird says:

      I’m not sure how a recent championship team (2008) who makes it to the playoffs, all the way to the conference finals with a 3-2 record over the current favorite celebrity team can be called struggling, but ok. But what you seem to be unwilling to accept is that OKC has been consistantly working their way up to this point for the past couple of years. People have taken notice and they have built a loyal fan base of their own. Them being in the championship game is ratings gold no matter who they play. Sure they are not the Kardashian’s of basketball like the Heat, but real fans of the sport appreciate them.

    44. 44
      iyonah says:

      He has been outCoached the entire season and so sad.. its more evident on the highest level of the game!!! :cosign:

      I love Lebron and really want him to get his ring. However, it’s not about his solo play. The team needs improvement. The role players sucked last night and are inconsistent. Even the simple plays called were not executed. I think Coach Spo needs a coach to coach talk from Pat. I feel like he has been silent

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