Rumors are flying that Miami Heat superstar LeBron James has a secret love child with a former TV reporter.

It all makes sense now.

Tongues were wagging when LeBron's fiancee Savannah did not immediately join him on the court to celebrate the Heat's NBA Finals win.

The celebrating began even before the clock expired during game 5 of the NBA Finals.

Teammate Dwayne Wade's sons joined their father at court side as the seconds ticked off the clock, and Chris Bosh held his newborn son as his wife Adrienne Bosh looked on with pride.

But Savannah was noticeably absent when LeBron glanced around the court, asking, "Where's my family?"

When we finally did see Savannah, the look on her face was one of indifference. She seemed oddly detached and out of place with the jubilant atmosphere around her.

And now we know why: her fiance is allegedly a daddy for the third time.

According to numerous published reports, the other woman's name is Sharon Reed, a former television news reporter for WOIO in Cleveland. They say James is paying her HUGE bucks to keep the child out of the public eye.

Word is WOIO fired Reed just after she went on maternity leave in early December. Apparently, she was terminated because she violated the morals clause in her contract.

According to sources close to Reed, it was an open secret at work that she has been seeing LeBron for years -- while he was with Savannah. When things started getting out of hand, the Cavaliers brass reportedly met with WOIO management to request that Reed not cover the Cavs home games.

When Reed turned up pregnant last year there was no doubt in anyone's minds who the baby's father was.

Reed reportedly manufactured a boyfriend to explain her pregnancy to her co-workers. But no one was fooled. Sources say Reed isn't worried about finding a new job because James is paying all of her bills.

James' fiancee Savannah remained with the couple's 2 young sons in Cleveland when he moved to Miami in 2010 so the boys could finish the school year.

Savannah joined LeBron full-time in Miami last year. And when the rumors of James' secret love child reached Savannah's ears, he quickly proposed to her. Just days later, Reed was fired from her job.

Reed now lives with her baby in Miami, where she once worked as a reporter/anchor for WSVN-TV.

Reed is no stranger to famous men. She previously dated Robert De Niro and Philadelphia Eagle quarterback Donovan McNabb.

James is just the latest in a long list of married (or engaged) professional athletes who have succumbed to crafty gold diggers. And although they love their wives, men know better than women that love has nothing to do with cheating.

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    • thegifted1

      Not enough evidence... Rumors, Rumors!!! Give us facts!

    • spongebobfan

      now this is some tea....if true....lawd! :coffee:

    • amatrex

      Now Lebron only needs 3 more love children to catch Dwight Howard.

    • luVn_liFe…


    • thundercat

      So...You cheat on your fiancee with a chick who looks exactly like her? Boy :bye:

    • Tami’s Hoodrat Roman Noodles On Sale Now!

      Why Lebron, why? Poor Savannah.

    • Bella’s Master

      "And although they love their wives, men know better than women that love has nothing to do with cheating"


    • miss_so_peaceful

      oooohh wee!! some good tea for dis hot sunday afternoon.

    • KK76

      How can they fire her based on a morals clause? If ever a time to skate by a firing is when you're pregnant. :think:

    • datsmdubya2u

      I'll wait to judge until she files the paternity suit....

    • Ms. Everything

      @KK more than almost any other professional a reporter can not be caught banging their subjects. It creates a conflict of interest that can lead to a bunch of legal problems down the road (charges of favoritism, biased reporting, misrepresentation of facts) not to mention the hr nightmare of favoritism, corporate prostitution (best wordage I could think of to cover someone sleeping with a source solely for inside info) and on and on and on. Pregnant or not it's definitely a fireable offense. They probably tried to work with her when they didn't have stone cold facts (like moving her to a different assignment, etc) but once she got knocked up and if that baby is definitely his (or she's claiming it to be his) then that was their facts and that was her ass :coffee:

    • DiamondGirlJen

      I'm sorry but it DOES seem like heaux are winning. Look at the pic of Savannah with LeBron after the win. Her eyes tell a sad story. Now check out the pic of Mimi and Stevie J just across from that pic. Her eyes tell a sad story as well. But when you check out the glee that dances in the eyes of Gabrielle Union in the pic at the top of her and Dwayne Wade...boyyyyyyyyy!!! She's truly happy!!! #IJS

    • OutsidetheBox

      Oh.No.He.Didnt cheat on us, 'Vannah! :cuss: :argue: Sleep on the j o b!

      I told yo ass to keep him close. Now we got another winner winner :chicken: dinner to deal with u g h

    • KK76

      Thanks @Everything. Clearly different than the regular old corporate world where they walk on eggsheels with anything concerning these issues especially if you throw FMLA/maternity matters into the mix. There are all kinds of conflicts (i.e. fraternizing) in the workplace. I do see how this could be a liability for the station, but as you said they reassign "other" folks and help to sweep things under the rug when they care to do so. If Lebron were still in Cleveland, wouldn't they shut up about all this? (If true.)

    • Sandra Rose

      I :cosign: Ms. Everything on everything she wrote.

    • Sandra Rose

      DiamondGirlJen says:

      I’m sorry but it DOES seem like heaux are winning.

      LOL at you calling Gabby a heaux. :lol:

    • Zephyr1979

      Sharon and Savannah look like they could be sisters.

      Hell yeah Gabby is a heaux!

      IF this story is the truth, not that I doubt you Ms. Sandra because you are often dead on, then this is sad. I feel bad for Savannah.

    • Tainted_Love

      Hmmm they kind of look-alike.

    • ItsIce

      BronBron certainly has a type. :coffee:

      Why cheat on your girl with a look-a-like?
      Must be the secks.

    • Bella’s Master

      He wanted the best of both worlds, like most men.

      One is a stay-at-home type chick. While the other is a "professional."

    • Renee

      Totally not surprised. Savannah does not seem happy. It's like she is there because she is obligated. She didn't even join him on the media tour after championship.

    • Ms. Everything

      @KK much different not to mention it's generally strictly and explicitly written into their contracts when they are hired. It has nothing to do with her race either, it's happened before and it will probably happen again :shrugs: Barbara Walters was sleeping with people she interviewed and worked with also but she was smart enough not to get caught. This chick wasn't

    • tammyrozay

      thank you sandra for this post will have me wondering as long as theres no proof is hes cheating or not but it would explain alot and that hes not perfect

    • DiamondGirlJen

      Some dude on twitter called her a heaux and she seemed to be fine with it so I figured it was a term if endearment. :shrugs: :lol:

    • jeniefrumdabloc

      Lawd :tea: men are so dumb :popcorn: but we all know that fool ain't faithful :no: I am sure she does too

    • DiamondGirlJen

      *of (damn this autocorrect proving I didn't bother to proofread before submitting). :Lol:

    • missmiami

      Auntie this is some juicy :tea: and it sounds true. Can we get a pic of her pregnant atleast?

    • missmiami

      BTW, if the child is why would he hide it because I mean he isn't married nor was he engaged at the time. That's crazy

    • jeniefrumdabloc

      Missmiami um shall I remind u of jigga toe :tea: um yeah

    • missmiami

      lol @ jigga toe. Well, i found a pic of her and the dates add up so that is crazy and that's probably why he got engaged around the time that he did. I just dont understand if you are not married and even if you are and you conceive a child why hide it. It's going to come out at some point.

    • jeniefrumdabloc

      :hahaha: :yes:

    • Ms. Everything

      Maybe he wasn't hiding it from the people who matter but just not broadcasting his infidelity to the public? J/S just cause we weren't informed doesn't mean that the people actually in his life were kept in the dark :shrugs:

    • luVn_liFe…

      Theres a pic of her with a cute lil Baby,If that is the baby,Its hard to see anyones features yet.But the baby is a Cutie Pie

    • tammyrozay

      so is savannah going to be one of the long suffering wives sandra always talks about

    • missmiami

      @ MS Everything u have a point ijs that why isn't the baby photographed with his kids and fiance and etc. It makes you wonder about him spending time and if the baby comes to the games and etc. Honestly, i just love the gossip. lebron isn't cute either

    • Ms. Everything

      Cause the baby was born outside of his relationship and to flaunt the baby would be a smack in the face to his fiance and children? :shrugs: I know that children are innocent but chicks who have babies knowing they are the "other woman" need to accept the fact that their child may be loved, their child may be well taken care of but there's a 95% chance that their child will not be publicly flaunted and if they are not from an early age when the wound is still raw

    • Ni ni

      The reporter doesnt look like savannah to me, not on this pic at least. Not to take say savannahs not but the reporter is gorgeous in that pic. Lebron is a single man, period. He is not married so I dont see it as she is the other woman. If he and savannah were married it would be different.

    • Ni ni

      Sandra, u doing a live bet award post for us non twitterers? Im really out of the loop I dont know who the people opening th show.

    • Bella’s Master

      We can do it right here Ni Ni!

      Thank you Usher for reminding us what a real LIVE performance sounds like! :claps:

    • Ms. Everything

      Bella don't thank him... everything he did tonight (which wasn't much imo cause I hate the song) is negated cause he wore them leggings and hot pink booties :cuss: Damn Usher

    • Bella’s Master

      :lol: @Ms. E

      I would have preferred to hear Lemme See. But I'm so sick of Chris and lip-synching, that this was a breath of fresh air.

      Death to his stylist!!!

    • Ms. Everything

      I think his new stylist is on Tameka's payroll and I'm not mad at her either :lol:

    • Bella’s Master

      :yawn: Gospel performance time...

      Guess I'll go clean my shower now.


    • sassyshe

      Is anyone really surprised, ive been waiting for something like this for years

    • Ms. Everything

      One thing I will say.. unlike a lot of people every time Chris wins an award he looks and sounds appreciative unlike so many other people in the industry

    • KDub

      Ms. Everything already said what I was gonna say. Ethics/morals clauses are REA-H in the media industry. HAWD. There was a reporter who shall remain nameless that fugged another man here locally named JOHN EDWARDS. I been telling yall Rie-hell wasn't that man first affair. She wasn't fired per se....her ays just magically got transfered to the Philly paper. She covered gubbment/politics here in the Triangle.

      I believe this rumor.

    • Ni ni

      Gospel performance time… Guess I’ll go clean my shower now. #nooffensetothechristians by Bella's Master.... :smack: but yeah im glad.ursh sing live.

    • Bella’s Master


    • missmiami

      :hug: I am at work and cant see the awards. But, I did see KK sitting front and center looking dead into the camera. :hurl: she makes me sick. I will be back first thing in the AM for the commentary and pics. So Auntie get a good nights rest :biggrin: :danban:

    • missmiami

      :dead: @ KDUB

    • Crickett

      Ok, I remember this reporter- she was fired for DeNiro too if I'm not mistaken.

    • KDub dead cause that reporter ended the Miami Herald and you prolly know who her ays ill. They DID get her out of here though. Rumors started, and the next week literally her azz was outta here. :rofl: I came to work one day and was like where is XXX...the answer was "Philadelphia by now" :blink:

    • missmiami

      :yes: YEP I DO but I wont mention her name because u didn't :) These chicks are scandalous and it confirms hoes appear to be winning but in the end they are not :coffee:

    • KDub

      You gotta be BLACK to know about Frankie Fuggin Beverly.

      The only time Kim Kardashian heard Frankie Beverly before tonight is when Kris took her to OJ Simpson house the night Khloe was concieved back in 1983.

      Her and Kourtney was playing in the living room.


    • missmiami

      ^^^^ :rofl: you head to the :kona: right now @ Kourtney and KK playing in the living room :dead:

    • Ni ni

      I feel so bad for kim. It looks like everytime kanye win, she try to get a hug from him before he go on stage and he igg her. I havent seen him pay her no mind at least.

    • Ms. Everything

      If anything proves that this relationship is not gonna last it's these awards. Hell Beyonce circa 2009 had more personality and emotion than Kim is showing tonight. She's sitting there flipping her hair and looking for the cameras :no:

    • GAGIRL87

      This chick kinda favors Vannah too :think: A realationship is only for TWO, but some b*itches don't know how to count :rolleyes: I hope this is just an ugly rumor...

      I know ya'll gone be tripping off the BET awards tommorow ya'll comments gone be CRAY :rofl:

      My favorite performance so far was Frankie Beverly & Maze

      :whistle: Before I Let Go

    • GAGIRL87

      Al Sharpton look sick :kona:

    • GAGIRL87

      Al Sharpton's speech AMEN :handclap: I'm out :peace:

    • KK76

      Mo sounded A-M-A-Z-I-N-G :clap:

    • free

      just when i was starting to admire dude for keeping his business in between the sheets instead of on the streets....

    • kingstonn

      nope. i need to see the receipts until i believe this one. that picture probably doesn't mean anything. she probably didn't want him hugging on her after he played that game and smelled all rank. :shrug:

    • kingstonn

      :lol: @ kwall for that damn kim k comment. :rofl:

    • NaijaGal

      So if we're supposed to believe this story then why did she go to the after party...but moving on

      BET did that with the Whitney tribute...YES LAWD :handclap:

      KINGSTONN(in my Jamaican accent) :waves:

    • lovezoe

      Not a fan of Bron Bron, but I think if this WAS true, ole girl would have been blabbed to ZMT.

      Cissy is just amazing, whew Lord!

    • OutsidetheBox

      :hahaha: @KDubb on Frankie and Kim :lol:

    • kingstonn

      heyyyy naija! :bye:

      where are the ebt award posts? *cues before i let go*

    • OutsidetheBox

      Well Beyonce was the epitome of chic and grace so.. :lol: everythang else, fair game.

    • Kei_lyme

      Gm all :coffee:

    • free

      and in bosh news: his attorney has advised that bosh pays 100% of all school and extra-curricular activities, all medical and dental, has set up a college fund, AND gave allison $250K in 2010.

    • OutsidetheBox

      I'll help..

      Best Female R&B Artist Beyoncé

      Video Director of the Year Beyoncé and Alan Ferguson

      Best Male R&B Artist Chris Brown
      Best Male Hip-Hop Artist Drake
      Best Female Hip-Hop Artist Nicki Minaj
      Best Group The Throne (Jay-Z & Kanye West)
      Best New Artist Big Sean
      Best Collaboration Wale f/ Miguel – “Lotus Flower Bomb”
      Video of the Year The Throne (Jay-Z & Kanye West) – “Otis”
      Best Gospel Yolanda Adams
      Young Stars Award Diggy
      Viewers’ Choice Award Mindless Behavior
      “Hello” Centric Award Common
      Best International Act: U.K. Wretch 32
      Best International Act: Africa Sarkodie (Ghana) Wizkid (Nigeria)
      Best Actress Viola Davis
      Best Actor Kevin Hart
      Best Movie The Help
      Sportswoman of the Year Serena Williams
      Sportsman of the Year Kevin Durant
      AOL Fandemonium Award Chris Brown

      The alpha the omega :lol:

    • OutsidetheBox

      I saw that @Free! If she cant get her case transferred she might as well hang it up. :no: Maybe she'll get a job thru all this media coverage.

    • lovezoe

      @Free- Did he do that?

    • BoogieNites

      :ha: @ "The alpha the omega" too funny yo

      morning, all ! :hi:

    • kingstonn

      @ otb

      im sorry.. did you say kevin hart won best actor? :blink: i haven't watched the awards yet but.. seriously? he won? talk about a popularity contest. :no:

    • Bella’s Master

      Good morning! :hi:

    • Cutekisses

      Need more proof to believe this one. That girl does favor Savannah alot. Stevie Wonder can see that.

    • Trendsetter

      Good Morning Roses :waves:

    • Cutekisses

      Dare I say it, the BET Awards were pretty decent last night. BUT I need them to learn how to work the censor button, borrow a good one from MTV or make those fools do the radio versions of their songs again. Love how Beyonce fixed that shade the little punk from Mindless Behavior threw at Lauryn Hill. And the tribute to Whitney Houston was excellent. Love Chris Brown and all, but why did he look like an extra from Busta's "Put Ya Hands Where My Eyes Can See" video during that performance?

    • capricorn83

      @Lovezoe... Bosh did all of that. Black Sports Online has the letter his attorney wrote to his BM's attorney....full of shade!!

    • free

      @outside @love @capricorn: that's for the folks who really believe the lil girl is checking into a homeless shelter and will need a coat and shoes any day now.

      and that letter was cray! basically saying "get a real job BISH; you ain't no WIFE and you ain't getting SHYT ELSE." fakeout has more of it.

    • lady_cn

      I'm gonna need to see the child's hairline to make a determination as to whether or not James is the pappy. :think:

    • Pinky4u

      I am from Cleveland and I attend all the hotspots around town to get the gossip. I must admit I have never heard this and I have been in his inner circle. I do know she dated Braylon Edwards when he played for the Cleveland Browns.

    • Usual Suspect


      What happened to a spice of variety in your life. They look just alike.

      Morning - Erryone :smile:

    • hell_on_heels

      Ummmm, Auntie if this is in fact true, than this will be Miss. La Bron James FOURTH child. His oldest child is by a "Becky" in which he met back during high school. She is also being paid a hefty price to keep silent about their child together.

    • molyfe

      Lip stick alley are liars. Shame on you Sandy.