Judge denies motion for new trial in Raymond vs Raymond case

Usher Raymond Tameka Raymond Judge Lane

Despite a federal probe into judicial corruption in her courtroom, Judge Bensonetta Tipton Lane denied Tameka Raymond’s request for a new trial Tuesday. Tameka Raymond’s attorneys filed a motion for recusal in September. The motion prompted a federal investigation into corruption in the contentious child custody case between Tameka and her ex-husband Usher Raymond. Tameka Raymond’s attorneys allege a special relationship between Usher’s attorney John Mayoue and the judge.

Last night, Tameka responded to the motion’s denial in a tweet on her Twitter page.

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    Halloween Fun or Animal Cruelty?

    When human beings dress up their furry friends in Halloween costumes, is it just good fun or animal cruelty? The tradition of dressing up animals in costumes every Halloween may seem like fun for you, but for your animal it could be deadly.

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    Law enforcement tells TMZ that a woman recently filed a police report with the LAPD, accusing “The Voice” judge – real name Thomas DeCarlo Callaway — of a sexual assault following a hasty intimate encounter at a restaurant.

    Cee Lo, who eats out frequently, vigorously denied the charges to TMZ, saying he hasn’t been to the restaurant in question in 3 months. “Nothing ever happened there or anywhere else,” he said.

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    Miley Cyrus and Tyler the Creator kiss and make up

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