K Michelle new record deal

Studio singer K. Michelle is relieved that she can drop the title “mixtape singer” from her résumé. The 26-year-old mother of 1 announced her new record deal with Warner Brothers on her Twitter page Monday.

It isn’t clear if K. Michelle is bedding the recording executive who signed her. As you may recall, the last executive who signed K. Michelle to a record deal (MempHitz) lived up to his name by slapping the taste out of her mouth whenever she got loud or stepped out of line. Neither the record deal nor their relationship ended very well.

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Ja Rule coming home

Rapper Ja Rule who is serving a 2-year sentence on weapons possession charges will leave prison earlier than expected. According to his website, Ja Rule, 36, will be released from prison in February 2013. The “Put It On Me” rapper reported to prison in June 2011.

The rapper, real name Jeffrey Atkins, kept himself busy studying for his high school diploma during his time in prison. He received his diploma earlier this year. The budding actor already has movie roles lined up. His next movie, I’m In Love With A Church Girl, is due out in Spring 2013.

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  • 13-year-old charged with killing stepsister

    DeKalb police have charged a 13-year-old girl with murdering her 2-year-old stepsister, Channel 2 reports. Police say the toddler’s parents left Sasha Ray and her other young siblings in the care of the teenager on Monday.

    The parents returned home Monday afternoon to find Sasha missing. Police say Sasha was found dead in the backyard after a brief search. Sasha’s father, Shelton Ray and his wife frantically drove Sasha to the hospital. They called 911 and were met by paramedics along the way. Sasha was pronounced dead upon arrival to the hospital.

    Ray told Channel 2 his wife was too upset to talk. He said police told him his teenage stepdaughter would be charged with the toddler’s death. The teenager’s name was not released because she’s a minor.

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    Willy Cartier and Shy'm

    According to my west coast connection, Frank Ocean’s new boyfriend, French model Willy Cartier, is dating French singer Shy’m. So does Frank know about this? Or does he not care because he’s dating a pretty boy model who helps boost his low self-esteem? Also, Willy doesn’t speak English very well, so how do they communicate?

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    Deanna Nolan and Dorothea Sanchez-Nolan

    Last week the news broke about the arrest of former WNBA star Chamique Holdsclaw who took a bat to her ex-girlfriend’s car and fired a handgun into it.

    Holdsclaw isn’t the only WNBA player to be arrested for assaulting or threatening her lesbian lover.

    Professional basketball player Deanna “Tweety” Nolan, 33, was arrested earlier this year for beating the air out of her wife and mother of her 2 children.

    Very little, if any, news coverage was given to the Deanna/Dorothea fisticuffs.

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    According to MTV and other news outlets, things aren’t going so well on her 777 Tour plane. Rihanna invited 200 of her biggest Stans, bloggers and media people to accompany her on her 7-city world tour to promote her new album.

    Without telling anyone, Rihanna decided to charter a second private jet for herself and a privileged few — leading to rumblings about “3rd world conditions” on board the 777 tour plane, where passengers have gone days without adequate food and drinks.

    Things got so bad on board the tour plane that a hungry Stan ripped off his clothes and streaked through the plane naked. Bedlam ensued which forced the Def Jam staff to leave the comfort of their 1st class section and demand that everyone riding in coach pipe down.

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    Chamblee carjack suspect

    Chamblee police are asking the public’s help to identify a man who carjacked a woman on November 9. The man robbed the woman at gunpoint near the mail center inside the Chatsworth Apartment complex in Chamblee, a small town just north of Atlanta.

    The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that the man stole the woman’s ATM card and attempted to use the card 15 times at the same ATM machine.

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    Rocsi Diaz

    Rocsi Diaz can breath a sigh of relief now that she’s cashing paychecks now that she’s no longer unemployed. Diaz made her ET debut on the red carpet at this weekend’s American Music Awards. The Jasmine Brand reports that Diaz confirmed her new gig during a call into Power 105’s Breakfast Club on Monday. Diaz’s regular ET segments will air on Mondays. That will give Diaz 6 days in the week to pursue and bag another sugar daddy sucker boyfriend.

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  • Queen Latifah Jeanette Jenkins Pink

    Sandrarose.com broke the story that Queen Latifah and her longtime lover Jeanette Jenkins had split up. After months of denials from both camps, and Queen Latifah’s production company withholding advertisements from this blog, the truth was finally revealed.

    Now that all the opportunities that were available to Jenkins when she was with Latifah have all dried up, she wants Latifah to take her back.

    Star magazine reports that Jeanette’s friend Pink hopes to “reignite the spark” between Jeanette and Latifah. But, as you know, once the dopamine fades, so too does the spark.

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    McKayla Maroney and President Obama

    A photo of President Obama mimicking Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney’s not impressed facial expression went viral on the Internet over the weekend. The White House tweeted the photo that was taken during a visit by Maroney and the “Fierce Five” Olympic gymnasts team.

    Maroney was surprised that Obama asked about her expression of disgust at winning a silver medal during the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

    “He was the one who brought it up,” Maroney told The Associated Press. “We were about to leave and he said, `I want to talk to you one second about the face.’ He said, `I pretty much do that face at least once a day.”‘

    Maroney tweeted about making “the face” at the White House. “Did I just do the Not Impressed face with the President.”

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    Kevin Clash Elmo Sheldon Stephens

    Just as we thought: Kevin Clash, the man behind the voice of Sesame Street’s iconic puppet Elmo, bought his accuser’s silence for $125K, TMZ reports. In addition to cutting a phat check, Clash and his attorneys demanded a retraction of public statements that his accuser Sheldon Stephens made about having underage sex with the puppeteer.

    In a prelude to a lawsuit, Stephens claimed he had sexual relations with Clash, 52, when he was only 16.

    Multiple sources tell TMZ that Clash and his attorneys met with Stephens and his legal team to hand over the check — and to hash out an agreement that including only one stipulation:

    Stephens agrees that immediately upon execution of this Agreement, his counsel, Andreozzi & Associates, P.C., shall release the [following] statement … ‘He [Stephens] wants it to be known that his sexual relationship with Mr. Clash was an adult consensual relationship.'”

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    Willy Cartier

    These pics were culled from a Tumblr page dedicated to all things Willy Cartier. Frank Ocean, who came twirling out of his closet earlier this year, ended all speculation that he was dating Willy when he took him to the GQ magazine party.

    According to my West coast connect, Willy isn’t after Frank’s cash; he has money of his own. Willy keeps a condo in Soho, New York and an apartment in Paris, France.

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    Lil Scrappy Obama tattoo

    Rapper Lil’ Scrappy commemorated President Obama’s 2nd term in office by getting a tattoo permanently inked on his right lower abdomen. The location of the tattoo of Obama’s face might pose a problem if Scrappy ever comes down with an acute case of appendicitis. The surgeon’s knife would slice directly into Obama’s face so the surgeon could remove Scrap’s inflamed appendix.

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