Christopher Dorner

A massive manhunt is underway for Christopher Dorner, a fired Los Angeles police officer suspected in the deaths of a former police captain's daughter and her fiance last weekend, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

Police say the bodies of Monica Quan and her boyfriend Keith Lawrence were found inside their car in a parking garage Sunday night. Dorner was last seen Thursday when he killed a police officer and wounded two others. He was reportedly driving a pickup at the time of the separate shootings.

TV news helicopters captured live footage of a helicopter dropping a rifle-equipped team onto a mountain near Big Bear Thursday afternoon, the AP reports.

San Bernardino County sheriff's Deputy Zach Beckum says a pickup truck was spotted near Big Bear. There was no sighting of Dorner, and all local schools are on lockdown.

Police say that before Dorner went on a rampage he wrote his plans in a detailed manifesto posted on his Facebook page. In his writings, Dorner made reference to harming police officers and their families, after he was fired from the LAPD in 2008.

"The Violence of action will be HIGH," Dorner wrote. "I will bring unconventional and asymmetrical warfare to those in LAPD uniform whether on or off duty ... You will now live the life of the prey ... I have the strength and benefits of being unpredictable, unconventional, and unforgiving."

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  • Photos: AP Photo/Kevin Warn, and Getty Images

    • tld007

      WOW...what has the ppl in this world turned into?

    • Oprahs Bunion

      We already know how this will end. :shotsfired: in a stand off or suicide!

    • KyCakes

      Praying for this Man and his Family..yes. I am praying for him. Officer Dorner was unceremoniously fired from th LAPD for filing a report about an abusive officer that was cemented with not only the victims testimoney, but the documented physical abuse. This Man has been broken by the system and got damn sick and tired of it. Unfortunately, this is how he chose to exact his revenge...
      After many years as a Naval Reservist, holding one of the highest security clearances available and being honorable discharged, it should have been clear that his nature was above reproach...

      May those that caused this rampage burn in the fiery pits of hell...

    • Sandra Rose

      @ Oprahs Bunion: He's black so the orders have gone out to execute him on sight.

    • Sandra Rose

      Wow @ Kycakes.. No matter what happened to his job, that is no excuse for violence.

    • Oprahs Bunion

      Sandra Rose says:

      Wow @ Kycakes.. No matter what happened to his job, that is no excuse for violence.

      I agree SR. This man has chosen this horrible path.

      @Kycakes HE caused this particular rampage and HIS soul will burn in the fiery pits of hell…if you believe there is one. That's a different subject. Moving on!

    • KyCakes

      Sandra you try devoting your life to fight for the underdog, to continuously deal with an organization known for systemic racism, cronyism and the die-hard importance of maintaining the 'Thin Blue Line'
      Put yourself in the shoes of someone who knew what his Superior did was wrong, believed he was doing the right thing by the victim and ultimately, was punished for standing up for the rights of an ordinary citizen. It would break you.

      I didn't say what Dorner did was right. He executed two innocent victims; but I also know that there are tons of dirty Cops, Supervisors and Commanders who make it impossible for honest, hard working Cops everywhere, to do their job as they SHOULD be done....Fear of being blackballed, fear of having your good name slandered, fear of everything you have worked so hard for, to disappear suddenly....

      Think for one second, if that Man had not been playing with his video camera on that fateful night of March 12, 1991. Rodney King would have just been another nigger high on drugs who made up a story about the "horrible LAPD beating him"...

      The LAPD is a crass, corrupt organization....Don't believe me? Ask Biggie's family....

    • KyCakes

      @Oprah's Bunion apparently, you don't believe...That's fine, to each his own; but just as Dorner will be judged, so will all of his accusers...

    • Starr

      I think he was done wrong by the LAPD....atleast if anything i read was true.....but there is never an excuse to people.....especially when they had nothing to do with it. I hope they catch him soon.

    • Milky

      This is so horrible. We know it wont be a 7 day standoff like the sprite.

    • DapisDaShizz

      I feel am sorry that this was the only way he had to show that he was right. He went to court about his job, he was said to have no claim. He went to the highest court of the state and they sided with the LAPD. This guy is mad and he feels that others should feel his pain. I can't imagine what he was going through that this is his last option. Poor guy and I pray for those in his path.
      @KY we are ------>*<--------

    • BAD Angel

      This is messed up. The woman and her fiance he killed had NOTHING to do with this. She was the daughter of his Sergeant or Captain. I'm sure he murdered her to inflict pain on her father. There is NO justification for his actions. It's frustrating to feel wronged and I am sure we have all felt or will feel wronged at some point, but to take innocent lives because of it is beyond extreme. :no: There is NO justification for this. NONE.

    • dopedillema

      I didnt understand why he was fired, even if his formal complaint and accusations were proven false. THis makes me believe that there was much more to this. Lapd wanted to hide corruption far up the chain of command. He was unjustly fired. For some people, it doesnt take much for that crazy to flare up. And of course, there is never any justification for senseless killing.

    • MrOZ33

      I feel bad for the people who have and may lose their life over this and I don't agree with his choice to kill but after reading the entire manifesto I find myself feeling extremely sad for Dorner that the system broke him down in such a way that he felt this was his only choice.

      The LAPD tried to cover it up and he came out swinging.

      Every person he named in that manifesto probably thought they got away with it and now everything they did in the dark has come right to the light and I applaud Dorner for having the sense to put his story out there so the media couldn't just label him as another crazy black man.

      Again. I don't agree with him killing people but after reading the manifesto I'm not surprised.

    • Crickett

      Did anyone read the manifesto? He wanted to protect and serve, he was a soldier and patriot. When he got to the LAPD, they basically burst his bubble with the corruption and disrespect for human life. He is doing what he was trained to do by the US military. I don't agree with it at all, but I can see why he snapped.

    • vipatlstyle

      The world is coming to an end...Oh well...Better luck next time.

    • jeniefrumdabloc

      LA PD just getting their payback for all the fawkery they use to in that Police department :tea:

    • Redeemed777

      I'm definitely ROOTING HIGH for him!!!!!

      NOBODY will stop the Lord's purpose!!! KILL ALL THEM WICKED SOULS!!!!

      The Lord is gonna bring this man back to life again, He just needs him to do His purpose in this moment of time.

      Hopefully, the folks he is killing are ALL EDOMITES.

    • A.J.

      Good Morning Fine Folks

      LAPD truly is something else! What goes around comes around and when you mess with people's livelihood; watch out!

      They don't fcuked up nah!! And I do not agree however I smile quietly.

    • A.J.

      *They don' fcuked up nah!

    • free

      11 DapisDaShizz says: He went to court about his job, he was said to have no claim. He went to the highest court of the state and they sided with the LAPD.


      well, we know the courts ain't shyt in cali. i'm on the fence with this only because of the innocents. but how many innocents have fallen courtesy of LA "to serve, protect, to break a n*gga's neck" PD?

      i expect more of this to happen, unfortunately. i really believe we're in the end times.

    • Redeemed777

      '' And I will lay my vengeance upon Edom by the hand of MY PEOPLE ISRAEL: and they shall do in Edom according to mine anger and according to my fury; and they shall know my vengeance, saith the Lord GOD.''

      EZEKIEL 25:14

    • Redeemed777

      WHEW! I love this Bible!

    • Sandra Rose

      free says:

      i really believe we’re in the end times.

      Please don't give Redeemed any more fuel for the fire. :no:

    • amatrex

      Once this man decided to kill innocent people, he then became just as bad (if not worse) than the cops he wants revenge against. :no:

      Dorner is not the champion of justice and all that is good like he believes he is in his head. He really ain't no different than those relgious nuts who bomb abortion clinics. :coffee:

    • NaijaGal

      I don't agree with him murdering innocent people...but I can say I u/s how he got to the point he is