Deion Sanders Wins Child Custody Case

Deion Sanders Wins Child Custody Case

NFL legend Deion Sanders won a significant victory in the contentious child custody battle between the former Dallas Cowboy and his estranged wife Pilar Biggers.

After 2 weeks of scathing arguments on both sides, a 12-member jury in Dallas returned today with a verdict granting Sanders, 45, sole custody of his two boys, 11 and 13.

Sanders and Pilar, 43, will share custody of their 9-year-old daughter.

Sanders' attorney argued that Pilar was more interested in modeling than raising the couple's children. Pilar's attorneys presented photos of guns and steroids in a bathroom of Sanders' mansion.

Both sides were fighting for sole custody of the couple's three children. In May Sanders was granted temporary custody of his children.

“I think the whole reason we’re here is not about kids, it’s about money. Let’s call it what it is,” said Sanders before the verdict was announced. “They refuted the pre-nuptual. We beat them in court regarding the children and we’re back. We’ll be back again [for] something else.”

Sanders has two grown children from his first marriage. He is currently dating Kenneth Babyface Edmonds' ex-wife, Tracey.

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    • VicKaLiCious

      Tracy is quite the industry bicycle...smh.

    • ReadingIsFundamental


      a dog *ss dude but, the woman who LET him treat her like filth until the money was threatening to leave gets NO sympathy from me. Having a dude's children doesn't make him treat you better.


    • NaijaGal

      :rofl: nah I'm gonna side with Deion on this...Pilar knows who she married, hell she got with him when he was married to wife #1...she's mad cause she alone cannot afford lifestyle she's accustomed to

    • that_VA_thickchick

      VicKaLiCious says:

      Tracy is quite the industry bicycle…smh

      aint never lied :coffee:.

    • NaijaGal

      Tracy is quite the industry bicycle…smh.
      Babyface (ex-husband), Eddie Murphy (ex-whatever) and's that a bicycle?

    • LSLH


    • LSLH

      Nice write up Sandra! Informative and straight to the point.

    • <–Doesn't Talk To Strangers

      SR, put up his whole body pic from Must Be The Money yo! :hahaha:

    • MsB2u

      I hate to see a women lose her kids

    • NaijaGal

      I hate to see a women lose her kids
      keep in mind they're not babies and probably told the judge and/or jury they wanted to live with their father...she still has primary custody of their daughter


      But these pics though!!! :hahaha:

    • Ididntreallymeanit

      Hmmmmm...can't seem to find any sympathy for pilar

    • Atypical

      @SandraRose You couldn't find a more recent pic of Primetime? #sniggles One where he doesnt have a curl? I'm siding w Deion on this one. He shut her down w a prenup and shes trying to get that P Diddy baby mama money. ..I'm mad she was with a man, who's worth as much as he is and didn't hide money like Shaunie or start some type of side business or something???

    • Sandra Rose

      Thanks LSLH! :)

    • that_VA_thickchick

      Tracey Edmonds has dated quite a few men in the industry. She only married one and kinda married the other. Nothing wrong with dating around. I just lost respect for her when she dated Eddie while he was denying paternity for Mel B's baby. And then fooling with Deion while he's in this mess. It's just...messy. But one thing we CAN say is she's not a golddigger. She is a force in the entertainment industry.

    • Ni ni

      I hate to see a mother lose her kids too but when you have kids with these types of men, it always ends in their and fame

    • Crickett

      And this will be Porsha in 10 years

    • Crickett

      Tracey got her status from Babyface, she was a video girl and he took her to AList status, like Pilar was a video girl, Deion gave her status.

    • that_VA_thickchick

      I get a professional groupie vibe from Tracey. (of course opinions are like azzholes and most of them stink) But she aint no complete dummy. She took Babyface's divorce money and built something of her own and flipped it. Like a true hustler. I guess if I can find something to respect about's her business sense.

    • missmiami

      Pilar body is sick. That is all :yawn:

    • Pickachu Tran

      Tracey Edmonds NEVER goes without a man thats for sure. :yawn: THATS ALL I GOT.

    • Smonae

      MsB2u says:

      I hate to see a women lose her kids