President Obama honors Oprah with highest civilian award

How do you earn the highest civilian award offered by the White House? Just accuse all white Americans of being racists.

Critics are saying it’s no coincidence that President Obama honored Oprah with the Presidential Medal of Freedom just days after she accused white Americans of disrespecting Obama because he is half black.

It took 5 years for President Obama to honor Oprah with any type of award after she threw her powerful support behind him during the 2008 presidential elections.

From The IBT Times:

Calling the 59-year-old “the pinnacle of the entertainment universe,” President Barack Obama graced Winfrey’s neck with the medal along with former President Bill Clinton, country star Loretta Lynn, women’s rights activist Gloria Steinem, baseball legend Ernie Banks and astronaut Sally Ride. It must be a real honour for Oprah to receive the award along with such prestigious people.

“These are the men and women who in their extraordinary lives remind us of the beauty of the human spirit,” Obama said at the East Room of the White House on Wednesday, November 20.

“In more than 4,500 episodes of her show, her message was always, ‘You can,'” President Obama said of Oprah. Winfrey, dressed in black formal dress looked elated and touched emotionally when President Obama placed the medal around her neck.

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