Is the End Near for Keyshia Cole and Daniel Gibson?

Daniel Booby Gibson putting on DJs glove

When the Dopamine fades and the realization hits that your marriage is over, it is a gut-wrenching moment. All indications point to an impending divorce for R&B superstar Keyshia Cole and her NBA hubby Daniel “Booby” Gibson. Although there has been no official announcement, both Cole and Gibson have dropped numerous hints of a break up on their social media accounts. The estranged couple put aside their differences to support their son DJ at his first T-ball game yesterday. DJ turns 4 on March 2.

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27 Responses to “Is the End Near for Keyshia Cole and Daniel Gibson?”

  1. 1
    PumpkinsMama says:

    SUNDAY POST! :woot:

    But um, Aunty, uh neva mind :tea:

  2. 2
    Torae says:

    Keyshia attitude sucked on that reality show they had together. You could tell it wasn’t going to last.

  3. 3
    Thando says:

    I suppose this maturity is a result of keeping it low, stewing in private and not airing their filthy rags in the media. I applaud them for this. Very respectabale…. coz it it were me! Jehovah himself would have had to come and tranquilize my ratchet ass coz I would have made an exhibit of myself. Lord, I would have put any self respecting ghetto rat to shame with my bitter disgruntled tormented soul regardless of who or what caused the split!

    Good on Keisha and Booby. Bravo. You are a shining ‘how to’ example to us all. Unfortunately we prefer our celebs to give us drama so please, at least do something Tameka Raymond would be proud of….please….no? Well, at least I asked.

  4. 4
    zurishay says:

    Sandra, when Keyshia Cole was on Bethenny last week she threw Boobie under the bus and called him a pig. She made it clear, they weren’t together. Go watch it. And to top it off, she said the stripper chick can have him!!! lol. Messy but good.

  5. 5
    PumpkinsMama says:

    Um Thando, where you gettin YO info hunny? These two fools BEEN throwing shade and providing plenty of ratchet bytchazzness for all the world to see for months now :yes: :rofl:

  6. 6
    PumpkinsMama says:

    Aunty is this chick still a FOB? :waiting:

  7. 7
    Thando says:

    @ PumpkinsMama. As I am on the other side of the pond, there is very little if anything at all, we hear about these two. I therefore base my observations on the info provided on this family friendly blog. I am relieved to learn that she is as ratchett as any normal scorned female. I was beginning to re-evaluate my drama-queen ways and try to emulate her classy example….ah well Thando…as you were!

  8. 8
    hell_on_heels says:

    “Superstar” & “NBA” player….ummmm, never mind. Happy Sunday

  9. 9
    69 says:

    Sandra you thank you slick waiting until Sunday to post this, thinking folks ain’t gone fixate on this one if you put another post on top of it, after everybody been waiting for it all week. :hahaha:

    Keyshia Meisha Latesha Fundisha Cole has always had a bad attitude. That’s I have for this topic. But I’m sure those that were anticipating this post will have lots of kind words for Sister Cole and her mannish self. :yes:

  10. 10
    MrsL says:

    But why even say all that? All she had to do is mention the game and not all of that extra stuff. Still putting all of their business in the streets.

  11. 11
    libra80sbaby says:

    Keisha’s attitude is trash. Boobie couldn’t take being married anymore so he cheated. Both are wrong. Keisha gone learn she needs to humble herself and put that filthy attitude to rest. A pretty face and talent don’t mean chit if your attitude sucks. :tea:

  12. 12
    pointhimout says:

    You can’t marry a broken person and think it will be sensible. Keyshia’s broken, her family’s broken. I don’t know anything about Daniel but this is an example of not marrying all because sm1 is pretty and has a career. No, lets date and I’ll walk with you while or if you’re getting help to mend your scars. In the black community, we just grow up and live with all our bs and put all that dysfunction off on our mates and kids. They decided to get married, but why go right on and have kids???? Now you will have an effed up kid carrying on everything you didn’t fix and more.

    Prayer doesn’t solve mental/emotional abuse, being put of for adoption, having a cracked out mother and a band of siblings with their issues. Keyshia seems to just cut people off, but that’s not solving anything. I used to cut people off, but now I distance myself and deal with you arms length. Keyshia still has the mentality of the the little girl who was sent off and raised by sm1 else. Money and a flourishing career only masks all the other stuff that is still there.

    I hope as many of us get older, we mature and learn that dating is a process. We’re not 19 anymore where you’re just sexing everything that moves. Get to know the person, be around the person, etc. Allow time to go by to begin see the good and bad sides of people. We should all, at some point, ask ourselves ‘why haven’t I dealt with my schit?’ Instead, we get older, have kids, and are still stuck in the mindset or age (mentally) of when something happened in our lives long ago.

    Keyshia has a phucked up attitude because she’s still pissed about something that happened decades ago and this is how she handled it and every other situation after. The best think I could do for my kids was not have any.

  13. 13
    MsB2u says:

    I knew it wouldn’t last Keyshia had no feelings and her attitude was messed up
    But a certain person was saying it was real love about 6 months ago :tape:

  14. 14
    Miany says:

    :crying: ion like to see married folk bash one another. ..hood rat or not I’m sad to see Em go at it

  15. 15
    iscream says:

    So people are blaming Keyshia despite the rumors that he cheated and possibly got a chick knocked up. I don’t care how BET edited that show to make her look he married her knowing who she was. I remember on the show he was jealous and a little insecure about her recording with male artist guess he was misplacing the blame. If he was cheating she probably had an attitude with him for a reason.

  16. 16
    iscream says:

    The best think I could do for my kids was not have any.
    But. :tape:

  17. 17
    MistaO says:

    Far too many females are like thus today (last 30 years). Guess all that, “I don’t need no man” stuff ain’t workin out so well, long term, huh?

  18. 18
    LittleBigMouth says:

    I wish they would keep their marital problems off social media. You two having problems? Either work it out or walk away. But whatever you chose, do it quietly. We don’t need to know who slept with whom, honestly what is it doing for you? It’s not making anything better allowing people in your business because that comes with opinions and you don’t want none of that either.

  19. 19
    pointhimout says:

    Iscream don’t start.

  20. 20
    Afiya says:

    Married couples give up too quickly, I hope they try and work it out.

    My motto has always been:


    If you think like this you won’t be making too many stupid mistakes.

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