Devon Still

The Cincinnati Bengals re-signed defensive tackle Devon Still to their practice squad after cutting him from the team last weekend.

But re-signing Still wasn't a football decision. Still needed help to pay for his 4-year-old daughter Leah's cancer treatment. Leah was diagnosed with stage 4 pediatric cancer in June. "I just broke down in tears and I couldn't stop crying," said Still in an interview with ABC News. "It was like my whole world turned upside down."

Devon Still

Still, 25, said his mind wasn't on the game of football, so he wasn't surprised when the team cut him.

"I completely understand where the Bengals were coming from when they cut me because I couldn't give football a hundred percent right now," said Still.

But the Bengals gave Still a second chance on Thursday by offering him a position on the practice squad.

With the new job Still receives insurance and a steady paycheck of $6,300 a week to help pay his daughter's medical bills.

Devon Still

Practice squad players don't travel with the team for road games. So Still can stay close to his little girl while she receives cancer treatment.

"They could've washed their hands of me," said Still of the Bengals organization. "It's kind of like a blessing in disguise for me. We're going to go to battle with cancer and she's willing to put up the fight to beat it."

Devon Still

Devon Still

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    Aww man :cry: she is so cute ..... awwww logging off ... :sad:

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    :goodjob: bengals
    So sad when babies are sick

  • datsmdubya2u

    That's good. It's tough out there despite Obama care it's still a jungle for sick people... I'm glad for my insurance but I wish it wasn't tied to my job...

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    OMG... i can't w/sick babies :no: bless her precious lil self :pray:
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    It's a problem when an ex-NFL player can't pay for his sick child's healthcare. We need reform. Imagine those with menial jobs who have sick children...

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    :offtopic: The creator of the 6 billion dollar CSI franchise divorce final ex wife got half :whew:

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    @Dats.. and Miss Jackson filed suit against Flioyd..... And is using Gloria Allred....

    ..... A smart man would start settlement proceedings.

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    :clap: Mike Brown!! About time you did something right :tea:

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    This is sew sweet :heart:

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    @ Nikke and Miss Jackson filed suit against Flioyd….. And is using Gloria Allred….

    ….. A smart man would start settlement proceedings

    But you know his illiterate azz is not smart :smh:

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    Dats, I know he can't read good but he GOTTA be smart enough to know this wont end well... and he got 78597504503409 "people"-somebody better tell his aiss something.

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    I tried to avoid reading the write up.. This baby is Stage 4? :crying:

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    Aww that's a huge blessing! :yes:
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    Poor baby. We do have a kick azz Children's Hospital, so she has to be under some of the best care :yes:

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    That just broke my heart

  • JuanHustle

    Being a stage 4 nasolpharyngeal cancer survivor myself, this story touched me. Treating and fighting cancer is about as expensive as it gets. Bengals got it right this time around.

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    wow she's beautiful and i hope it works out for them.

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    Aww this is heart breaking :(

    It may not be an issue of him not being able to afford treatments, but in any case good job Bengals :applause:

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    :newbie: Wonderful story. Worth the re-hiring. He's handsome. She's adorable, beautiful. I wish her well.