Daron Dylon Wint

Federal marshals barely missed a fugitive who brutally murdered 4 people in a Washington, D.C. area mansion then fled to Brooklyn, NY.

Daron Dylon Wint, 34, was arrested late Thursday -- 8 days after he murdered millionaire CEO Savvas Savopoulos, 46; his wife, Amy, 47; their 10-year-old son, Philip, and their housekeeper, Veralicia Figueroa, 57.

Their bodies were found on the 2nd floor of Savvas' burning $4.5 million mansion on Thursday, May 14.

Law enforcement from 2 states as well as the FBI and the Secret Service tightened the dragnet around Wint after they learned he was in the Brooklyn area on Wednesday.

Wint's girlfriend told police he stayed with her in Brooklyn since Sunday. She said he planned to return to the D.C. area to surrender himself.

Wint wasn't overly concerned about getting caught until he was named as a suspect on Wednesday, she said.

That's when police say Wint flagged down a cab and forked over hundreds of dollars for an expensive cab ride back to D.C.

The money may have been part of $40,000 Wint allegedly stole from Savvas Savopoulos after his assistant dropped off the cash at his home on May 14. Hours later the mansion was set ablaze.

Polcie matched Wint's DNA to pizza crust found in the charred home.

“We tracked him up to New York City and barely missed him [Wednesday] night,” Robert Fernandez, commander of the D.C. US Marshals Fugitive Task Force, told CNN.

They tracked Wint's cell phone to the Jamaican restaurant where Wint's girlfriend worked and took her to the 69th Precinct for questioning.

The girlfriend was in possession of Wint's cell phone. She told police he spent the night with her Wednesday before heading back to D.C.

Federal marshals caught up to Wint as he left a College Point, Maryland, motel in the company of 3 women and 2 men in two separate vehicles. Police arrested Wint and 5 people -- including Wint's brother.

$10,000 in cash was recovered from the box truck.

Wint was charged with 1st degree murder. He is expected in court on Friday.

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    • OpinionHated

      This depraved waste of cells needs to be deep fried....

    • WhoDat

      He looks like he has FAS by the face.

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLcvNH5zA_I #missyJSays

      What was he using this 40K fur any way?? He musta owed somebody something

    • WhoDat

      What was he using this 40K fur any way??
      Razor bump cream and Proactiv

    • OpinionHated

      razor bump cream, proactive, a neck replacement

    • OpinionHated

      You now he hella stupid cause he only got 40k to run away with - you in the house of a millionaire you about to kill and you only think to ask for 40k.. dumb azz....

    • Ms Peaches

      They found him like he owed delinquent student loans. I still can't get over the pizza crust dna.

    • http://pearlswindow.com Carrington

      He is ug and lee. Let's start with that before I get into my sorrow.

      Now that that's out of the way. May God welcome those killed into his Kingdom.

      But, before we go... can we discuss the fact that your eyebrows start to low to be surprised with gawd a$$ was about to kill a house full of people AND a child - and you ordered PIZZA.

      He shall surely get deff. Coloreds don't get to kill the cheeruns and walk away from that thang there.

    • OpinionHated

      I'm still shock that somewhere is woman who is laying with this clown....

      Even depraved killers get hungry - he was like I must have some Regina's before I burn this bish down...literally...

      He deserves to be strung up by his nut sac until they rip off - that nerdy kid in that photo with those glasses - how do you bring yourself to kill and burn this child... he has no heart so phuck 'em....

      It is almost 4 why am I still here I ain't did chit all day - I hate slave masters - all the bosses are gone - out on tehir boats - but they steady calling in checking on folks - phuck outta here let my people go!!!!

    • Unshakable


      In like manner as Mr. Carrington, let me first give my condolences to the deceased and their loved ones. That's off the top.

      Now that that's out the way.....for him to have a girlfriend, them eyebrows sure are......errrrmmmm....arched. :think:

      I wonder why (even though I don't condone it) he thought it would be ok to even carry this out this heinous act? I mean, you couldn't work for your 40 acres and a mule, home skillet? Did you come down with a severe case of laziness and entitlement? :blink:

      Like Carrington said.....homeboy betta prepare for life on death row. Get things right with all families involved (including your own) and your Higher Power (if he subscribes to such an ideology). Hasta luego. :hi:

    • http://sandrarose.com Sandra Rose

      There was yet another home invasion in Grant Park last night. That's what they get for gentrifying a majority black neighborhood then jacking up the home prices so black people can't afford to live there. :no:

    • GottaBigOne

      I AM SO SICK and TIRED of seeing a person of color allegedly committing More and More Crimes - - and it's invariably a Black Man - - WTF?!?!?!

      I cannot believe that other races of people aren't committing similar Heinous crimes in America BUT People of Color Always seem to be the ones who are highly Profiled in the media . . . like WTF!

      Anyway, if this man is guilty of the crimes he committed to these people (and the little boy who was doused with gasoline and burned BEYOND recognition) I really don't know what Suitable punishment would be appropriate . . . not even the Death Penalty would be enough!
      This man even terrorized his own blood and another family and that's what has been reported. I can only imagine what other grievous acts he has allegedly done to other people that were NOT reported.

      Still, I feel for his parents especially a Mother who has birthed a child; someone who came from her womb who would Turn Out to be a possible monster!


    • http://pinkcottonent.com JerseyMom

      There is a lot missing from this story for my taste. Something isn't sitting right with me.

    • GottaBigOne

      Here in the North East (NYC area) Gentrification is going on at a steady pace. However, there is no justification for committing crimes against those who want to move into the neighborHOOD!


    • zeta4lif

      Questions, how was he able to subdue all of them, how did he get into this "gated community", I guess crazy people, just do crazy chit, and somethings just don't make sense to us normal folks :shrug: just my heart and what that 10yr old endured, he would have had to have killed me first, just thinking about them as parents having to listen to their child being tortured, let me stop before I be crying.

      @CARRINGTON :hi: have any funny Joey stories

      @UNSHAKE :cheer:

    • http://youtu.be/COjlQLe2JV0 puppylove finally made the #dirtythirty :koolaid:

      See here let me start by :pray: for the souls of the deceased.

      Now that's out of the way why was the asst delivering 40 in CASH. He ain't Floyf Mayweather. Why did he need so much cash. How did the killer know him. Did the killer know the cash was on the way, or did he order him to have it sen

    • *Kah*

      He looks like an ugly duck.

    • http://youtu.be/COjlQLe2JV0 puppylove finally made the #dirtythirty :koolaid:

      See here let me start by :pray: for the souls of the deceased.

      Now that's out of the way why was the asst delivering 40 in CASH. He ain't Floyf Mayweather. Why did he need so much cash. How did the killer know him. Did the killer know the cash was on the way, or did he order him to have it sent over. So many questions. Something in the milk aint clean.

      And I agree that it is sad to see black males portrayed in this light, but a few years ago when them 2 white boys raped and murdered that white family and burned the house down and only the father escaped. Thise two idiots up under the jail now too so.

    • http://pearlswindow.com Carrington

      They've been gentrifying areas for years. When my mother used to manage Cabrini Green, Robert Taylor and other areas in Chicago - the white folk were giving up living in the city to move out to the suburbs. When mother managed Robert Taylor, you could literally stand in your living room in those highrise projects and look down and watch the white socks play (or was it the cubs? can't remember) and the view was so good that you could make out the numbers on the players back. Do you know how many millions of dollars people would pay to be able to watch a major league game from their living room window?!?!

      Soon, white folk realized that it made no sense to commute three hours to get out of the city each day, so they started coming back into the city. THat's when they started giving the colored folk section 8 vouchers to move to the suburbs and the white folk came back into the inner city and started building townhomes and brownstones.

      In certain neighborhoods in Chicago, before they evicted the coloreds - you could be standing on a street in front of a $700,000 home, and on the next street, Requan was sellin that stuff.

      They did the same thing to historic third ward in Houston where Phylicia Rashaad and Debbi Allen grew up. That place had mansions because it's where all the rich black people lived. Doctor's, Lawyers, ballers, professors on EVERY single street. Those people died off and their kids slowly turned those big assed houses into apartment buildings, or would have a car repair business in the yard, beauty shop downstairs, while the family was upstairs, candy store... you name it they did it in those neighborhoods. Literally 5 minutes from downtown.

      White folk realized they gave all that up and started buying 5,000 sq ft brick homes from dummies for $90,000... put $100,000 into it and ended up with $400,000 homes and now they got a campaign to "stop selling out third ward".


    • scorpio

      And Oakland, CA is going through gentrification right now as we speak. This guy needs to be locked up, throw away the key, and even that, or the death penalty, isn't good enough for him. Only the after life will be able to satisfactorily deal with him.