Birdman and Lil Wayne

Things got a little crazy for rap mogul Birdman at Liv Nightclub in Miami over the weekend. It seems a drink was thrown on his former protege (and rumored ex-lover) Lil Wayne while Weezy was on stage performing. Naturally, everyone assumed the beverage came from the direction of Birdman's table.

Birdman and Weezy have been beefing over the delayed release of Weezy's next album.

Judging from this video, Lil Wayne kept his cool as he dripped Hennesy onto the stage.

Birdman, who was standing on a balcony overlooking the stage, said it wasn't him who threw the drink. In fact, if you look closely, Birdman is holding a drink in his hand.

Charity link for Baller Alert so she can get her paper up to pay her cell phone bill.

This morning we posted about #Birdman allegedly throwing a drink on #LilWayne while on stage at #LIVonSunday powered by @headlinerworld
One of our sources contacted us to give us the scoop.

While on stage, the DJ played a song that #LilWayne says "fuck cash money" in the lyrics.
Immediately drinks were thrown from the balcony and a drink hit #LilWayne. Also, drinks were thrown into the crowd. In return, the crowd started throwing drinks/bottles at the table where Birdman was located.
Things got hectic....

  • aRoth

    Deez hoez!

  • Di Ana


  • <3 LoveDreamLive <3

    ....Birdman's like....

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  • <3 LoveDreamLive <3

    ...Lil Wayne was trying to get his single ladies on and Birdman said Not Today Bia...

  • Femme404

    If Wayne didn't claim to be a gangsta, I would feel differently about this.

  • L.T.L. Since 2007

    These clowns...

  • Letmecommentbeforeicant

    Wayne probably went hm like a true Gangster

  • SugarFoot a.k.a Ty

    The real question is did he start to bubble like the other gremlins when they get wet


    How Birdman was staring Wayne at when during the performance.

  • <3 LoveDreamLive <3

    ...Birdman's face when Weezy was ignoring him & right before he threw the drink at Weezy's head...

  • Chitsngiggles

    That was very bishass of Baby to do.... Oh I forgot this is a lover's spat..

  • SugarFoot a.k.a Ty

    Wayne is all tight lipped. They're still in love chile

  • MotherOfDragons, GetOffMyENuts

    This is what happens at clubs now? Yeah, I'm going to continue to keep my old butt out of the club then...

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  • Ruby shine

    Tired! Why ain't they throwing bleach, soap, and antibotics at each other instead?

  • Ruby shine

    Haha, I'm weak!


    kilt me with my mouth open!!!!

  • LovingTheMostHigh

    I don't like the way Birdman just up there staring down at Wayne.. He look like he up too no good

  • <3 LoveDreamLive <3 just know by that damn look that you're life might just be coming to an end....

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    Birdman that was the cuntiest thing a man can do. And I believe you did it too.

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    When I figure out how to attach pictures, etc., yall in trouble. This stuff is TOO funny! My colleagues are asking me what I am laughing at...... back to work.....

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    Charity link tho aunty lmaooooo

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    Ok! That is sum bish sh!t at its best!

  • Canary Red™

    That's how ur lover looks at u after u left him/her. Ijs

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  • Canary Red™


  • Canary Red™


  • Canary Red™


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    Just save and attach

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    Thanks, WWW! Tried this innumerable times.... perhaps my firm has a block of some sort.....oh, actually I tried uploading..... Back to try this again.....


    OWWW.."WWW"...I likes that

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    Smh, the relationship is over and he's still trying to get him wet.

  • Queen Negus

    This is why I play Cypher???by Lil Wayne to Birdman?
    I need a Hitman? bc me and Weedman playing phone tag???
    I sing "Dear Momma". To my mom and ...??? Hit em Up to my B.. Dad.

  • Queen Negus


  • Queen Negus

    You and me both?

  • softness1

    Bitch made asses

  • Crazy tee

    If it wasn't birdman it was his people. You can tell from the look on Wayne's face that it came from him

  • Maya

    Scorned lover.


    (crine)you stand right there suga cuz imma put these platted switches on that azz fa this shyt you got going on!!!ROTF--->I'm weak!


    BOL BOL BOL!!!!LTL,go up and read what's gone happen to suga.line up,YO azz next!!!!y'all and this chicanery!!!!


    Hi,Nana,(deep sigh)HIT EM UP is my shyyyyyt!!!!

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    By PAC of course?

  • imright

    Birdman needs 2 get outta his feelinz ? he want Wayne back so bad?


    FORGET THEM I'M DEAD AT SANDRA'S ECLIPSE OF SHADE WITH 'Charity link for Baller Alert so she can get her paper up to pay her cell phone bill'IS EVERYTHING. LOL!!!! OH LAWD SHE CAN GET GANGSTA........JENNY JONES!!!

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    Grown men!! PETTY!!

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    i was about to post and read this one! You beat anything i could have said....lmao

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    Sandra if you look closely you'll see Birdman does not have a cup in his hand

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    Petty ass nîgga smh throwing drinks like a biatch

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    I'm gone ... ????

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    I hate to admit... Birdman got some sexy az lips.#whatdatmoufdo.

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    Oh the shade Sandra. I'm sure she can pay her phone bill and yours. Sharing is caring

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    You should put cuntiest in E-40's slanguage dictionary


    He crute...just its sum wild tales out chere in these streets bout him being a sho nuff fan for the same team.I tread lightly and cautiously pertaining to him,but I thumbs up the observation tho.


    THIS mess is hilarious to me and I die EVERY TIME I hear/read/talk about it!!!PPL has no pucks/nor chill for this situation!!!!:')))))

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    Str8 bish move...that's what you did back in the day when you saw your ex out trying to get his swerve on and you still feeling him.

  • MsEducated

    OMMG u r a fool!!...llmmmfffaaooo!! #im dead# that shyt was funny!...

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    N i g g a z, that's why I don't do clubs anymore, too many n i g g a z, male & female

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    Lovers' quarrel