Mariah Carey celebrates her official residency At Caesars Palace Hotel in Las Vegas

'Empire' director Lee Daniels persuaded 5-time Grammy winner Mariah Carey to guest star in upcoming episodes of 'Empire'.

Daniels announced the 45-year-old singer's guest starring gig during a ceremony for Mariah's star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame on Wednesday.

The soap opera musical centers around a former drug dealer (Terrence Howard), his murderous ex-con wife (Taraji P. Henson) and their Motown-style record company.

From Page Six:

Daniels didn’t elaborate on what role Carey would play on the show, or how she might interact with the series’ diva, Cookie Lyon.

Neither Fox nor Carey elaborated on Daniels’ announcement, but the network is scheduled to present its plans for “Empire” and other upcoming shows at a Television Critics Association panel on Thursday.

Carey appeared in the film “Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire,” which earned Daniels two Academy Award nominations.

  • IntroSpective

    I liked Season 1 of Empire. Patiently waiting for Season 2, I just hope LD doesn't ruin it with non acting Celebs and a confusing plot

  • iWasteTime

    Speaking of Ms. Carey.
    Poor Moroccan, all he wanted to do was lay on the ground too

  • EasyBreezy

    HE persuaded her? Or, did SHE & her people persuade him? I'm a tad concerned about season two. Seems to be a whole hell of alot of actors-to-be involved. PLEASE Mr. Daniels; keep it as good as last season.

  • AllmylifeIhadtofight

    GM yall


    At the risk of DUB,coming for me,kicking blog door in and dragging me for dear life.imma say it,MC, looks like she's tired ALL THE TIME!I know she misses her human cane called NICK!(barricades door):')))))))



  • MissyJ

    OMG!!! I am so excited!!! I saw her Vegas show.. Chile she brought it. She'd had a month off to spend with that billionaire so she came sanging like a billion bucks

  • Its Me

    Mariah’s star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame on Wednesday.


  • MissyJ

    I concur... Please do not try to do THEE MOST and ruin a great show

  • Its Me

    Lil Pegasus and Unicorn was cute yesterday

  • ?Sugar&Spice?

    Mariah is having a wonderful year! :)

  • Its Me


    I ain't seen my Mimi since 2003.

  • MissyJ

    This was my first time and the was NERVOUS she wasn't gonna sound right... Chile she was singing live and blew up the stage

  • MisTaken

    MC son was tryingto be dancing in all the videos yesterday when she got her star. Lil buddy wastrying to lay on her and she was like “you know you done F’d up right.” Lilbuddy was like I’mma just lay on this air next to my mama ..turned his head to the side and was like

  • 88

    Lee Danielle irks my soul.

  • Lovezoe

    Don't he love the ground Mimi walk on?

  • heywhatsupp

    I'm not as excited for season 2 as I was when the first season went off. I'm tired of seeing them perform at every awards show, i'm just tired of seeing the show everywhere period.

  • That’s Interesting

    Mine too. He just LOOK messy.

  • Lovezoe

    I hope these stunt castings don't ruin the show.

  • Kbellaluvvs

    Lee Daniels reminds me of Tyler Perry with his casting....Luv to put a bunch of stars in their work..

  • MotherOfDragons, GetOffMyENuts

    I saw a clip and then I saw the full video. Lil Rocky was being a lil azzhole. I say that with love, because Dragon3 pulls azzhole moves like that on me all the time. Had to drag him out of a book store once, had me looking like a child abuser. I have to give myself pep talks before taking him places. Lil Rocko knew he was taking it too far, I think he was tired of being there and ready to go. People are calling her a bad mom because she kept her game face on. I am like "Kudos Mimi because I would have hit lil MoRoc with the death stare."

  • Blaque Mahogany

    I'm just going to say it. The acting is borderline terrible and the story line is just Idk the word for it. I mean when that boy was in the club singing during the rap battle.... BUT the show is entertaining.

  • MisTaken

    Mimi should have gotten them quick photo ops in and had the nanny take them away because Roc was not here for it. lol. He was like oh you gone ignore me. I got you. Straight clowned.

  • MissyJ

    Folks through stones over anything... had she got up in his azz like he deserved then she'd be abusing the chile. I think it just shows she IS a good and attentive mother.. He wanted to be near her and kiss her... So that's their regular life, not some for paps eyes only life...

    He was like ubishu to that nanny lol

  • MissyJ

    Roe somewhere like *facepalm* here we go again. this negro...

  • Buttercup

    I knew he was a little lamb when I saw that poster sized picture of her in one of the scenes.

  • Buttercup

    Yep. In season 1, MiMi was all up and through that show.

  • MotherOfDragons, GetOffMyENuts

    Yup, Monroe did her hug thing and moved aside. Roc? He was like I don't care what kind of star they say you are. You are MY MOMMY and I OWN you.

  • Its Me


  • BrownskinQT (Carrington’s e-bo

    I just read the post below.... Speechless! Morning y'all!

  • SummerBaby

    New post

  • Its Me

    Oh. She is tired. It's hard being fabulous day out for twennie five years.

    But as this gay boi said...

  • Rachel

    Ima need for Mariah to stop wearing these fade to black outfits. Just accept the fact that you thick up and it keep it moving girl ??

  • Str8tUpMenace

    LMAO. They were too cute and funny.

  • Lolalao

    Lol..she looks little she drinks.

  • Sassy

    Morning all. Hopefully my series of unfortunate events that have been occurring lately in life is over and I can be fully vested in the garden

  • Str8tUpMenace

    *hug* It'll work out for you shuga *prays*

  • Lolalao

    I thought she already had a star...congrats to that. How this other woman thought they deserved a star is crazy to me.

  • Lovezoe

    New post.

  • EasyBreezy

    You nailed it! How quickly I forget......

  • Sassy

    Thanks luv

  • Mel

    Am I the only one not excited for season 2? This show won't last long at all I see it going down faster than a hooker on a hot summer night I'll stick to my Modern family , criminal minds and Law & order SVU thanks tho

  • Sexy CJ


  • Smartypants

    I didn't care for the show at first, but the acting got better as the season went on. Terrence carries the show.

    The plot twists make up for its other faults. Who knew boo boo kitty and hakeem would get together?

  • Glenda Nichole

    Just Thick? ?

  • Shira Harding-James

    ?and your girl MeMe?...

  • Always me

    I have never watched this show, I was thinking about catching up for the summer, but with all of the celebs who are coming on it doesn't seem like my type of show.

    Murphy Brown (so old school) used guest stars wonderfully. These other shows seem to be trying too hard.

  • Hugga Bunch


    Seeing Mariah with her little ones humanizes her more. Luv it all!

  • Hugga Bunch

    You beat me to it! I do believe it will, sorry but team too much is in full effect.

  • the guest


  • the guest

    Slimy with a lot of power.

  • Junkanoo

    Empire was fun till about episode 6 for me , I grew tired of the music interfering with the story line. Even though it is a show about the music industry the constant singing takes me out of the show for some reason

  • Lulu

    That drippity drop song was garage.

  • Rob

    Season 2 is going to be awful. All these damned random cameos. Lowering my expectations and just hoping Timbaland has some good music.

  • Ms.Quin Marshall

    That is a HORRIBLE picture of Mariah's body. Her tummy tuck isn't holding her gut in at ALL anymore. Poor little tink tink.

  • Imperfectly_perfect

    All that money. And Mariah still won't get liposuction...?

  • Genia W-m

    Sophia Loren could teach these aging entertainers a thing or two about how to remain sexy as they mature. Mariah is becoming laughable dressing the same way at 45 yrs old. What is this getup? Hahaha

  • chappedlippz

    As long as she doesn't sing, I might watch.