Reginald Lofton

Reginald Lofton was only 14-years-old when, police say, he shot and killed 28-year-old Shane Varnadore on March 1.

Varnadore, a Papa John’s Pizza driver, was delivering pizza to the Wesley Herrington Apartments in Gwinnett County when he was shot.

Police arriving at the crime scene found Varnadore curled up in a fetal position. He was unresponsive with no pulse. They found his car, cash, cell phone, and an empty pizza carrier nearby.

Lofton, now 15, faces counts of murder, felony murder, armed robbery and aggravated assault. His trial got underway Tuesday. Lofton is being tried as an adult.

In her opening statement to the jury, Lofton’s attorney, Leanne Chancey said her client is only guilty of being stupid. “But he’s not guilty of participating in this armed robbery that led to Mr. Varnadore’s death.”

Lofton’s sister — who he moved in with after his mother died in Chicago — will testify next week that Lofton strolled into her apartment carrying boxes of pizza the night of the murder.

She will say she overheard her brother ordering pizza, and she watched as he walked into her apartment with the pies, “cool as a cucumber.”

Police believe Lofton and an accomplice, 21-year-old Jermaine Young (who will be tried separately) killed Varnadore.

The reports that police linked the phone number used to call Papa John’s that night to Lofton and Young’s Facebook pages. Images found on both Facebook pages showed the suspects posing with the murder weapon.

Authorities don’t know which one pulled the trigger.

Assistant District Attorney Sabrina Nizam says it doesn’t matter who fired the kill shot. Under Georgia laws, both Lofton and Young are equally responsible for Varnadore’s death.

“It took two people to kill Shane Varnadore,” Nizam said.

  • MoniquetheGeek

    This makes me sad. My female cousin started delivering pizzas not too long ago. And she only does it at night. I so want her to quit. NOW!!

  • Salliemae’s Boosh

    Beyond sad. R.I.P. Prayers to both families.

  • Yoni

    Was this on First48? Sounds too familiar.

  • The Goode Queen

    I’m happy his sis is not apart of the no snitch crew ?

  • L.T.L. Since 2007

    In her opening statement to the jury, Lofton’s attorney, Leanne Chancey said her client is only guilty of being stupid. “But he’s not guilty of participating in this armed robbery that led to Mr. Varnadore’s death.”


    So what was his stupid crime then? THEY ordered pizza, HE came home with said pizza’s. Chilling. Cool as a cucumber. Did he have money? Did he use your debit card?

    I have no sympathy for lil fukkers like this. I’m sure he’s seen and been thru some shyt in his 15 years that has gotten him here, but HE IS HERE and HE IS DANGEROUS! Lock his ass up.

  • Diva4lyfe

    This is sad. I tell you these young men need to find something to do with there life. Life is to short for this foolishness. Then the sister say he walks in cool as a cucumber while that man lay dead in the street he need to get lethal injection.

  • Junkanoo

    Human lives don’t mean a thing ,what about justice for the victims family ? Lock that stupid punk up ,this judge needs to be retired ,what the hell


    this boy looks ten!

  • Queen B

    Kudos to big sis for being about that snitch life ?? sis is like yo dumbass aint bout to bring hell to my home or happiness

  • Jen_n_juice

    she watched as he walked into her apartment with the pies, “cool as a cucumber.”
    Sweetie you watched him walk in not him walk to get the pizza or pay. Even if he didn’t pull the trigger him witnessing it and walking in “cool as a cucumber” is demon child. Kids are so desensitized and have no regard for life

  • Incog-knee-gress

    So glad the sister is not here for his lil bad ass bullshat. He KILLED someone. I would want Dub21 to tell it if Dub11 took a life.

  • Incog-knee-gress

    I hope God continues to watch over her. God bless her.

  • Sucker Free

    A 14 year old hanging with a 20 year old…could have been coercion

    A lot of baby faced demons running around no doubt

  • Yoni

    I wonder if she ate that pizza.

  • Yoni


  • Yoni

    New post – black girl magic

  • Ro

    if your old enough to do a crime your old enough to do the time. I hope they give him the book of Life!!

  • hottlanta


  • hottlanta

    He will kill her. She said get the hell outta my house you are not gonna be in here when I can’t even sleep in my house.

  • hottlanta

    The gun weighs more than he does.

  • L.T.L. Since 2007


  • hottlanta

    I was saying the same thing what is a 20 year old doing hanging with a 14th year old. On Facebook holding a gun instead of a book. He will really be someone’s bytch in jail. It was another young man in Atlanta went to jail for killing name “Lil B” years ago and he went to jail and died from aids.

  • hottlanta

    We gonna see how cool he’s gonna be walking when he gotta go past the rapists in jail. He gonna fold up and cry like a bytch.

  • MoniquetheGeek

    Me too and thank you!

  • <—Doesn'tTalkToStrangers

    Lord have mercy

  • Low E. TUH!

    Lofton’s sister — who he moved in with after his mother died in Chicago — will testify next week that Lofton strolled into her apartment carrying boxes of pizza the night of the murder.

    She will say she overheard her brother ordering pizza, and she watched as he walked into her apartment with the pies, “cool as a cucumber.”


  • <—Doesn'tTalkToStrangers

    Ok but what proof do they have other than a pic?

    How do we know THIS is the murder weapon?

    Did they have gun powder or residue or whatever you call it?

    IF he and the friend did it, they they should pay the price… There’s got to be more to this.

    Hombre when yew gonna starting posting the whole story?!

  • Lovezoe

    Falls out. ???????

  • Jackie Rayne

    I hope the judge locks his ass up forever! Just rot.

  • Quitedeliteful

    He gonna learn today!!!

  • Lisa daniels

    Exactly because if he acted cool after killing someone he would not have hesisted to kill you.

  • Lisa daniels
  • Lisa daniels

    Log off for the rest of the week.

  • Lisa daniels

    Exactly. Folk can’t earn living without some evil fool trying to steal and kill

  • Sucker Free

    I’m like this could help either side…huh?

  • Zeta Phi Beta 1920

    Yeah, they were both failed.
    And the 21 year old is equally as stupid as the 14 year old.

  • Zeta Phi Beta 1920

    14. I do not. There are people who go to prison and mature, blossom and bloom. I pray he and the other young man walk into that category.
    This is a shame on so many levels. It is hard for me to be to angry at these teens. I know that the majority of the time, the upbringing was NOT there. And God only knows what else has happened that has never been discussed.

  • TeeTee

    he from Chicago, his mom died, he didn’t have any guidance. He was a baby. He needs rehabilitation – not prison with adults where he will be subjected to pure hell. I feel sorry for the person who lost their life, but there has been more than one life lost in this story.

  • Queen B

    Lol hell yea and then thought about it ??

  • MsVAllDay

    Sometimes young people are heavily influenced by adults in their circle.

  • Baron

    14 years old is old enough to know right from wrong. This is jacked up.

  • mela.reign77

    I feel so conflicted with this story. I’m looking at he’s only a baby but then again if he participated in this crime then he should be punished in some form. Although he made a stupid mistake someone still loss their life. I would hate to see this child go to prison but I think some sort of punishment is needed for him. This generation really breaks my heart because some of them walk around without a care in the world. They have no regards for other people and do not think, period! Prayers for the man that was murdered family and friends. This is such a tragic story no matter how you look at it.

  • Low E. TUH!


  • i troll it like i see it

    Isn’t it frightening? A baby holding a gun ready to kill with no remorse. He doesn’t even really know just how how effed he really is getting ready to be.

  • i troll it like i see it

    And the man that was cut down at 28 years old just doing his job? He will never get his chance to bloom. Sorry, I’m on his side. These kids know murder is a crime, you do not need a mom or dad to know that MURDER is not right.

  • bemetoo

    Fawk that young murderer..I was in Cairo this past weekend and stop at the store and theses 3boys ages 9-11 were hanging around ask which one of y’all the rapper ( I had 3 19yr olds with me) they said Yea we are than started handing out dollar bills to the boys so the youngest was the thug killer to be, how do I know because after he got money from everyone but me he came to the driver side and open the door climb up and said please gimme so money please I said wtf don’t jump in the car with strangers get down and out he said man give me a dollar I’ll shoot u.. After I cruse his Lil ass out he got down and climb on the hood of the van..smh I said Im a run this Lil fawker over

  • JustB

    Young kids are crazy too…if he could kill a man for food then lock his behind up so he can get 3 meals a day… And never eat pizza again… Lil jerk… Idc how old he is… Evil is evil

  • Glenda Johnson

    I wonder how many excuses you would list for this this little animals behavior if your relative was the one who was shot down WHO ALSO WAS FROM CHICAGO, MOTHER DIED…but instead of MURDER he decided to GO THE HARD route and WORK. Phuck this beast.

  • Glenda Johnson

    I’m for late term abortions. As in, let the kid prove him/herself FIRST to NOT be a psychopath. If revealed to be cray, PUT THE DOG DOWN.

  • 1shy112

    A damn pizza ? Jesus!!!

  • Araminta Glissade Chaines

    It says a lot abt a society that treats a 14 year old like an adult. Sad situation for all involved.

  • Chicagowise

    It says a lot a person who raises a 14 year old who is capable of murder. They need to start putting these young super predators on death row.

  • TheRealLee

    Sociopath. He shouldn’t get a pass.

  • Simone

    Aside from proven self-defense cases, if you take a life, you should lose your freedom for life (prison) or your life (execution). He has no respect for human life. He should never taste freedom again.

  • brooklyn23

    I concur ?

  • Lovelove

    I’m sorry…lock his az up.

  • Lovelove

    Come on through!!! I totally agree.

  • God is working on me!

    If he had money they would find a defense for him but unfortunately he doesn’t.

  • chris

    Snitch life? The only person who could “snitch” on him is the other shooter. Anyone else is just doing the right thing. When black people realize what snitching really is again we will be better off.

  • Alicia.Ashe

    Sad. He looks like he’s 12. If he it did lock him up. My condolences to the victim’s family.

  • Cricket404

    I wonder how the mother died, cancer, overdose, gunshot… Poor thing never had a chance, is Daddy dead too? We have 14 and 15 yo’s robbing and stealing cars in my neighborhood. I saw 2 car wrecks this week were the occupants got out and ran away. These little MF’s will be the downfall of us all.

  • kekeb

    This shyt makes black people look terrible. y’all young mothers with these teenaged sons need to pay more attention and discipline these badass sons you popped out

  • Michelle

    Condolences to the victim’s family. This little b@@@@@d can go straight to hell. Hope he gets death or life without parole. If your so broke that you have to kill someone for a pizza, get off your lazy a@@ and get a job.

  • Michelle

    Actually, prayers are due to one. That being the victim’s family.

  • Michelle

    This is why you don’t shoot people in cold blood. Had he not taken a life he wouldn’t be in this predicament in the first place. But since he doesn’t give a damn and has no regard for human life, he is. May he rot in hell.

  • Monday

    That was a creepy picture. This is crazy how teens think this way nowadays… or don’t even think at all…

    Stay in school and in church folks

  • Monday

    I looked at the pic again… no soul… very creepy..

    no parents?? guardians?? all over some pizza?? he needs at least 10 years

  • The peoples choice


  • the guest

    I pray your cousin can find other work. Delivering pizza/food is a dangerous job, especially for a woman. This boy deserves to be tried as an adult and incarcerated for life for taking a human life over pizza. Shame on him.

  • God is working on me!

    Don’t get me wrong, I completely agree with you.

  • the guest

    He’s a sociopath. He’ll only come out of prison worse. He needs to be imprisoned or institutionalized for life. 14 year olds don’t just go around setting up pizza deliverers for robbery of non essential food and cold blooded murder. Tragically, he’s a bad seed.

  • the guest

    They say the young ones are most vulnerable. This kid chose Hell in exchange for delivery pizza.

    Not making excuses but there’s addictive chemicals in all fast foods and kids who live on dollar menus, take out Chinese, and take out pizza are addicts. Addicts do anything for their drug. If this kid was raised on fresh vegetables and healthy food, he would’ve been even thinking about a pizza delivery.

    Food chemicals warp the brain.

  • the guest


  • ThaRealist StudioGangster

    NO NO NO NO The System made him do it. The system is designed to make and control young black males into a life of crime. This lil nigglett don’t have the mental compassity to differential between right and wrong. # sarcasm

  • Jay

    Mis-guided boy should not be tried as and adult. He is not and adult. When it comes to Brown people the law don’t apply to us. They get all in there feelings.

  • Queen B

    Uumm i think its alot of shît that needs to b modify to declare if we’ll b better off. I know exactly what snitching means however since this is a blog and not law school i just used a term that wud be understood by the majority

  • T3

    This sickens and saddens me?. Like seriously, he’s fawking 14 and taking a life. And over a fawking pizza? Are you kidding me? What are we going to do to take out children back. I see students (middle school) every day who are lazy, don’t want to be at school and have no interest in learning. I am afraid many of them will be in this kid’s shoes. it literally breaks my heart.

  • BarbieLenox

    He look like an evil lil fvvker

  • Christina Duphorn Zehnder

    And read a book or two or three. Learn how to spell and write in complete sentences.

  • che’lint

    Arrest the parents as well. Stop the cycle.

  • Hmmm~?

    How terrible. Dude was out here trying to make an honest living and gets killed over some bull. Throw both of those delinquents under the jail. Tired of hearing about folks needlessly losing their lives to bum ass negroes with no future.

  • Chaseboogie The Prince

    Doing dumb ish got someone killed. Someone should have intervened in this kid’s life when he was posting this pic with the gun. He should have been forced to watch ‘Scared Straight’ episodes for 24 hours straight, then hauled into a program as such. Maybe then the pizza guy would be alive and the 14yr old would be filling out an application to deliver pizza’s himself and earning his own money instead of taking someone else’s.

  • Traci404

    I recall this story.
    The Sister Is an ex college baskeball star, who took in her little brother after their mom died. Very gracious and apologized to the youngman who died Mother who was devasted.
    The Sister was at home the day ths happened.
    She is devasted as well.

    HIs “friend” came downfrom chicago to visit from the old neighborhood, and this is what THEY DID.

    My question IS what is a 14 yr old doing hanging out with a 21 year old

  • Traci404

    I agree.
    Somewhere the “get money ” thought process took the wrong turn
    Working hard is not in the equation

  • Chaseboogie The Prince

    Now that’s a wild story. You should’ve taken your purse and started going up his head. Then told him those two lumps on your head are Dre Beats, now go rap about that.

  • Op2

    Maybe how some teens think and behave who are predictably from a certain segment of our population. The teens that I know do not behave like that. This is about how those teens are raised and or the environment they are from.

    School and church alone will not save them because the adults in the household need to do a better job not only raising them properly and instill good moral and values, coping skills, self-esteem/self-worth and how to handle peer-pressure. -another misguided youth who was easily influenced and now another lost soul. smh

  • Op2

    If she has a pretty decent record, should look into studying the exam book to apply to one of the branches of services for a decent pay w/benefits while being trained for a qualifying career based on test scores. -that is one of the positive ways some people can escape their negative environment to elevate themselves or increase their quality of life and hopefully move on for the better…for good.

  • Op2

    Finding a defense (legal angle) doesn’t mean he would be cleared by the courts or jury in the end. -just a family out of $$ with false hope. Shmurda spent a lot of money on lawyers just like the woman who won the lottery on her bf. You see that didn’t keep neither out of prison.

    By the looks of it, I’d say he is the product of his negative environment and inherited the negative DNA/traits or behavior from one or both parents. -he will be locked up for quite some time in juvie while the 21yr old will be give harsh sentencing in prison.

  • Op2

    He was allowed to roam wild. -negatively influence raised by the streets while staying with his sister for a roof over his head. Some kids are dragged up rather than being properly guided and raised up.

  • bella28498 .

    And facebook solves another crime.

  • Zeta Phi Beta 1920

    I am on his side too. I can have empathy for both. Of course, they should serve time but they also need to be treated.

  • darealwifey

    Children like this are the end result of ADULTS failing them. Perhaps, his grandparents failed HIS parents, but somewhere along the line, we as Black people have dropped the ball terribly. This is a tragedy for all involved: the poor, innocent pizza guy trying to make a living and the children who see this as one of their only options to “make it.” I have a young cousin who lives in a fairly well-known inner-city, and she is live-streaming from class acting a fool in class every day. I hear the teacher trying to get order, and the entire class is out of order. I know the generational story of her life, and it is SAD!!! And there are too many stories like hers. Drugs, alcohol and abuse of every kind is destroying us. I don’t know what the answers are, but this is a gut-wrenching story…again.

  • Chauncey Brooks

    Lock his black a** up and pass a law to not deliver any food in that community after 6pm.

  • God is working on me!

    What I’m saying is people with real money get a way with murder.. with the right money, and defense team he might ended up with going to Juvie until he was 18 then probation. Not that he deserves it. I mean he did just take someone’s life, someone just doing their job to feed their family. On the other hand looking at his background I don’t believe he should be tried as an adult because he’s not. Now the 21 that he was hanging out, that’s a different story. What 21 year old hangs out with a 14 year old?

  • i troll it like i see it

    Gotcha. I think what really aggravated me the most was the fact that the man was doing honest work and this horrible thing happened to him for nothing. He was probably making ends meet and then this? I’m having a hard time feeling sorry for the murderer even though he has clearly been dealt a bad hand in life too.

  • LV

    I live here, the apartment complex never told us the story, now i know what happened.

  • MoniquetheGeek

    It’s not her career. She has a full-time job/career. Just a part-time gig she took because she would order pizza for her son and husband and noticed there weren’t any female drivers. The manager hired her on the spot :(

  • MoniquetheGeek

    See my other reply. It’s just a part-time gig she took since she noticed there weren’t any female drivers. She has a full-time job/career.

  • TeeTee

    Well being that my mom was gunned down in California by what you call a person having animal behavior – I would still say they same dam thing. I don’t have any excuses for him – but there is clearly some improvements that can be made in society to help prevent it from happening often. It won’t ever be eliminated – but what I am saying – that there needs to be rehabilitation, that is all. Maybe he can’t he rehabilitated, but it should be an option.

  • THE Queen

    young blacks are out of control and its time to start whipping them asses again, white folk deal with their kids in different ways, but stealing and taking peoples live is the lowest

  • Emily post

    His parents should go to jail and he should go to juvenile hall. his 21 year old loser friend should go to jail for life.

  • Zeta Phi Beta 1920


  • Wakando Shamar Taylor

    This is why they dont deliver pizza to no apartment conplex here in memphis

  • Cole

    Someone looking to have a child do their dirty work!

  • Sexy Lexy

    the only thing I have to say about this post is – I hate when people post pics of people “shooting” at them … and I don’t understand taking a pic with a gun and shooting at the lens …anyone that does this LOOKS CRAZY no one ever took a pic like this and looks like they have a brain EVER …

  • Sexy Lexy

    yes WHY do they take pics hold the gun to the lens … homey looks bonkers

  • Alisa

    Its sad that pics like this are all over young peoples social media pages. Parents or some adult needs to do whatever they hv to do but look at their pages. Im sorry but Im all for spywear whatever it takes. I know how I was growing up there is NOTHING these kids today can get away with and what is funny is I know plenty of people with kids and I see how their kids act and in the bk of my mind Im like you are going to be surprised when you try to pull something if you know like I know whatever you think about doing your mom is 10 steps ahead of you.