Kenya Moore

Kenya Moore has had it with you bloggers. The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member is tired of you messing with her paper.

The 46-year-old Detroit native claims she legally tied the knot with Brooklyn restauranteur Marc Daly in St. Lucia in June. But an exhaustive search of public records in the U.S. and the Caribbean failed to turn up a valid marriage license.

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President Trump

President Donald Trump is expected to announce his plan to dismantle DACA, former President Obama’s so-called Dreamer program.

DACA, which stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, allowed thousands of illegals to remain in the country if they entered the country as children.

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Rihanna, left, and Kendall Jenner were spotted out & about wearing trendy denim outfits on 2 separate continents. Bajan singer Rihanna, 29, wore dark blue skinny jeans with matching denim jacket to go clubbing in London. She complimented her outfit with a pair of ruby red open to heel sandals.

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Leftwing blog has come under fire for taunting Christians and other religious believers who were impacted by Hurricane Harvey in Southeast Texas this week.

In one cartoon by Matt Wuerker,‘s leftwing editorial cartoonist, a Coast Guard helicopter plucks a Harvey flood victim off a rooftop.

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The east coast is facing the worst energy crisis in decades as gas traders rush to reroute a major pipeline that carries diesel fuel, jet fuel and gasoline to cities all along the eastern seaboard.

Colonial Pipeline Co., the second major fuel pipeline operator in the Gulf Coast, shut down its operation on Wednesday after Hurricane Harvey dumped 51 inches of rain in the region.

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DUI stop

A Georgia cop is under investigation for telling a nervous white woman she won’t be shot because police only kill black people.

Cobb County police Lt. Gregg Abbott is on paid administrative leave while the investigation into his “inappropriate racial comments” is ongoing. Abbott was initially assigned to desk duty.

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Fredrick Scott

A Missouri man is a suspect in the shooting deaths of 5 men who were total strangers to him. The series of execution-style murders baffled investigators and sent shockwaves through Kansas City for over a year.

On Tuesday, police arrested 22-year-old Fredrick Demond Scott after linking him forensically to a cigarette butt and an iced tea bottle recovered near one of the crime scenes.

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toddler found clinging to mom

Beaumont, Texas police have identified the woman who drowned while trying to save her daughter in a flooded parking lot on Tuesday.

Collete sulcer, 41, died as she attempted to wade through flood water along Interstate 10 while carrying her 3-year-old daughter Jordyn.

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