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DUI stop

A Georgia cop is under investigation for telling a nervous white woman she won't be shot because police only kill black people.

Cobb County police Lt. Gregg Abbott is on paid administrative leave while the investigation into his "inappropriate racial comments" is ongoing. Abbott was initially assigned to desk duty.

The incident took place sometime last year when Abbott pulled over a sedan that was driving erratically. After arresting the driver for DUI, Abbott told the female passenger she could use the cell phone in her lap to make a call.

But the nervous white woman told Abbott she was afraid to move her hands because she might get shot -- an obvious reference to the large number of unprovoked police shootings of unarmed black people during traffic stops in recent years.

“I’ve just seen way too many videos of cops,” the woman said before Abbott cut her off.

“But you’re not black… Remember, we only kill black people. Yeah, we only kill black people. Right?" Abbott assured the frightened woman. His comments were captured on dashcam video obtained by WSB-TV.

Abbott continued: "All the videos you’ve seen, have you seen black people getting killed?” To which the woman responded she had seen an "18-year-old white boy" being killed by police.

The woman was arrested and transported to jail.

Cobb County Police Chief Mike Register told WSB-TV that Abbot was a "quality officer" until the video of the traffic stop was uncovered.

“We’re not making excuses,” he said. “We’re meeting this head-on and we’re going to deal with it.”

Suri Chadha Jimenez, the woman’s lawyer in the DUI case, said Abbott was likely being sarcastic because her client "gave him some lip."

“No matter what the context it was said, it shouldn’t have been said,” Cobb County Police Chief Mike Register told WSB-TV.

“It makes you cringe when you hear it,” Jimenez told WSB-TV. “It’s unacceptable.”

  • Soda

    In other words, he's on a paid vacation.


    That statement is sadly accurate.

  • Breitbart_Savior

    Sandra, is this the American you voted for?

    Wait..can you even vote here?

  • Ny MaGee

    At least this Edomite can admit the truth

  • klwbaby


  • Karen Brady

    Yup.. from earnin' to chillin' .

  • Diva4lyfe

    SMDH then the first thing they will say oh its just a joke everybody knows how I joke and you know u was serious as ever.

  • Blaque Mahogany

    But did he lie!?


  • Justlooknout

    He should have been fired immediately, hopefully he is on unpaid leave.

    Hopefully they locked her drunk behind up.

  • Guess Who

    Nah, he was telling the truth.
    Another truth...there won't be any consequences.

  • country57

    "Paid Leave"

  • Coy little wink

    The utter casualness in his statement...he was really serious not joking.

    Not only is he racist he is a moron for forgetting he was being recorded ?

  • soujourn_erets

    We're in the days of Jacobs's (Israel) trouble.

    Ill continue to encourage y'all to consider your ways, search the scriptures daily, believe, repent and guard the commandments.

    We (negroes) are the chosen ones and their (our enemies) entire plan is to wipe us out.

    This nonsense is going to get worse

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    They'll sit him down for 30 days, then it'll be back to business as usual. We all know the drill.

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    Yup. He's probably got his feet up on the couch right now, watching ESPN.

  • Ms.Devereaux

    He didn't expect Becky to snitch on him

  • country57

    You know it!!

  • klwbaby

    He probably thought Becky drunk azz would just forget about it.

  • We Can Do This

    The Code lives on!

  • We Can Do This

    More like stalking playgrounds if you know what I mean with these weirdos.

  • MissHarlem

    There's more videos like this. He just got caught. Their history is violence, hatred and entitlement. We are the ones their jealous of. We are beyond wealthy (not speaking of money) and that's something they just can't stand.

  • millz

    Just another day in amerikkka ...

  • hottlanta

    It is fall like weather in the ATL so he is probably at Blue Ridge Mountains on vacation on his paid leave. You know he got that one black friend (wink wink). Again the LGTBQ community remains silent.

  • Seek Truth Speak Truth

    And this is why Black Lives Matter

  • Kimberly King

    He'll be back on the force in no time. This is beyond disgusting.

  • hottlanta

    Why you trying to start something, In the words of Florida Evans from Good Times, DAYUM, DAYUM, DAYUM.

  • Mika

    But we not supposed to chant Black Lives Matter and we're making up racist police.

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    Well, they'll promtly remind you that "All Lives Matter". Blind hypocrites.

  • Kimberly King

    I don't understand them.

    They would rather put their "rights" before black rights. Whether, you're gay, straight, bisexual or trans: you're black FIRST. There's so many racist ass white gays in the LGBTLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ community. They don't give a damn about them. So dang clueless. You can death drop all you want ... you still in a ninja to them.

  • Kimberly King

    This is a prime example as to why Kaep kneeled.

  • Karen Brady

    this happened in 2016.. why are we getting it just now?

  • Shamari123

    Well he was being honest. It's a very sad reality but white privilege will always prevail unless we all come together as a group and do something about it. It's going to be hard but we have to try our best to make a change. And even with that they'll still say we came to their country so we should be happy we have some privileges; forgetting their ancestors were the ones who forced us on ships to bring us here. No one came willingly to serve others and to be treated like trash. I always remind white people that this is not their land. They stole it from the Native Americans.

  • hottlanta

    Never too late for the truth to come out.

  • Shay

    Yea, he was put on "desk duty" Are you serious he should not be an officer....period.....
    horrible person

  • SouthernGirlAZWorld


  • Blue

    You reap what you sow, Mr. Officer.

  • SouthernGirlAZWorld

    And what they don't tell us or teach is that black people were already here!

  • ShWa


  • ShWa

    Go on to the unemployment office now.....

  • Karen Brady

    I know that's right.

  • hottlanta

    White police officer in the unemployment office. ROTFLMAO. You mean to another job in another county.

  • Shamari123

    Girl listen...where I live the demographics are 97.78% White, 0.51% African American, 0.12% Native American, 0.71% Asian, 0.44% from other races, and 0.45% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 1.02% of the population. I was the only black person in my middle school and the 3rd black person in high school. Almost everyone is racist here. They want all the blacks to leave this place. They were trying to vote on it and everything. They are so entitled its not even funny.

  • hottlanta

    He will get pardon from Dump since he is on a racist pardon roll right now.

  • Wayup!


  • Renee26

    Why even bother punishing him with PAID leave when the justice system has already shown us the the cops who actually pull the trigger don't get punished. They been saying all of that with their slogan #bluelivesmatter

  • Renee26

    Right...or at the same department because after all he was a “quality officer” before he got caught telling his REAL feelings

  • CookieMobster

    This is no laughing matter, but the man was obviously joking. He should be severely reprimanded!!!

  • Noirluv45

    "Cobb County police Lt. Gregg Abbott is on paid administrative leave." That would be a paid vacation.

  • Chicagowise

    "His comments were captured on dashcam video obtained by WSB-TV."

    Arrogance and ignorance are dangerous combination.

  • imright

    who's surprised ? ? ????? not me !!

  • imright

    he should b fired

  • Chicagowise

    Every case this officer handled, involving black suspects, needs to be reopened and scrutinized.

  • TheThrowbackBeauty

    Nope. Not me.

  • Stacy Perry

    Ain't shit going to happen to him so why bother. These bitches get off with everything they do. Talking about JUSTICE 4 ALL GTFOH with that BS

  • Quitedeliteful

    I hope he loses his job....

  • PLEASEDontTellMe

    It's amazing how the Phrase "Good Cop" gets integrated into the narrative..the irony is that his making the statement and "good cop" are becoming synonymous

  • PLEASEDontTellMe

    Should the joke be obvious because the person being arrested is a white female?

  • Quitedeliteful

    I don't think he was joking.... Sounds like he meant every word to me...

  • Mrs.Meenie

    I am sure he has now realized that those inside jokes that he has with Cop Buddies aren't funny to the rest of society.

  • Malai

    WELP... that ain't a good look! Nice way to add fuel to an already uncontrollable fire. He needs to be let go... this is the very type of ignorance that we don't need in the field.

  • Malai


  • Ms.Vanilla

    He sounded like he was trying to get a point across to a drunk person which is.... You're a white person, the issues are with black people so why are you bytchin.

  • VernadineTheQueen?


  • SandraRose

    I didn't detect any sarcasm in his voice. He sounded very serious. That's a shame.

  • Jazzy T

    He may have been joking BUT obviously that joke was in bad taste.
    For all he know she could’ve been married to an African American...He's a fool

  • Jazzy T

    Ya "paid leave" then when he returned 2 months later a promotion!!

  • RealGzOnly

    Yea you Black and stupid!! The fact is that sht ain't funny!!! Because that bs happens for real. Being sarcastic or not you don't joke about no bs like that!!! You SHOULD be as a black woman offended that some one of the law could speak lightly on an issue that's prominent within our race of people!!

  • hotntot95

    But where is the lie?.?.. guess he got some paid time off to sit at home and think about how he told her the truth?

  • 19awesomegrl97


  • 19awesomegrl97


  • MocaPretty

    His SARCASM is highly inappropriate given the fact that black men and women were killed at the hands of officers. So you being black and thinking this is not offensive or a problem...well YOU are a problem and slightly DUMB ASF for your comment!

  • IamAllnatural

    Until it happens to someone close to you, then will you be offended? So sad, you should've kept that ignorant comment to yourself!

  • IamAllnatural

    I don't understand why the cop is on a "paid vacation" pending the investigation. He needs to be fired immediately!

  • Karla E

    Pure sarcasm

  • Not Down With The BS

    You are one dumb muthafukka! You think it's cute that he's "joking" about black people being murdered? K*ll yourself, moron.

  • Tazzy

    Welp, he's been fired now...according to another site.

  • YellowSauce

    I used to have a friend that didn't understand the concept of sarcasm ... she was being a total douche and thought her excuse was to say "OH i'm just being sarcastic" ( like an IDIOT) ... sarcasm is not a nice thing and to use it as a professional to joke about murder and then laugh about it makes him a vile human that is being paid by the very people he wants to kill ... Back men are being murdered in the streets by people that are supposed to protect and serve them and you think its okay for someone - a white man cop - to joke about that ... I say to you sweetie you need to go back to school or at least open a dictionary ... heck you can even google words that you don't understand now .... also ... I wise woman once told me that SILENCE IS GOLDEN ... VERY smart woman ...

  • Waya Hedia

    S A R C A S M.

  • Kimberly King

    Yea it may have been sarcasm but that's beyond the friggin point. And if a southern white woman is scared of this police like homegirl was in the video ... that should tell you all they need to know.

  • SouthernGirlAZWorld


  • Mrz Justketta

    Sarcasm or not....police shootings are not a laughing matter and something to joke about...he should be fired immediately!

  • Anunnaki

    He just saying what he actually feel and believe......why are blacks surprise. Their are many of them feel and think like this.

  • mel


  • Moon Lee

    The sad reality, is he told the M.F. truth!!!!

  • interestingconcept1

    Sigh. No one has ever heard someone being sarcastic. We will reach,and reach and reach...Had a coworker cry saying I said some offensive about her(Asian) but I was being sarcastic about their driving skills. Hey the shape of eye says it all.

  • VernadineTheQueen?

    ?????? Save it for someone who cares because clearly I DONT!

  • VernadineTheQueen?

    Nyoi are one stupid moddafvcka because you are mad about someone else's opinion! Now go sit your ratchet azz_+ down! RETARD!

  • VernadineTheQueen?

    STILL DONT GIVE A DANG & IM NOT OFFENDED! Hahahahahhahahahahhahahah!!!

  • Ms.Devereaux

    SHe showed him! Bet she like ??? HE Should have just let me slide with my white pass ! I gave the code word "scared " white woman in distress

  • Not Down With The BS

    Oh, so you edited your comment? You had the nerve to call someone a retard but you can't spell. You are not a black person, period. No black person thinks that Black Death is amusing.

  • Not Down With The BS

    Yeah, let me joke about the death of your parent.

  • VernadineTheQueen?


  • VernadineTheQueen?


  • Not Down With The BS

    Right, stupid b*tch. I see you're still editing your comments, cave b*tch. I have an iPhone, it doesn't autocorrect to non-words. How is it that I have a boring life, yet you are responding right along with me? I guess you mean to say that YOU have a boring life. You've responded like a chicken head to every single comment to your original post. Lots of time on your hands, huh? A dumb a$$ loser.

  • YellowSauce

    If you had a brain you would .... scare crow lol

  • deanocool

    Chris said it & made $$millions. Cop said it and lost his job. Irony is that only one of them is speaking the truth.