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A new research study suggests kindergarten teachers influence children to identify as heterosexual rather than gay or transgender. Approximately 94% of children identify as heterosexual. 5 percent identify as gay while 1% identifies as transgender.

Heidi Gansen, a University of Michigan doctoral student, blames the lack of gender diversity on preschool teachers, who are “actively promoting or encouraging heterosexual discourses and practices" among children.

The doctoral student's research findings are based on "observations in three preschools (nine classrooms total), and 39 interviews with preschool educators."

She described seeing teachers encouraging 2-year-old boys to hold hands with girls, while at the same time discouraging 2 boys from holding hands with each other.

Gansen's research found that teachers seemed "to stunt children from fully exploring gender roles."

During her observations of children role playing, Gansen noted that "not once did the teachers in two of the three schools suggest that it was appropriate for the girls to play the dad, or even have a household with two moms."

She added that none of the teachers she observed suggested that two boys can marry each other.

Gansen's research paper concluded that preschool teachers "disrupt gendered sexuality in multiple ways," leading to a majority of preschool children identifying as heterosexuals.

The sociology major wants to see teachers change their responses to children’s sexual "behaviors such as heterosexual romantic play (kissing and relationships)" and stop reinforcing heterosexual behavior among children.

Schools in California and New York are committed to reversing the traditional gendered student role.

When parents at one California school objected to a 5-year-old boy's "transition ceremony", the parents were told that their children could not opt-out of "gender identity and expression lessons".

The gender identity lessons are designed to normalize homosexuality and transgender behavior among preschool children.

A number of families decided to pull their children from the school.

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  • tintin

    Now that's what I'm talking about. i need these teachers in my 5 year olds life. i don't like this promoting the gay agenda to young children. Sorry i'm not for it.

  • deanya

    ? so now we just making shit up lol alright

  • Phillybruh

    My kids both of them seem to be heterosexual boys, they haven't declared such to me or the other dad. But in Pre-school and kindergarten they got to choose their line buddy. As far as role play, my kids went to Private School so what yall have to settle for in public school is kind of sad.

  • WutizaGRANNY!
  • Nonya Bizness

    found that teachers seemed “to stunt children from fully exploring gender roles.” Just Stop It. All of it. Teach my child what I learned in school, you know-Math, English, False History. You're born Gay,Straight or Bi. My Kindergarten teacher isn't why I am the way I am smh, and children don't need to "explore gender roles". I can't get out of Ca fast enough.From the Bay to Sac, this s hit is taking over,and I'm not here for it.

  • klwbaby

    This study was conducted for a period of 10 months....I seriously doubt that this would qualify as being an in depth study.

  • Dowoop

    If i ever have another baby, that child will be home schooled. At the rate they are going i will be cursing out the teachers for the nonsene they try to teach my child.

  • La

    These people are sick, I'm placing my son in private school ASAP. I refuse to conform to this mentally disturbed society.

  • Phillybruh

    You should re think that. If you don't want your child to have an open mind, you should keep them in public school they are learning exactly what you want them to learn about society where they are.

  • AnotherBlackGirl

    Kindergarten shou

  • Roderick2011

    It seems as if the author of this piece has some issues with her own gender identity.

  • La

    I'm good! If I walked in on my child playing mommy because his teacher encouraged him to do so... we are fighting.

  • Phillybruh

    why, though. Good Chance it wasn't his teacher, he's imitating you.

  • Roderick2011

    Dude just save your keystrokes.

    I have come to the conclusion that black people are genetically predisposed to being homophobic.

    I have a friend who is from the Caribbean and although her sister is a lesbian and on any given day she could be mistaken for a lesbian is very homophobic.

  • Glitter Cupcakes

    Clearly you're right, Riderick2011. Why write such BS? Craziness.

  • Glitter Cupcakes

    First of all, how is a child "identifying" as "hetero" or "homo" anything? How about identify squares, colors, words and numbers? Stupidity is rampant via these "studies" and subsequent posts aka BS summaries of said studies. Chile boo.

    Hey young world... we're at war with ignorance disguised as fact(s). We had better win or prepare to keep getting served crap and brainless food. Come on people. Really? The first sentence was questionable. What "new study," exactly? We better study what they're putting in our food and water.... sons and daughters.

  • Zeta Phi Beta 1920

    I would take my child out as well.

  • Mo Mobetta

    These are the things democrats are pushing that's why I find it funny when I see people try to discredit Trump cause he would be the one to shut all this down. Hillary on the other hand would of pushed the rest of this agenda down our throat

  • Doink_Ahanahue

    "Approximately 94% of children identify as heterosexual. 5 percent identify as gay while 1% identifies as transgender."

    I stopped reading after this and have to cal' "BS"!! What FIVE YEAR OLD knows about and understands hetero, gay or transanything??!! There is a reason children are taught simple things early in life and then the deeper things as they grow and mature. This is FOOLISHNESS and propaganda! This world is really under the hand of the devil and it's so sad how many people choose to follow...

  • Roderick2011

    Actually I was talking about Sandra, but whatever.

  • KA

    Her study is NO WHERE near being statistically significant if she only visited 3 pre-schools and interviewed 39 educators. Based on that alone, the rest of the information is irrelevant.


    THIS IS BS!!!!

  • AJ

    This is an observational doctoral thesis (based on only 3 preschools), not a scientifically proper randomized, double-blind study which is the gold standard of research studies. It has also not been published in a peer reviewed journal with editors. So, for now, this study is not scientifically sound.

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    The sociology major wants to see teachers change their responses to children’s sexual “behaviors such as heterosexual romantic play (kissing and relationships)” and stop reinforcing heterosexual behavior among children.
    Devil is a liar. That's all I got to say.

  • Karen Brady

    the damn headline. going to read article now.

  • kennedy campbell

    assuming they are out of the closet

  • kennedy campbell

    i knew at 4yrs i liked boys...i may not have knwn about sex but i remember liking the grandkids of the day care owner..ended up dating one of them when in highschool

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    And its from a single doctoral student. Not even a team of Ph.D's from a major university. One student. This "study" shouldn't really be taken all that seriously.

  • casiepriest33

    Props to those teachers! I don't agree with a eurocentric based school system. However, those teachers are correct. Only a fool would let his enemies educate his children.

  • VernadineTheQueen?

    I hope the gay agenda folks don't start targeting these teachers to steer the young ones away! Kudos to all those teachers!!

  • VernadineTheQueen?

    I like boys too when I was a youngster. I know for sure I wasn't into girls!! ???

  • Lisa daniels

    Wft stop it now.

  • Glitter Cupcakes

    VERY well said and my prior comment and response echoed your sentiments. Words are as powerful and thinking. Let's pray we as a people start really using both to effect "beyond the march" changes. Thanks for your wisdom.

  • Glitter Cupcakes

    I was too.

  • Vegas1989

    A 5 year old don't know nothing about transgender. They just want to play with their friends girl and boys. Stop putting this gay stuff on them. When I was 5 years old I beat up boys. I was a tom boy. I didn't want to be a boy. I just like to rough house because I had brothers and we use to wrestle a lot. So I use to beat up all the boys in my class and got put in time out and a bad report card....LOL

  • TristaT

    This shit is out of control!

  • the conscious one

    Stop the bullshit!

  • Scorpiess

    This whole article had my blood boiling. Are they really trying to p!ss us off or what? The findings suggest what I would expect to see in any normal modern society. These liberals are so slick and devious. In no time at all, expect to see openly gay, flamboyant and trans ppl teaching your little kids. I have said it before and I'll say it again: home school your kids! Any one ever taken their kid to After School Satan? That's next.

  • kennedy campbell

    you have to speak for your own self...i knew i was gay at 4 years old. i knew i liked boys..i ended up dating a guy from daycare when we were in highschool. of course this is based on my on personal account but i am not the only personal account

  • SandraRose

    "In no time at all, expect to see openly gay, flamboyant and trans ppl teaching your little kids."
    The one on the top left is the teacher. His friends come in every week -- dressed in full drag -- to read to the children. In no time they will be turning your sons out. This is what they promised they would not do. But as usual, they are liars.

  • Karen Brady

    100. Don't be sorry.

  • Karen Brady

    this is cute :-)

  • Karen Brady

    Lol.. it's so not funny but I hear you.

  • Glitter Cupcakes

    Ummmm, okay. Thanks for sharing your personal story. Tone is often lost via this type of exchange, so I'll just trust yours is pleasantly firm... like my original point. I have many gay, straight, closeted and free-spirited clients. This is all about acceptance. You are who you are and I accept that. To expect a child to declare their sexual preference at 5 years old is like expecting a person to read an eye chart from down the road. Let a child develop naturally. Let them get closer to understanding the world and where they fit in it. It's soooo not about sexual preference. It's truly about the heart and how it functions.

  • Scorpiess

    ?? damn. That is just the tip of the iceberg.

    What amazes me are the parents sitting in the audience with their cameras, clapping and happily cheering on their own children's ruination ?

  • IntroSpective

    There are already flamboyant gay teachers, administration and specialists working in the school system. I can think of quite a few in the South Fulton area.

  • Quitedeliteful

    This is crazy!!! We got kids who can't read or write, kids who can't do math or science but we are worrying about babies and their sexuality?? Children will eventually express who they are. If four year olds feel that they really are not a boy or girll they will let the parents know through their actions, words, refusal to dress according to the sex they were born as -- the parents will know and they can deal with their children accordingly. Schools should just stick to teaching reading, writing and 'rithmetic!!!!

  • Scorpiess

    Well soon it'll be just drag queens teaching your three year old all about the joys of gay xes. It is already all over youtube. I am just so glad that I don't have kids.

  • Faithz

    Great Comment, Cosigns You.

  • Faithz

    There sure is, But Shhhh We don't want
    Trump to know about it, Because they could get Fired.

  • AJ


  • Faithz

    Exactly right about that.

  • OP2

    Sickos can find any angle to manipulate perception with write-ups and propaganda. All they need is a political support system to help spread the crap.

    -most thesis for a research paper is usually based on an idea or theory for their paper. Then it's onto observing 3 classes with a preconceived idea and writing an angle to support or refute that idea. There are no right or wrong answers just make it a good write-up for propaganda.

    No wonder that some fear and reject the scriptures of the Bible as if it were a cross shown to a dracula (vampire). -they loathe moral guidance from Jesus and Judgement Day scriptures from the Holy God.

    Whereas, it is an anything unHoly goes when doing the dysfunctional work of the evil one. No morals needed just wild out; have no standards and care less about about defiling and soul the body with STDs/HIV, make excuses for getting high to self-medicated from self-hatred, etc.

    Now, do we allow them to use that mentality to manipulate and damage God's least little ones: the children. Not enough for pedos parading as teachers to be molesting and assaulting the bodies and minds of children, now it is onto manipulating minds and turning them out.

    -time for parents to support those School-Choice Vouchers. ijs

  • Karen Brady

    Exactly... this needs to be dealt with at home.

  • OP2

    I agree. Sickos with an agenda to manipulate, corrupt and add to their roster. It's not enough that their are adult female pedophiles of teachers preying on both male and female students and Sx-assaulting them.

    Now, it's onto teaching babies that to that it okay for other kids to touch and kiss on someone else's child. This is an effort to manipulate minds and turn children out younger. So much for the lazy saints of the Holy God are asleep as the devil stays busy.

    Other folks in opposition need to stop being spiritually lazy and get busy physically...reject and demand school-choice vouchers where the focus is on good moral values; life lessons; self-respect and building self-esteem while teaching academics. ijs

  • Karen Brady

    little bad azz :-). And you're right, let these babies be babies!

  • OP2

    It should...but as we can see, it is not! -that agenda to manipulate and force their mentality is active. So when are parents going to stop saying words and get busy/active in protecting their children from the obvious?

  • TheOwley

    It didn't take long for the sickos to get children involved in their sickness.

  • OP2

    Since it's not going to stop, the goal should be what are parents willing to do about it? Private school choice vouchers while keeping their children informed about what is not acceptable teaching or behavior and to not be afraid to tell them about their day at school and how to go off on folks trying to manipulate their self-expression with this -phobia crap aka reverse psychology.

  • kennedy campbell

    you're right let the child develop naturally. i agree. i think i was trying to message another comment though. sorry :) at work and was probably sneaking and moving to fast to see that i'd hit reply in the wrong place

  • Glitter Cupcakes

    No worries, lol. You're totally fine. More people should talk this way. There are no coincidences and I'm happy I know you exist and that you are living your truth. I'm inspired even more now to continue my work and I see you. So, thank YOU. Please keep talking and working. I'm sure you're a valued member of your family/tribe. Continued blessings. Lol, on the sneaking at work. ?

  • Karen Brady

    Hey I'm with you.

  • Well$$Well$$?

    #gasp I thought single mothers were/are responsible for homosexuality. ?

  • butchie4ever

    Sandra is always looking for any reason for homosexuality other than the real reason....that people are born gay or straight...


    If your kindergarteners is identifying as gay or transgendered you need to be in jail!

  • NIA

    Back to this crap! Gay and TRANSGENDER..

    Thanks OBAMA!

  • morenYAHdelsur

    They're children!

    Try that bullchit if they want to experiment on THEIR children. Not mine. NOPE!

    Stop confusing these babies!

  • morenYAHdelsur

    Thank youuu! ????????

  • Doink_Ahanahue

    I agree about that. But knowing what you identify as at that age? or even what it means to be hetero, homo or trans, I don't think so

  • Eclectech

    As if what the kindergarten teachers are doing is a bad thing. Seriously, if some of these kids turn out to be gay, so be it, but it is not the job of the school teacher to push them in that direction. I would rain down fury on a school if my children were subjected to this mess.

  • chris

    Adults are supposed to correct bad behaviors not encourage them.

  • Layah Jhene

    Population control. You gotta get em while they are young SMH. Can't wait until God start destroying this place and wicked nations.

  • the guest

    They are pushing a gay agenda on toddlers. This is very wrong.

  • Scorpiess

    If you decide to homeschool then you will be classed as a terrorist.

  • ?Royalty?

    Except that's not a "real" reason and it hasn't been proven.

    Just because you WANT something to be real, doesn't mean it is.