Tristan Thompson

More bad news for the struggling Cleveland Cavaliers. Forward Tristan Thompson is out for 3-4 weeks with a severe calf sprain. Thompson, 26, was injured in the second quarter of Wednesday night’s loss to the Indiana Pacers.

Wednesday's loss was Cleveland's 4th straight in the first month of the NBA season.

The Cavs are now 3-5 for the season.

Tristan Thompson & Khloe Kardashian

Thompson's injury doesn't mean he will spend time on the west coast with his pregnant girlfriend Khloe Kardashian.

He is still required to travel with the team for away games and sit on the bench during home games.


  • Ms.Vanilla

    Good night Roses! Have fun in here and be nice.

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  • Victorious82

    Darn Kardashian curse. Better watch out he’ll have a crack habit by next year.

  • Soda

    Lies! His calf looks okay walking next to him.

  • Applebootay

    His pics give me gay vibes...

  • Applebootay

    Good Night? Its 3pm where I am.... Good Night anyway!

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  • Bashi22

    Khole will help him heal she’s going baby him back to tip top shape


    Yep. Just like D-Wade.

  • Blah Blahhhhh

    Kartrashian Kurse

  • Blah Blahhhhh

    Kartrashians are known for helping men hide their true sexuality

  • bemetoo

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  • Kayke

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  • TheOwley

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  • Rayne

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  • Guess Who

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  • Applebum

    This guy is so flamboyantly sweet, I don’t know who they are fooling with this fake relationship. Every time I see him, I remember her birthday picture where they’re in a photo booth and there were no mistaken it, his lips were pursed, that’s all the proof I needed. That trashy family can only get gay black men to date them in exchange for publicity. Let me see if I can find that picture.

  • Chile_Pleeze

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  • BeUtFullSoul

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  • Monday

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  • HoneyyGoodMoneyy_

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  • JV

    LOL is this a Cavs blog now or something?? There are a lot more interesting stories in the NBA than Tristan Thompson, and I say this as a hometown Cavs fan. Durant's fake Twitter accounts were more interesting than this! (seriously, NBA Twitter is hilarious... google Joel Embiid/Hassan Whiteside Twitter feud sometime when you're bored).

  • stav

    I remember that picture, he's been suspect to me ever since as well!

  • stav
  • Karen Brady

    Now he should catch charges for this one.

  • Karen Brady

    He loves pursing them lips honey. The 2 of them.

  • stav

    They are , and in the first pic they look a bit ashy!

  • Karen Brady

    ALL THE WAY ASHY.. All I saw as ash and then leg.

  • Karen Brady

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  • Karen Brady

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  • Shamari123

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  • E-VannaRootsAllEvil

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  • ?E?E?M?A

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  • guest

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  • JustB

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  • guest

    Damn 26 yrs old he should ficus on the NBA. His career is at a low.his shape is not a good look.

  • KarmaBackAround

    Ummmm....let's see how this pans out cuz sayyyy for instance he doesn't recover ..will miss khloe still be there??

  • KarmaBackAround

    Nope...n tristan jus as stupid as hell for not seeing it Smh

  • Skin Deep Beauty

    With those tiered gold chains...ewe...

  • Ms.Vanilla

    lol, I've always said I say "Goodnight" when I'm leaving work for the day. I say good night to my co workers as well when I walk out the door. I'm in North Carolina... Sometimes in Finland... but mostly N.C.

  • SweetTEE

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  • KA

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  • imright

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  • Calikush

    ?This uggmo reminds me of Wanda from In living color, with them purched lips!????? Lmao.... the jokes on u Khlobacca because Tristan is not a prize! That baby mama should be glad that she don’t have to look at that face everyday! If this is the start of the Kartrashian curse, then he deserve every bit of it!!!!

  • Moon Lee

    The Calabasas Kardashian Witches, has cast the spell! It's all down hill for him from now on!

  • akuakokoblogspotcom

    What curse?! Lol

  • Passion

    Kardashian Kurse has begun!! Where is Kanye, I thought he would crazy enough....I mean strong enough not to get sucked in.?

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  • BrittBrat2005

    Oh man, oh man.. That Curse= K-urse smh

  • dontgetblocked

    The Kardashian Koven is at work again. This is just the beginning. The Cavaliers are struggling. Tristan is injured. These bitches strike fast and hard. It's like they're working for the man. Destroy the dumb Becky loving neegrows and take their money while you're at it. Look at Lamar. Just look at him. It's unspeakable what's happened to Kanye. He's slumped over in a corner on anti-depressants while his wife prances around town half-dressed at every Halloween party. He doesn't even go out in public anymore. Kris and her coven. She-devils.

  • dontgetblocked

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  • dontgetblocked

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  • tintin

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  • MythCalledLove

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  • Django the God

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  • queentomyking

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  • queentomyking

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  • shelly

    If he guts cut from the team will she still want him?

  • Decked Out

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  • Decked Out

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  • MRiGOThim

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  • MRiGOThim

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  • ?E?E?M?A

    Don't try to use gay lingo if you're not gay. You sound dumb. You wouldn't call a str8 athlete trade. Do you even know what trade means?


    And the curse begins

  • just saying

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  • Karen Brady


  • Karen Brady


  • lyricc::bka::laj

    Man, Tristan doesn't appear to be manipulated or coercied into dating Khloe. These men make their own sound choices. I don't want to feel sorry for them any longer. At 25, yes, you are still capable of poor judgment. However, if you (willingly) forsake your morals and values, to pursue a woman for "status". No, you get no sympathy for the future repercussions.

  • queentomyking

    He does have rather thick thighs for a guy! ??

  • bella28498 .

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  • bella28498 .

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  • Coy little wink

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  • chris

    Begins? He been trash for a couple years now.

  • ZoraNealHurstonsNiece

    James Harden was a smart man... He left just in time to maintain his self and sanity!!! Give it a year...Tristan is going to wish that he had kept on walking when he saw ole Khloe...?

  • Dowoop

    He looks like a dummy

  • SDot

    Khole is so repulsing! YUCK!

  • queentomyking

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  • queentomyking

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  • Jussjess25

    Well atleast hes being smart about his cooning. when him a khole break up, he wont have to worry about taking care of the baby. Considering she will have her little mixed child like she always wanted, and shes rich. ? Hes a loser and he wont care for this child like he dont care for his first one. But maybe he will since the baby will be half white. Smh

  • Jussjess25

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  • sunni_daze

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  • Look@m3

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