Delicia Cordon LeSean McCoy

LeSean McCoy’s house-squatting ex-girlfriend told cops the NFL star sent a masked intruder to rough her up and force her out of his Milton, Georgia home.

Milton police responded to a 911 call around 3:30 a.m. Tuesday referencing a female who was assaulted and locked in a bathroom.

The female victim was later identified as Instagram boutique owner Delicia Cordon, who was set to appear in court for an eviction hearing on Tuesday.

The north Fulton property is owned by McCoy, 29, who is in the process of evicting Cordon and her children.
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Cordon and her cousin, Mia, who was also assaulted in the home, were treated and released from North Fulton Regional Hospital.

Mia uploaded a graphic photo of Cordon to on Tuesday, accusing McCoy of viciously assaulting the mother-of-3. The post has since been deleted.

The Buffalo Bills running back vehemently denied assaulting either woman. His attorney confirmed McCoy was in Miami when the assault took place.

via The Blast — According to a newly released police report, obtained by The Blast, the suspect was described as a “black male wearing a black mask,” after he fled the house following the alleged brutal assault and robbery of Delicia Cordon.

Cordon’s cousin, who placed the call to 911, told officers Delicia’s son’s window was wide open and a sheet was tied “like someone went out from the 2nd Floor.” Cordon originally thought her son had been taken by the suspect, and emergency officials noted the 16-year-old boy was missing. She later made contact with her son and discovered he was traveling home in an Uber.

A judge pushed the eviction hearing back to August 14, allowing Cordon to stay in McCoy’s home for another month.