Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

A plethora of videos went viral over the weekend as riots, fires and looting broke out in major cities across America. But one viral video, in particular, got the looters' attention in Santa Monica, Calif.

On Sunday, protesters broke into stores, stealing clothing, luxury handbags, and electronics in Santa Monica.

As the looters ran out of stores with their arms full of shopping bags, one woman yelled, "Your looting is going to get Trump reelected!"

The video, which was posted to Twitter by Buzzfeed News reporter Brianna Sacks, shows a woman standing on a corner yelling at looters as they stole from local businesses.

"This is going to get Trump reelected!," she screamed. "Please stop. Think first. Do not get Trump reelected for your behavior. Please, Santa Monica. We don't want Trump reelected!"

Watch the video below.