Did You Know Chris Brown Owned 14 Burger King Restaurants?

Chris Brown shirtless

Troubled singer Chris Brown is a businessman and entrepreneur who owns a string of Burger King franchises in his investment portfolio. Who knew?

Brown made the startling revelation in Us Weekly magazine’s ’25 Things You Don’t Know About Me.’

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Range Rover Evoque? No, it’s a Knock Off SUV Made in China

Landwind X7

Now you can afford to drive a high end Range Rover.

A Chinese carmaker has a huge hit in the new Landwind X7 SUV. According to Bloomberg.com, over 5,500 car buyers have already put down deposits on the $21,000 Landwind X7.

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Now You Can Buy Donald Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again Hat’

Barack Obama Donald Trump

Face it, billionaire real estate developer Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States, whether you like it or not.

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Jay Z Fires Another Tidal CEO

Jay Z and Peter Tonstat

2 months after Peter Tonstat was named the interim CEO of Jay Z’s failed Tidal music streaming service, he has been let go.

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Beyonce Wins a Reprieve for Her Husband: Sony Agrees Not to Pull Her Music from TIDAL


Beyonce’s husband, aging rapper Jay Z, is feeling the pressure to save his struggling music streaming app Tidal.

Adding to the rapper’s increasing anxiety was the mounting pressure to cut a deal with Sony Records to continue streaming the music giant’s catalogue of artists, including his wife. But strapped for cash, Jay Z didn’t have the millions of dollars Sony required.

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This is Why You Can’t Get Your Hands on Those Coveted Air Jordan 1 Chicago’s

Air Jordan Ones

If you’re wondering why Nike cancelled Saturday’s release of the hotly-anticipated Air Jordan 1 Retro “Chicago” sneakers, it could be that the stores ran out of supplies.

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Jay Z Begging Fans to Save Tidal from Sinking

Jay Z visits Jacob The Jeweler on his anniversary in New York City

In the face of utter and complete failure of his music streaming app, TIDAL, rapper Jay Z took to Twitter.com over the weekend to beg music fans for their help in righting a sinking ship. Jay Z also assured his Twitter followers that he and his investors are in it for the long haul.

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