Robert Griffin cornball brother

An ESPN analyst sparked controversy yesterday when he called Washington Redskins star quarterback Robert Griffin III a “cornball brother” who dates white women and votes Republican.

At issue for ESPN analyst Rob Parker was Griffin’s refusal to be defined by his skin color.

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Caroline Wozniacki imitates Serena Williams

Many of us had never heard of professional tennis player Caroline Wozniacki until she mocked Serena Williams’ famous curves by stuffing towels down her tank top and tennis skirt during a tennis match.

As soon as the photos surfaced online, bloggers and social network users reacted with outrage at the perceived racism.

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Kevin Clash boyfriend

It’s a little late in the game, but one of Kevin Clash’s adult lovers has come forward to defend the former Sesame Street puppeteer after several young men accused him of underage sex.

“Kevin is not a villain,” Jason Murray told Eonline! “Yes, he had an affinity for younger men, but what successful [straight] man doesn’t have an affinity for younger women? It’s the same thing, gay or not.”

Murray continued: “Does he prey on these [boys]? In my heart I don’t believe that.”

He added: “I think it’s like Hugh Hefner, he dates younger women,” said Murray. “Kevin likes younger guys.” But, “I am reading the news and all the negative stuff. I don’t see it. He had a good heart.”

Clash, 52, who provided the voice of Elmo for 2 decades, took a leave of absence after a man came forward claiming he was 16 when he had sexual trysts with Clash. After repeated denials, Clash paid his accuser $125,000 to recant his accusation.

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George Zimmerman

The attorneys for murder suspect George Zimmerman attempted to inflame the public by releasing an obviously Photoshopped picture of their client yesterday.

It’s no coincidence that this shamefully Photoshopped image is released just days after Zimmerman begged the public for more donations to support his lavish lifestyle.

The national media won’t tell you that the image is Photoshopped — even though a photo taken by police the SAME NIGHT shows no swelling, redness or deformity of Zimmerman’s nose.

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Kevin Clash Elmo Sheldon Stephens

The man behind the voice of iconic Sesame Street puppet Elmo has resigned amid shocking allegations of underage gay sex, The Huffington Post reports. Despite coughing up $125,000 in hush money to the man who accused him of underage sex, Kevin Clash could not overcome the troubling gay sexual innuendoes surrounding Elmo.

Mr. Clash, 52, took a leave of absence from Sesame Street after sometime model Sheldon Stephens, now 23, accused Clash of seducing him when he was only 16.

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Kevin Clash Elmo Sheldon Stephens

Just as we thought: Kevin Clash, the man behind the voice of Sesame Street’s iconic puppet Elmo, bought his accuser’s silence for $125K, TMZ reports. In addition to cutting a phat check, Clash and his attorneys demanded a retraction of public statements that his accuser Sheldon Stephens made about having underage sex with the puppeteer.

In a prelude to a lawsuit, Stephens claimed he had sexual relations with Clash, 52, when he was only 16.

Multiple sources tell TMZ that Clash and his attorneys met with Stephens and his legal team to hand over the check — and to hash out an agreement that including only one stipulation:

Stephens agrees that immediately upon execution of this Agreement, his counsel, Andreozzi & Associates, P.C., shall release the [following] statement … ‘He [Stephens] wants it to be known that his sexual relationship with Mr. Clash was an adult consensual relationship.'”

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Valeria Lukyanova Human Barbie doll

Photos of Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova are causing hysteria on social networking websites. That’s because the 21-year-old beauty has transformed herself into a living breathing Barbie doll.

There have been other attempts at Barbie impersonations by women who starve themselves to achieve Barbie’s near-perfect plastic and PVC dimensions. But no one has come closer than Lukyanova.

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Justin Bieber and Elmo

Even before Frank Ocean or Anderson Cooper set foot outside of their closets, the gay agenda has been working feverishly to indoctrinate, I mean teach your children to lovingly accept the gay lifestyle as normal.

Now that the Elmo gay sex scandal is splashed across front pages all over the country, it will probably be more difficult to shield your children from gay sexual innuendoes — even on Sesame Street.

Kevin Clash, the 52-year-old puppeteer who has his hand up the back of Sesame Street’s most famous puppet, has been outed as a gay man who prefers to wine and dine teenage boys. How will parents explain that to their inquisitive adolescents?

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Racial tensions are escalating as the presidential election draws closer. Across the country, anti-Obama vandals are stealing Obama campaign yard signs by the thousands. In Lubbock, Texas, vandals have gone a step further by shooting up the familiar red white and blue yard signs.

“There have been problems before but it’s gotten really out of hand,” Lubbock Democratic Party Chair Kenny Ketner told “The quantity of signs vandalized and stolen is already out of control, and now the type of vandalism has crossed a hateful line.”

“Over half a dozen of the larger signs have been stolen, vandalized or shot,” said Ketner. “And as of about 1 a.m. this morning we can add hate to the list.”

Ketner encourages residents to call the police, even if officers are slow to respond to calls about stolen yard signs.

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Over the weekend I received angry emails from readers concerned about photos of actress Zoe Saldana wearing a nappy afro wig and dark makeup in her role as the late jazz singer Nina Simone.

The 34-year-old ‘Colombiana’ star was chosen for the part from a list of dark skinned singers and actresses who were more qualified for the part.

Fans of Nina Simone have begun circulating a petition in hopes of garnering enough signatures to present to the filmmakers.

“Playing Nina Simone could be one of the more definitive roles as far as biopics go–it’s not that Saldana a talented actress, but it’s hard to imagine there isn’t another Black actress out there who couldn’t evoke a better Nina,” writes

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