Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian was spotted leaving a taping of Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens: Live show on a cold night in New York on Wednesday.

The 31-year-old reality TV star wore an eye-catching black and white leopard skin jumpsuit in frigid temperatures.

Despite undergoing numerous plastic surgery procedures over the years, Khloe tells People magazine she is "committed to living a healthy lifestyle."

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LeBron James no-carb diet

LeBron "King" James, the greatest basketball player on earth, has a lot more than basketball on his mind lately. His wife Savannah is expecting their 3rd child: a girl, and he is preparing for the upcoming 2014-15 NBA season with his old team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. But James looks a lot different these days. His dramatic weight loss has fans concerned and wondering if he is on the same diet as his pal, hip hop mogul Jay Z.

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Tiffany Austin

Tiffany Austin (pictured above) wanted to get back into shape after recovering from a recent car accident. So she joined a local gym after her doctor told her it was time to walk more.

But Austin says she felt "intimidated and harassed" after her first day at Planet Fitness in Richmond.

The reason? The gym staff told Austin her toned bod was intimidating to the other members.

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Queen Latifah and Jeanette Jenkins

Media mogul Queen Latifah and her ex-girlfriend, fitness trainer Jeanette Jenkins reunited on Latifah's talk show. The ladies discussed Queen Latifah's six week “Get Healthy Challenge” and Jenkins gave her audience tips on eating healthy. Jenkins stressed the importance of continuing an active lifestyle after the six week challenge is over.

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Gabrielle Union

Actress Gabrielle Union, 41, is still struggling to overcome the public ridicule and shame she endured when it was revealed that her NBA boyfriend, Dwyane Wade impregnated a groupie.

In an appearance on Conan O'Brien's Show, Union said she is staying in shape with an exercise and diet regimen called the "Porn Diet." Gabby said she's taking exercise and diet advice from a few adult film stars she met at a local gym.

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Chaz Bono

Cher's daughter Chaz Bono, who suffers from Gender Identity Disorder (GID), lost 65 pounds after nearly a year on special diets and exercises.

Bono, who weighed 250 pounds at the start of her weight-loss journey, said the weight loss "makes everything easier."

"I just feel much more comfortable in my skin now," said the 44-year-old former Dancing With The Stars contestant. Chaz, who was born Chastity Bono, didn't feel so comfortable in her skin after living her life as a lesbian.

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Comments Off on Morning Wood: Branden Nicholson

Loyal reader Branden writes:

Hello Ms Rose,
My name is Branden Nicholson and I would "love" to be featured on your site as morning wood. I am a huge follower on your site, because you tell it straight up without sugar coating anything. I am 29 years of age and i am out of Southern California. I am a professional model/ fitness entrepreneur. I change "lives" for a living weather its via internet training, B.Nick Fat Blast Bootcamps or one on one personal training. My motto is "If I can change one life a day, then this job is for me." There is nothing better in life than to be able to get others up and going, from sick to healthy and fit. I do not consider myself a “trainer,” per say. I consider myself a life coach. What I do is NOT a phase, it’s a lifestyle. To God be the glory with every transformation I initiate. With Him anything is possible! With every life I continue to change, the more glory I will give Him.“
Branden's Facebook page
Branden's Twitter page

MEN: If you would like to be considered for MORNING WOOD, please email 5-6 of your best studio quality photos, including shirtless shots, to sandra @ (remove spaces).

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Somewhere there's a gay guy who thinks celebrity blogger Perez Hilton's skeletal appearance looks hawt.

From the NY Daily News:

There aren't enough emoticons and MS Paint arrows to express the buzz that Perez Hilton incited as he walked the red carpet at the NewNowNext Awards. Perez, who is best known for his frumpy physique and childish commentary on celebrity photos, told the Huffington Post that his six-pack and trim figure is the result of lots of diet and exercise. 'It wasn't quick,' he told the site. 'And I worked for it! I'm STILL working for it! In fact, I'm working much harder on my fitness now than when I first started this journey.' The blogger reports that he's lost between 70 and 80 pounds since he first started focusing on his looks.

Who else thought Charles Barkley dressed in drag was Serena Williams at first glance?

In a visual that can only be described as disturbing, Hall of Fame power forward Charles Barkley dons a dress for his next Weight Watchers commercial, USA Today reported.

The theme is to "Lose like a man," with the message being that making an effort to drop weight is not just a female thing to do.
The Round Mound of Rebound said in December that laziness led to him gaining 100 pounds.

But Barkley is getting less round by the week, claiming to have already lost 42 pounds. The commercial, which sees Barkley in full catwalk attire, will begin running April 8. Source

The cast of the upcoming season of "Dancing With The Stars" has been announced. If you were born after 1997, you probably don't know who most of them are. The list includes talk show host Sherri Shepherd, who bristled at the suggestion that she might be too old to bust a move on the dance floor. "It is fighting talk," said the 44-year-old mother of one. "When somebody throws down the gauntlet and says, 'You too old,' I was like, 'I got your crayons in my purse and a colouring book on my way out, I’ll leave them in my dressing room.'"

Shepherd joins other over-the-hill stars such as soul legend Gladys Knight (who turned 68 on Tuesday); former tennis champ Martina Navratilova, 55; former "Little House on the Prairie" star Melissa Gilbert (47), and actor Jack Wagner (52). The geriatric set will compete with the youngsters such as 35-year-old Jaleel White ("Family Matters"); Extra presenter Maria Menounos, Disney's Camp Rock star Roshon Fega, Chelsie Hightower, Kym Johnson, Katherine Jenkins and Gavin DeGraw.

Photos: Splash News Online

Octavia Spencer should be on top of the world. Her many accomplishments over the past year make her the envy of her peers. But the 41-year-old actress, renowned for her portrayal of a sassy southern maid in 'The Help,' is worried, despite all the accolades.

"I am not healthy at this weight," said Spencer to the media assembled backstage at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, where she won a best supporting actress trophy.

"Any time you have too much around the middle, then there is a problem. [And] when you reach a certain weight, you are less valuable," she said, referring to Hollywood's strict physical standards.

Spencer says that Hollywood should be more accepting of actresses of different sizes, including those who are thin.

"I feel for the overly thin women as much as I do for the overweight women. It ... has to change," she said.

Ms. Spencer indicated that her problem may stem from the fact that she overeats when she's feeling down: "If more women ate, they would be a lot happier. Let me tell you, I am a lot grumpier when I don't eat."

Troubled singer Rihanna is losing weight, but for all the right reasons says her personal trainer Ary Nunez.

Rihanna, 23, has ben working out with her personal trainer in Hawaii to get back in shape for the start of her world tour in February. “Rihanna is so connected to her body,” said Nunez, who is on call with Rihanna 24/7 when she is one the road. “She used to work out because it was part of her responsibility, but now she works out because she loves it!”

Nunez doesn't mention the drugs or alcohol that RiRi reportedly consumes between workouts. But he does make sure she fuels her body with the right combination of protein and amino acids to promote muscle growth and tone.

“It’s more about feeding her to perform,” Nuñez says. “She is big on protein. She loves it.”

Once again, kids, ignore those rumors of Rihanna hooking back up with troubled singer Chris Brown. That simply is not true. Rihanna may be immature and hard up for a man right now, but she has way too much pride to share a man with another chick - especially not a moron like Chris.


Apparently Queen Latifah's ex-girlfriend reads the blog regularly. On Monday, personal trainer Jeanette Jenkins took to her Twitter page to subliminally tweet her ex after she saw the above photo of the Kang lunching with an athletic beauty. Jenkins wasted no time tweeting "What goes around comes around." She followed that tweet up with "What is done in the dark will always come to the light." But why is she mad though? Rumor has it that Jeanette is getting in full body workouts with her client and friend, Kelly Rowland. The ladies recently released a Sexy Abs workout DVD together. The DVD is reportedly flying off the shelves. Not bad for a scorned woman on the rebound.
Photo composite

According to Star Magazine, Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson has called off her engagement to wrestler David "Punk" Otunga. Who didn't see that one coming?

He loved her when she was thick but, due to her low self esteem, Jennifer couldn't love herself enough to lose weight in moderation, through dieting and exercise. Instead, she chose to lose weight drastically through gastric bypass surgery (allegedly), and now she's lost her man.

From Star Magazine:

After a three-year engagement, Jennifer Hudson has abandoned plans to walk down the aisle.

The American Idol alum, 30, and WWE star David Otunga - who have a 2-year-old son, David jr. - are on the outs, clashing over Jennifer's career obsession, commitment issues and reluctance to have more children.

"They were going to tie the knot in August in Jennifer's hometown of Chicago... but it's not going to happen," an insider reveals.

Source: Snitch

Sylvia Fowles of WNBA's Chicago Sky by Jeff Riedel for ESPN
Body stats:
6-foot-6, 200 pounds
Miami, Fla.
Career highlight:
Earned a gold medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Your favorite athletes are photographed completely naked as ESPN The Magazine unveils its third annual "Body Issue," on newsstands Oct. 7. More than 20 pro athletes strip for the strategically covered portraits in the "Bodies We Want" section of the issue, which the magazine calls an "exploration and celebration of the athletic form." (AJC)

Thanks to loyal reader Nicole B. for sending us this link to ESPN The Magazine's 2011 Body Issue.

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At one point in time, former model Jodie Marsh was considered one of the most beautiful women. No doubt she heard all her life how gorgeous she was. But that didn't help her self confidence or her self esteem -- in fact it made it worse.

The British model has appeared in thousands of photographs for Men's magazines and newspapers. In 2009, at 30 years old, Marsh decided to change her career course and focus on body building. Typical of most women with personality disorders, Marsh got engaged to her boyfriend after being together for only 11 days in 2006. The marriage didn't last a year.

This is what Jodie looked like just 2 years ago, before the breast implants and other plastic surgeries.

Images source

Ladies, don't you wish you had a sensitive man who was as in touch with his feminine side as Rob Kardashian?

In a recent interview, Rob, who gets his nails manicured at the same shop as his famous sister, Kim, said he has to lose weight to appear on "Dancing With The Stars" nightly. There aren't many men who worry about their weight gain -- or their nails.

"Ok, I'm insecure with my weight and I say I have man-boobs jokingly, but it's true," said Kardashian.

Some people may say he lacks confidence in himself. But we say it takes extreme confidence for a man to openly acknowledge his weight issues.

"With all these dancers who are in great shape, it's just hard to be around and kind of put yourself out there like that, I'm all about living a healthy lifestyle, and I'm completely comfortable with how much I weigh and what I look like. But I just want to be healthy internally and I feel that will make a difference with a lot of things in my life. So, you have more confidence you can look people in the eyes, feel better, just little things."

What a great attitude and outlook on life he has! We just wish Rob's sister, Kim K, had his confidence.

Aspiring supermodel Ali Lohan, Lindsay Lohan's gorgeous 17-year-old sister, is the subject of vicious rumors acusing her of having plastic surgery and starving herself to achieve a nimble runway figure.

Ali's mom, dad, sister and reps have all rushed to Ali's defense saying she has never had plastic surgery a day in her life. Big sis Lindsay is fed up with all the rumors and she's not going to take it anymore.

Lilo took to her Twitter page last week to slam blogs and other media for picking on her sister.

"I love how haters pick on my sister yet every runway model is just as thin," she tweeted from her Twitter account last week. "My sister is gorgeous and I'm so proud of her and her career!!!"

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After being sharply criticized by blog fashionistas for dressing like a bum these past few weeks, Barbadian singer Rihanna glammed it up for a night out at Il Ristorante di Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica last night. Rihanna wore an oversized jacket with patent leather sleeves (Burberry?) and a Fendi clutch. She completed her outift with a cute pair of strappy, open toe heels.

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All over the Internet blogs claim that troubled singer Rihanna was chosen Esquire magazine's "Sexiest Woman Alive" for 2011. Unlike those other blogs we actually did our research, and according to Esquire's website, Rihanna did not even come close in the final vote count.

Rihanna was one of 64 women in the hotly contested "Sexiest Woman Alive" competition. But she didn't even make it to the Final bracket. Click here to see who actually won the Esquire Sexiest Woman Alive for 2011.

Oh, by the way, Rihanna took off her top for the Enquire cover photoshoot which was supposed to look sexy, but didn't quite hit the mark. If you recall, this was the shoot that Rihanna caught heat for after she tweeted that she starved herself to look skinny for the cover.

You can see footage from the cover shoot after the break.

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The Internet is buzzing about how Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson went off on a fan who asked her a simple question on the social networking site yesterday.

A user named @1984Lips4daze posed this question to J-Hud on Twitter: "@IAMJHUD Did you get surgery to assist in your weight loss? Or is it all weight watchers?"

To which an irate Hudson responded:

Hudson also tweeted to the same fan: "Thank u for your hate n clearly the gym ain't working for u cuz u look a mess."

Um, yeah, this is the same Jennifer Hudson who wants us to believe she's a size zero -- all 5 ft 9 of her. I mean, come on, at 5 ft 9 she would have to be a skeleton to wear a size zero. Who is she fooling?

Hudson's rude treatment of her fan didn't go unnoticed by her other followers who put the Dreamgirls star on full blast on Twitter.

Isn't it written somewhere into her contract with Weight Watchers that she can't make a public spectacle of herself while representing the brand?

Are we the only ones who notice actress Gabrielle Union's dramatic weight loss? We don't keep tabs on her, but it's easy to see that Gabby weighs a lot less now than she did last month. We hope she isn't on one of those fad liquid diets? The 38-year-old tweeted these shocking vacation photos following a recent trip to China with her beau, Dwyane Wade.

According to Jill, Wade was in China on official Jordan, Gatorade and Hublot (luxury watchmaker) business. In addition to touring Biejing and Shanghai, they climbed the Great wall of China together. Wade, who plays for the Miami Heat, earned tens of millions of dollars in endorsement fees for this trip.

Photos: @itsGabrielleU, Jill

Former rapper and aspiring media mogul Queen Latifah recently sat down with Sister 2 Sister magazine's Jamie Foster Brown for an in-depth interview. We love Jamie, but her interviews can be tedious at times. Jamie always plays it safe and she never asks the right questions, such as "Let's discuss those rumors about your break up with your longtime lover, Jeanette Jenkins."

Queen Latifah did touch on her love/hate relationship with social media, saying "It can be very overwhelming, but it can also be great for business."

As for her stance on bloggers, in particular, the 44-year-old executive producer of VH1's "Single Ladies" stopped just short of calling bloggers bullies.

"The thing about social media is there are a lot of people who felt voiceless," she said. "Now, they have a voice, and some people will just say anything for shock value."

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Halle Berry, 44, and daughter Nahla, 3, play on a rocky beach in Malibu yesterday. Halle shows off her new shorter than short haircut.

Lakers star Kobe Bean Bryant, 32, lifts his shirt to wipe sweat off his face on a hot day in DC while playing in the Celebrity Soccer Challenge yesterday. That's retired soccer star Mia Hamm, on the right. She played on Kobe's soccer team.

Photos: Splash News Online

Rihanna's Stans turned on her in droves yesterday for admitting she starved herself for a magazine photo shoot.

The troubled 23-year-old singer tweeted the following message to her fans on Wednesday, admitting she gave herself wax treatments and starved herself in a desperate attempt to lose weight for the cover of Esquire magazine, which she shot Tuesday.

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Remember we told you that Queen Latifah and her longtime lover, personal trainer Jeanette Jenkins, split up a while back? We told you that Latifah, real name Dana Owens, moved into a New York hotel where she dined alone on take out food.

Even though it's our job to bring you these scoops, we still feel bad for the Queen. At our age it's difficult to move on and start our lives over with someone new. Especially when you all you have to choose from are gold diggers who are just waiting to empty out your bank accounts.

Well, according to the National Enquirer, Jeanette has had a change of heart and she's willing to take Queen Latifah back on the condition that the Queen kicks her nasty habits, which includes drinking, smoking and eating fatty foods.

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Earlier I told you about Queen Latifah's ex-lover, Jeanette Jenkins, making an exercise DVD with singer Kelly Rowland. According to That B*tch, Jeanette posted stills from her DVD on her facebook page last night. Although the images from the DVD are visually appealing, what's the point of the DVD when we all know Kelly didn't hone her naturally hawt bod from trying Jeanette's exercises?

These celebrity exercise DVDs are entertaining, and they provide something to do while passing the time. But there should be a disclaimer on the packaging that there is no guarantee you will look like Kelly Rowland just by exercising to a DVD.

Jennifer Hudson was spotted arriving at the NY studio where 'Late Show with David Letterman' is taped to promote her new sophomore album, I Remember Me. It was announced today that Hudson signed a $1 million book deal to write a weight-loss memoir that is due to be released in January 2012. Jennifer claims to have lost 80 lbs with the Weight Watchers program. Book publishers initially hesitated to sign Hudson to a book deal because she refused to write about the tragic murders of her mother, brother and nephew.

Last Friday, Hudson fell ill with severe stomach pains while performing during ABC's Good Morning America concert series in NY. She was rushed to the ER where she was reportedly treated for food poisoning and released.