EJ Johnson

Magic Johnson‘s son, EJ, looks a like a new man after dropping more than 200 pounds. Not only did EJ lose weight but he also lost his feminine side.

EJ Johnson

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight in October, the once morbidly obese reality TV star revealed he lost 50 pounds after undergoing weight loss surgery in August.

Page Six incorrectly stated that doctors removed 80% of EJ’s stomach during the surgery.

EJ either underwent gastric band surgery or sleeve gastrectomy surgery.

During gastric band surgery a band restricts how much food can enter the stomach. In sleeve gastrectomy surgery the doctor staples the stomach to form a small pouch which restricts how much food the patient can eat at one time. At some point, once the desired weight is achieved, doctors reverse the operation.

EJ is so happy with the results of the surgery that he regularly updates his social media pages.

“He’s been on a journey, and has lost more than 60 pounds thus far,” a source told Page Six. “He’s looking and feeling great.”

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