Martin Chalecki and Gonzalo Flores

A male patient is relieved that police finally believe his claims of rape at the hands of a male nurse while he was a patient at a Bridgeport, CT. hospital.

“I wanted to scream in the worst way — I tried to scream, but because I was on a lot of medication, no sounds would come out,” Martin Chalecki told the Connecticut Post on Thursday. “This man stood over me, this smile on his face with hands that were cool and dry and did terrible things to me. I will never forget that smile on his face.”

Chalecki, who is a homosexual, said he was raped by nurse’s aide Gonzalo Flores while he was hospitalized with acute Pancreatitis at St. Vincent’s Medical Center in February.

Chalecki said he reported the sexual assault to hospital security. But he said the hospital staff failed to take his complaint seriously because he is gay.

Flores, 53. was arrested and charged with sexually assaulting two other male patients. Chalecki said other men would not have been victimized by Flores if the staff had taken his complaint seriously.

“We followed every single process, and we take all allegations seriously,” Dianne Auger, chief corporate affairs officer for St. Vincent’s told the Post.

From Connecticut Post:

Chalecki has now been identified by police as the third victim of Flores, 53, an accused serial molester of male patients at the hospital, whose alleged actions have shocked St. Vincent’s and the community.

Chalecki’s complaint was the first accusation against Flores police and hospital staff said they had received. There was no arrest at the time, and the February allegation lingered, unsubstantiated, for months.

Then on June 7, an unidentified Fairfield man reported to police that he was sexually assaulted in his hospital room. Following that, as police investigated Flores — but before his arrest — the hospital fired him on June 11.

Nearly a month later, on July 8, Flores was arrested and jailed on charges he sexually assaulted the Fairfield patient.

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