Sean Combs’ concubine, Cassie Ventura, is no longer embarrassed about the facial scar resulting from a head injury she received in a sport utility accident. Unfortunately for her, Cassie was not wearing the recommended protective head gear while riding a 4-wheeler.

Cassie wears pants with printed marijuana leaves as she shops Barneys

Cassie Ventura

The 20-something socialite and former singer took to her social media account last night to fully accept her disfiguring scar.

After numerous trips to a doctor’s office for reconstructive surgery, Cassie realized there was nothing that could be done to completely erase the scar from her forehead. So she removed the bandages and humbled herself in front of a mirror and then in front of the world.

For the rest of her life that scar will always distract from Cassie’s declining beauty. She might as well get used to it: ugly is the new pretty.

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