Rachel and Paul Baier Facebook contract

Paul Baier is a good dad. That’s why he plans to pay his daughter $200 to deactivate her Facebook page — probably so she can reconnect with Life before it’s too late.

Baier’s daughter, Rachel, was 14 years (and 5 months) when she signed a contract with her dad on Feb. 4. The contract, which will be finalized on June 26 and is posted on Baier’s blog, gives Baier full control of Rachel’s Facebook page in addition to her password so he can deactivate the account.

“This will prevent me from re-activating the account in the future,” reads the agreement which is signed by both Rachel and her dad.

The note includes this additional wording: “I plan to use the money for following purpose…”

In her teenage handwriting, Rachel fills in the word “stuff.”

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