Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian was spotted leaving a taping of Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens: Live show on a cold night in New York on Wednesday.

The 31-year-old reality TV star wore an eye-catching black and white leopard skin jumpsuit in frigid temperatures.

Despite undergoing numerous plastic surgery procedures over the years, Khloe tells People magazine she is “committed to living a healthy lifestyle.”

Khloe shares her 5 easy diet tips below, courtesy of

1. Have Healthy Snacks Prepped and Ready

“I always have healthy items available to me when I’m hungry, so it’s available quickly. I’d rather eat a cookie than cut up vegetables, but now I don’t have an excuse.”

2. Chug Lots of …Water

“Water flushes you out and makes you feel better. In the hospital, all I drank was water. I was like a fish!”

3. Allow Occasional Treats — But Don’t Go Crazy

“I don’t deprive myself. I am still the person who is going to have a piece of cake, I just won’t have two of them! I’ll have a handful of M&M’s or a piece of pizza. If I drink, I have one or two glasses. It’s about understanding limitations.”

4. Eat Something Post-Workout to Avoid Hanger

“I always have fruit around. And I have a protein shake on the car ride home from the gym. Otherwise I get cranky!”

5. Focus on How Much Better You Feel

“I started having long-term feel-good moments from the gym. You don’t have long-term feel-good moments from pizza.”