fanMAIL: Teyana Taylor

Colin Kaepernick accuser Teyana Taylor

Some of you may be aware of last week’s minor online disturbance between myself and a washed up wannabe singer who shall not be named. One of the singer’s family members sent an email begging me not to go IN on her due to the fact that the former studio singer (reportedly) suffers from emotional problems.

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fan MAIL: “Missing Stripper”

fan MAIL

A loyal reader writes:

To whoever decided to title the column “Body Identified as Missing Stripper”, if you could please show some respect to woman who was found dead and change it to her name, it’d be wonderful. Respect for the dead should not be undermined because she was a stripper. The title of this column is extremely disrespectful to her and her family suffering the loss of a mother and daughter. I’m positive there is more we should remember her for aside from being a stripper.

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Lil Boosie’s daughter: “I told y’all n*ggas he coming home today”

Lil Boosie daughter

Rapper Lil Boosie was released from a Louisiana prison on Wednesday after serving 5 years on drug charges. Among the fans excited about Boosie’s release was his young daughter who expressed her excitement in this video uploaded to Boosie’s Instagram account under the caption: “Boosie’s daughter wanted to tell y’all something!”

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fanMAIL: Bu Thiam, Family Man

Bu Thiam family at Disney World

Loyal reader Becca writes in about friend of the blog Bu Thiam (Chris Brown’s manager)

Hi Sandra!
I was surfing through instagram the other day when I noticed that Rihanna liked a picture that “Bu” Thiam (Traci Ross’ ex/Akon’s little brother) had posted. It was a beautiful picture of himself, his daughter, and his daughter’s mother at Disney world. It looks like they went to Disney world to celebrate his daughter’s birthday. I’m not sure if he and his daughter’s mother are back together or not, but I just thought the pictures were really nice. With so many black parents at each other’s throats, it’s always good to see two parents be able to come together and get along and have a healthy relationship, even if they are no longer together… I found a few more photos on her IG. Enjoy.
: )



fanMAIL: Fans Express Outrage Over Beyonce’s Raunchy Lyrics


It's easy to see why Columbia Records wavered on a marketing budget for Beyonce's risky new self-titled album. Rather than pay for the marketing out of her own pocket, Beyonce cut out the middleman and released her new album straight to iTunes late Friday. The hard-core CD breaks every taboo for a Grammy Award winning pop singer who built her career on family values. Beyonce takes huge risks with sexually aggressive lyrics that would make a pr0n star blush.

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Medical Minute: Body Dysmorphic Disorder BDD

Necole Bitchie

Last night a friend sent this photo of blogger Necole Bitchie with the caption “She is getting bleach happy.”

Because the friend didn’t identify the females in the photo, I had no idea the female on the left was Necole.

The last time we explored the issue of Necole’s low self-esteem was in this post dated January 2009. As you can see, Necole’s bleaching has gotten progressively worse. She is lighter than the LSLH chick pictured on the right.

How sad it must be to feel like a stranger in your own skin?

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Is Kerry Washington Being Blackmailed By Her ‘Husband’?

Kerry Washington may not be married

A loyal reader thinks she knows the real reason why no one has seen Scandal star Kerry Washington in public with her “husband” Nnamdi Asomugha.

Washington and Asomugha were the subjects of a rumor that they staged a secret wedding ceremony in Idaho (of all places) after Kerry learned she was pregnant. unearthed an official looking Idaho marriage certificate bearing the names of Washington and Asomugha.

But, according to my loyal reader, the marriage certificate is fake.

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