A loyal reader, who asked to remain anonymous, requested actor Laz Alonso for today's Morning Wood. Laz stars in the upcoming epic movie Avatar that is a follow-up to James Cameron's Titanic. My reader is overjoyed and relieved to know that there is at least one sexy black actor in tinseltown who doesn't have skid marks in his drawls.

She writes:

Sandra, I so would love a morning wood of Laz Alonso and his T's (if he has any) to be spilt. But you know I secretly find him uberly sexy and I would soooo date him because he's educated and sexy! mmm and dare I say it STRAIGHT!!! Praise him!!! U know the T on Reggie Bush is that he has a lil wee wee and all the groupies in Hollywood talk about his lil "problem" lol.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any tea. I made all the necessary calls to my sources on the east and west coasts who regularly attend the exclusive industry down low house parties, and none of them could place him anywhere. So he's safe!

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Talk Show Diva Tyra Banks let her real hair hang out during an outdoor taping of her show in Chelsea today. Earlier this week, Tyra Twittered her pledge to shed her "slave hair" and embrace her real hair on the Sept. 8 premiere of her show.

No fake hair at all! Will be the hair coming out of my scalp! 4 all 2 C!

"No ponytails, no ballet bun hair. hair will be out and free!

"I have had every color weave in the book. even KOOL-AID red!!!"

Tyra challenged other sistahs to join her in saying no to weave. But that's going to be difficult for some women to accomplish. Women are such slaves to their weave because they believe men value synthetic hair over natural hair. It matters not to some chicks that we can spot a weave job from a mile away.

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No one can deny that fashion icon Rihanna has the hawtest stunner collection in the biz. Yesterday, Rihanna rocked the Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse Graffiti Collection shades while out & about in Beverly Hills. These shades have been out for months. Good luck finding a pair.

I avoided posting these pics of Beyonce from the weekend, because I don't post Beyonce pics 24/7 like that Your Beyonce Fanatic blog. And because most of you have already ripped her a new one over that dreadful Rick James wig. So what else was there left for me to say?

The Fashion Critic, who always has something nice to say even if a celeb looks like a disaster, points out that the bag Bey was carrying is a Christian Dior Samourai 1947 woven frame bag that retails for $4,200! Now anyone who would pay $4,000 for a ugly handbag like that has no class or sense of style. She deserves to be broke by the time she's 40.

Fashion Critic said Bey's polka dot playsuit was cute. Yes, cute on a Chihuahua, but not on a fully grown woman. Beyonce accessorized the outfit with a large Chanel waist belt, a pearl necklace, and black peep-toes heels. Fashion Critic said even though Bey spent thousands on her outfit, the overall look was cheap.

I totally agree.

Photo source

Is it just me, or is rapper Lil Kim starting to look normal again? It's obvious Kim has abandoned her skin lightening regimen to once again embrace her brown complexion. We're so happy that Kim has kicked her self-hating habits.

Last night, Kim was spotted at the VIP room in NYC. She stepped out wearing a cute shimmering dress with gold embellished detail, and a gorgeous Louis Vuitton handbag that Tiny would die for!

Isn't it amazing that Kim has stepped her style game way up while Beyonce's has fallen off tremendously?

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The Annual Bronner Brothers Hair Show took place this weekend in Atlanta. Celebs in attendance included Nia Long and Chris Tucker, Tiny and Toya, Al B Sure, B. Cox, Pretty Ricky, Yung Joc, and more.

This is the prettiest pic I've seen of Tiny, star of Tiny & Toya Show on BET. Tiny, who is very pretty in person, glows in this photo. But you'll still find a reason to tear her down anyway simply because she's with the man you want.

Yung Joc is releasing an album of new tracks that will available online for free download

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I know you don't care, but singer Keri Hilson has a boyfriend named Errol whose texturizer, diamond studded earrings and lip gloss makes him look very How U Doin. But I could be wrong. The couple have dated for years, supposedly.

Industry whore Erika Jones celebrated scoring another high stakes baller last night at the elegant Soho Grand Hotel in NYC. Jones, who used to date NBA star Shawn Marion, ran through other wealthy industry cats before finally bagging Kevin Liles, who is Executive Vice President for Warner Music Group. I looked for pics of Jones showing off Liles' wallet, but there were none. I hear that everybody in the room was laughing behind Liles' back. Now that's not nice.

MORE Celebs Out & About pics after the break!

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A loyal reader emailed me about these pics from a Harper's Bazaar magazine fashion spread featuring Naomi Campbell. The reader asked if I thought the images were racist. She was particularly annoyed with the image of Naomi Campbell playing double dutch with monkeys while a white man (a hunter watching his prey?) looks on.

She wrote: "Can you see a white supermodel jumping rope with monkeys in the jungle?"

My initial response is, of course the images are racist. Vogue magazine pulled this same stunt with LeBron James and supermodel Gisele Bundchen on its cover in a pose reminiscent of King Kong and Ann Darrow.

Controversy sells and the ultimate purpose of these magazines is to grab the readers eye so they can move magazines off the racks. It's a shame that celebs like Naomi Campbell and LeBron let themselves be used in this degrading manner. Or maybe they just don't care.


America's Next Top Model Cycle 13 finally jumps the shark with the shortest cast in the show's history. The chicks in cycle 13 range in height from 5'-3" (LOL) to 5'-7". Host Tyra Banks wasn't joking when they said she had love for the short chicks, but Tyra should stop calling them models and refer to them as model rejects since that's what they are.

No one in the modeling industry takes this show seriously any more, and this cycle will probably kill off the ratings for good.

After the break is a sampling of the contestants in the new cycle. You can peep the rest of the cast members on ONTD.

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Street Fashion critics The Rich Boyz from Rich City Ent. created an online show to shine a spotlight on the Hip Hop trends such as skinny jeans. Hip Hop heads have adopted the skinny jeans style made popular by the rock set -- and they look ridiculous! As the Rich Boyz points out: "if you gotta bounce to get in your pants, you're a fagg."

The Rich Boyz are asking the streetz for their opinion on various trendy fashion styles. "Are people too easily tricked into suspect styles by watching too much T.V.?," they ask.

I can't wait for webisode two! The Rich Boyz need to go in on suspect rappers like Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and Juelz Santana who think they're fashion forward when they are actually not.

Fashion icon Rihanna celebrated her publicist's birthday at Club Greenhouse in Manhattan last night. The fashion forward diva wore a swanky black strapless dress that left the men in attendance breathless!
Photo: Splash News Online

Singer/actress Jennifer Lopez took a break from work to vacation with hubby Marc Anthony and their cuddly twins Max and Emme on a yacht near the island of Lerins in France yesterday.

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Rihanna caused quite a scene outside Barneys New York as fans and paparazzo lined up to catch a glimpse of the Superstar as she exited the store.

Afterwards, she stopped in at her favorite restaurant Da Silvano's to grab a bite to eat. Never once did she stop talking to her BFF Melissa on the cellie. Always a class act, RiRi carried a clutch that read "Such a F*cking Lady."

Her fans are in awe of her

MORE Celebs Out & About pics after the break!

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All day yesterday I fielded emails from loyal readers asking me if I knew who made the hawt siamese shoe/sandals that Solange Knowles wore at the Waldorf Astoria in Japan. Normally I ignore such emails since such info is readily available at your fingertips if you just let Google be your friend.

But, I wanted to know the answer for myself because those shoes are simply GOR-geous! They complete that perfect outfit when you want to impress that perfect lady -- or for you straight chicks: that perfect man (if you can find one).

So I queried Google and I found the answer within a minute thanks to The Shoe Blogger who wrote:

Sometimes we fail to identify a shoe... but this is one occassion where the shoe stood out so much during fashion week that it was easy to recognize. This is the shoe I dub the ‘two faced shoe’. It’s from the fall 2009 Moschino Cheap and Chic collection, which is covered in this post.

Unfortunately, I was not able to find a place to purchase the shoes online. You might want to try one of the Moschino boutiques or wait and see if they make an appearance on Moschino’s official online store since fall styles are still coming out.

Hope this helps!

Photos: Getty Images

Actor Malik Yoba attended the 2009 Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge last week with his longtime companion Terry Barbosa, right, and his kids (?) Pria and Dena. I put a question mark there because I heard an interesting rumor about Mr. Yoba that I won't repeat. Let's just say I'm surprised that he has children considering what I heard...

Former champion boxer Mike Tyson attended the Teen Choice Awards in Universal City yesterday with his family (L to R) son Amir, 12, daughter Rayna, 13, and daughter Mikey, 19. Amir and Rayna's mom is pediatrician Monica Turner, who divorced Tyson in 2003. Tyson has a total of 7 kids (Exodus, 4, died in June).

MORE pics after the break!

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Michelle Obama and her husband Barack were named to Vanity Fair's “2009 International Best-Dressed List” released yesterday. We can certainly see why based on these pictures of Michelle and Malia Ann, 12, doing lunch at the Good Stuff eatery in D.C. today. In fact the entire family are fashion plates, if you ask me. But I'm no expert on fashion so you'd better not ask me.

MORE pics after the break!

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Singer/songwriter Keri Hilson covers Complex magazine, and we're not sure why. Does she have a hit single out and we don't know about it?

It must be the sandals which are arguably the hawtest things on the cover! The gladiator sandals are made by Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain. They retail for $597 but they're sold out everywhere.

Pop singer/fashion icon Rihanna and actress Lindsay Lohan think those sandals are hawt also. They can't get enough of them, though I'm going to have to ask Rihanna to give her gladiators a rest. Wear something else, sweetie.

Cover source

According to Vogue, Supermodel Jourdan Dunn is knocked up already with her first child. Jourdan, 18, is still in high school.

British supermodel, Jourdan Dunn, 18, who is currently seen in ads for Yves Saint Laurent’s La Nuit de L’Homme perfume, is pregnant with her first baby.

Dunn and her boyfriend will welcome their child in December and both are very excited about their new arrival.
Jourdan said to Vogue.com, “I’m really looking forward to the future and having my baby. I’m lucky - I’m feeling really well. I’m healthy and happy!”

A rep for Storm, the agency that Jourdan works for, said, “Jourdan is delighted and really excited. She’s had lots of lovely personal messages of support from all her friends in the fashion industry and it’s great news. We wish her all the best.”

Isn't it a sad refelction of the times when people are excited for a teenager who is having a baby? I guess grandma will babysit the kid while Jourdan walks the runway.

Pop singers Rihanna and Katy Perry sucked on Sugar Factory Couture lollipops while attending a post concert party at The Griffin in NYC on Tuesday. They make Couture lollipops now? And how did I miss these pics?

Rihanna stopped by the Tom Ford flagship store on Madison Ave in NYC today. Tom Ford is where RiRi gets all her fly azz, custom frames that you and I can't get. She's so lucky.

MORE pics after the break!

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Anthony, the party planner who referred to reality TV personality Sheree Whitfield as a "trashy bitch" during an episode of RHOA, wrote in to clear the air. Anthony wants you to know he is not gay. And, in addition to being a proud husband and father, he is a consummate professional like fellow party planner Jamahl King.

Hi Sandra,

I am reaching out trying to get the facts straight. First, I am not GAY! Married with children, and love PUSSY.

Second, I was never hired by Sheree or Bravo to do a party. This event was for the Atlanta Music Festival, and the producer's ask me to modify the event to be included in an episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, entitled Sheree's Divorce Party.

I also consider myself to be a professional with a long standing resume. But, unless you have work with Sheree or had any dealings with her you wouldn't understand, where I am coming from.

Thank you,


Photo: Splash News Online

Here's a sneak peek from the 2nd season of Real Foreclosed and Bankrupt Housewives of Atlanta, which premieres tonight. In this scene, a totally classless Sheree Whitfield, a former boutique owner who now claims to be a fashion designer, argues with her gay party planner.

Here's some behind-the-scenes info: our friend, celebrity party planner Jamahl King of S.T.E.P.S. Events Planning Firm (pictured left), was originally asked to be Sheree's party planner for the 2nd season (Jamahl didn't tell me this, but a little birdie did).

Some of you may recall that it was Jamahl who planned She' By Sheree's fashion line launch party during the 1st season (Jamahl wanted to hire me to shoot that party, but I politely declined). If you recall, there were no fashions at the first fashion line launch party.

In all fairness, the 2nd launch party for She' By Sheree (also planned by Jamahl King) came off without a hitch and included fashions from her line (see the pics from the party here).

Anyway, from what I hear, Jamahl King politely declined to partake in the buffoonery this season. So, Anthony, the unfortunate party planner in this video, got the gig.

Anyone who has worked with Jamahl King (Usher, Monica, Ne-Yo, NIKE, etc.) knows that Jamahl is the consummate professional and would never allow himself to be played out in this manner.

Carmelo Anthony of the Denver Nuggets and his baby mama, TV and radio personality LaLa Vazquez, attended the TAG Launch party for TAG's signature series of body sprays at The London Hotel in West Hollywood last night. Everyone looked cute except for 'Melo who still has problems dressing himself appropriately for a man his age. I will stop just short of saying Melo looks very suspect in his little pink sweater (out of respect to LaLa who is still my girl and all).

But that cardigan sweater and those Louis Vuitton booties would sure look better on a Kanye West or Pharell Williams. LaLa, talk to your man!

MORE Celebs Style pics after the break!

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Rihanna looked HAWT in a grey tunic dress yesterday as she waited for her bulldog publicist to hail a cab in NYC.

While we still think actress Lindsay Lohan is an attention whore who needs help with her drinking problem, We LOVE her sense of style! Only Lindsay can top Rihanna in the footwear department. Her boots and sandals are always on point!
Photos: X17online.com

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The Real Foreclosed And Bankrupt Housewives of Atlanta road show rolled into Atlanta last night for a premiere party at the W Hotel. The guests who attended the event are the types who slow down and crawl past multiple car pile ups on the highway. Never mind that by the time they get to the wreckage there's nothing left to see because the mangled bodies have been covered up or transported to the hospital.

In the case of the road show at the W Hotel last night, the bodies were still there for all to see. But instead of being covered in blood, they were draped in designer rags (with the tags still attached). In every picture they grinned and primped and preened -- all the while hoping not to spill anything on their designer rags so everything can go back to the boutique for a full refund.

It was harder deciding who to feel sorry for: the "housewives" who think they're celebrities because they display their dysfunctional lives on national TV for the world to see, or the well-heeled guests who flocked to the road show to sweat out their perms so they could have something to tell their friends.

I won't be watching the Real Foreclosed and Bankrupt Housewives Of Atlanta when it premieres because I don't find scripted ghetto buffoonery entertaining at all. But the show will probably garner high ratings because, sadly, we're in a recession and the hoodrats have a need to escape into a world where the ghetto fabulous hoodrats on TV are more pitiful than they are.

Tameka Cottle turned heads with her HAWT Louis Vuitton bag! It's a shame when another reality TV star outshines you at your own party


Tameka Cottle, left, and Antonia Carter, stars of The Tiny and Toya Show, already have the highest rated reality series in BET history

MORE pics from the party after the break!

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No, Rihanna wasn't shooting an umbrella ad yesterday. She was out & about in NYC taking in the sights. RiRi and her bodyguard (who was hired by Jay Z) made a stop a Bloomingdales and fast food spot Golden Crust. Yes, this is how a DIVA dresses when she's just chilling because she knows all eyes are on her at all times. Pseudo-celebs and other wannabe's should take notes.


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Former Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland tossed the pigskin around during an X-Box 360 event in Malibu, CA on Friday (7/24). Kelly displays good throwing form, doesn't she?

Singer and heartthrob Ginuwine struck a pose before performing live at Central Park's SummerStage event on Sunday in NYC.

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