This is your tax dollars at work.

Yesterday, two Florida House representatives got into an argument while discussing an amendment to the Florida Evidence Code regarding allowing certain types of hearsay as evidence. The argument was over which House rep. quoted Jay Z's rap lyrics correctly.

As other lawmakers stared blankly at them, Rep. Alan B. Williams (a Democrat) and Speaker Dean Cannon (a Republican) debated the lyrics to Jay-Z’s “99 Problems”.

Calling Jay Z a "wise businessman," Williams said, "He even said he knows his rights." Williams then quoted the lyrics to the rap song, “I know my rights and you’re going to need a warrant for that/Aren’t you sharp as a tack, are you a lawyer or something?”

Williams added: "Members.. If you support Jay-Z, support this amendment. Thank you."

But Speaker Cannon corrected Williams' misquote of Jigga's lyrics:

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Brighter side of Darkness was 20th Century Records' answer to the Jackson 5 back in the 1970s. Their gold single, "Love Jones," dropped in 1972, and the group's debut album of the same name was released the following year. If I'm not mistaken, these kids had only one hit, and "Love Jones" was it.

But listen to the words:

    What is a love jones? Shucks, doll
    It's when you love someone very, very much
    And you just can't seem to get yourself together

The singer is describing the effects of Dopamine on his young brain. When we don't know how to describe what we're feeling, we assume we're in love, when we're really not. We're just under the powerful effects of Dopamine -- Nature's way of making you hawt for the person you are attracted to -- and hopefully, the result is that you have sex and reproduce. Then the Dopamine fades (within 2 months to 2 years) and you are left wondering what you ever saw in the person you thought you was attracted to. This is part of the reason why divorce rates are so high. 'Irreconcilable differences' simply means the sex was good and you thought you were in love, so you got married. But remember, sex has nothing to do with love!

Last night, VH1 premiered the music video for Monica Brown and Brandy's lackluster duet "It All Belongs To Me". Veteran director Chris Robinson doesn't stray far from the song's concept of 2 fabulously wealthy women who give their men everything they could ever want -- only to take it all back when they find out their men cheated on them.

"It All Belongs To Me" was written by Hip Hop producer of the moment, Rico Love. The song, with its socially conscious lyrics about Facebook and Twitter, is the wrong vehicle for Monica's powerhouse vocals. It's obvious that Monica toned down her vocals so she wouldn't overpower Brandy's.

And what kind of message does this video send to their young fans? In the video, the roles of women and men have been switched. And now women are the bread winners who lavish gifts on their men, including jewelry, clothing, and expensive cars -- all of which are used by their men to impress other women.

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For years, R&B crooner Robin Thicke fans believed that his life was perfect; he was handsome, he had the perfect wife (actress Paula Patton), his albums were best-sellers. What could go wrong?

In the film noir music video for his current single "Pretty Lil' Heart," off his 5th album After War, Thicke, 34, shows what could go wrong in the life of someone who has it all.

“The inspiration behind this song was really just about when you’re in a relationship and you’re faced with all the challenges of temptation and attraction to other people, how can you trust when you’re not with that other person [that] they’re doing you right?” said Thicke.

The Marc Klasfeld music video also features rapper Lil Wayne.

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Pre-Barbie footage of Nicki Minaj surfaced online over the weekend. Oddly enough, the footage shows the young Queens MC paying homage to her predecessors, Lil Kim and Foxy Brown. In the video, Minaj strolls down the streets of Queens spitting her "Dirty Money" freestyle.

This video also lends support to those who say Nicki is the butch lesbian rapper in the legendary "eat the box" clip, which you can view here.

Watch Nicki's "Dirty Money" freestyle after the break.

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Last night, while watching a rerun of the popular hit sitcom 'Girlfriends,' I was surprised to see words such as "bitch" and "damn" were censored by the cable network. 10 years ago, when 'Girlfriends' was a hit, profanity on the show was the norm. I thought it would only get worse over the years as morality continued its decline in America.

But today, cable networks are taking a stand against indecency, and gossip blog reports that BET has banned the woefully misogynistic music video "Stupid Hoe" by misguided rapper Nicki Minaj.

Why the sudden shift in morality by BET and other cable networks after all these years?

From TMZ:

We spoke with a rep for BET who wouldn't specify exactly why the network has banned the video -- simply saying BET will not be broadcasting it.

But sources at the company tell us, the ban was put in place because the video's just too explicit for TV.

The song lyrics alone are bad enough -- repeating the phrase "stupid h*e" dozens of times -- but the video itself is damn raunchy too, showing several nearly naked female figures. Normally this is where we'd post the video ... but in this case, just Google it.

It's pretty great -- especially if you like Nicki's butt in a thong.

Did you guys see the Miami Heat hammer the helpless LA Lakers last night? Once again the blazing Heat won a game without ball hog Dwyane Wade, who's out with a sprained ankle. Kobe Bryant was a non-factor in last night's loss to Miami. I didn't even realize he was in the game until the last 4 minutes of the 4th quarter.

But this post is not about D. Wade and whether the Heat should trade him. It's about the halftime antics of retired NBA player Kenny Smith, who is now a sports analyst for TNT. During a discussion about Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, Smith aired a video montage of the superstars backed with a music video that was so lame I thought it was a comedy skit.

It turns out the girl singing in the video is Smith's daughter, Kayla Brianna, who just signed a record deal with Interscope Records. Tamar Braxton's husband, Vince Herbert, had a hand in bringing this kid to the label.

It really matters who you know in this music industry. You don't have to have an ounce of talent. Kayla is a pretty girl though. But pretty girls with long weaves comes a dime a dozen in a music biz that has a severe shortage of talent.

I am not a big Estelle fan at all, especially after she came for your auntie on I have been very supportive of this broad, especially since she's British like your auntie. But when she showed me such utter disrespect, I unfollowed her right then.

Luckily for Estelle, I happen to really like someone in her camp who has been very supportive of in the past.

The music video for Estelle's current single "Thank You" premieres tonight on BET's 106 and Park at 6pm EST.

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The real estate market is still in a slump, so why would Canadian rapper Drake drop almost $2 mil on luxury condos in Miami? Probably because he believed the real estate broker's pitch that the housing market was hot again, and his 2 investment properties would increase in value.

Now Drake is trying to cut his losses, and he hopes one of you will love him enough to want to tattoo his name on your forehead take his 2 condos off his hands.

According to

Drake put the properties up for sale last week -- located right next door to each other in Miami's ritzy Marquis highrise -- listing one for $1.9 million and the other for $599,000. Drake combined the two into one MASSIVE condo, and lived in both simultaneously.

The larger one is a sprawling 3,800 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. The "smaller" one-bedroom condo is still gigantic ... at 1,675 square feet.

Drake purchased the properties together in January 2011 for a combined price of $1.903 million. So, if Drake gets his asking price ... he'll make $596,000 in profit (even though no one ever gets their asking price).