It seems that MTV has scrubbed the President of the United States' name from the awning of the infamous Obama Fried Chicken spot in Brooklyn.

Some of you might remember the controversy surrounding Obama's name on the awning after a city councilman accused the store owner of being racist and claimed the sign was offensive to black people. But 4 out of 5 black people standing in line for fried chicken liked the name and so the sign stayed up.

Well, old school rap duo Clipse decided to capitalize on the all the hype surrounding the restaurant's name, hoping it would boost interest in their lame track. So they placed a wide shot of the yellow awning in the music video for their "Popular Demand" single.

But the powers that be at MTV didn't think that was cute, so they edited the opening scene of the video and removed Obama's name.

Brokelyn of the Brooklyn blog that first reported the editing, notes it could be one of three possible reasons: copyright law, MTV advertising policy, or a more political decision that keeps MTV from dealing with the repercussions "from blaring 'Obama Fried Chicken" across American TV screens."

Below is the altered video that's in light rotation on mtvU music channel, and after the break is the original, unedited version of the video.

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This is a typical, Atlanta video chick who places status above everything else. The important thing to her is that tattoo across her chest -- not the fact that it's misspelled or anything. She's probably thinking, what's an extra 'M' when the rest of the tattoo is so fly?

I hate throwing her under the bus, but couldn't she scrape some cash together to remove that 'M' and get that tattoo fixed?

But you know what's really sad, the fact that she might not even know the tattoo is misspelled.


Loyal reader emailed me the link to this video vixen's personal blog. Apparently she knows her tatt is misspelled. She actually planned it that way -- or so she claims on her blog:

this tattoo hurt a little, but as you can see the word imitated is spelled incorrectly i got it done this way to prove a point basically, like im pretty sure the mesage alone of imitated never duplicated already comes accross strong but mines basically is so no one will want to copy a tattoo word for word if its spelled wrong!

Ummm, yes, that is what you would call a "blond moment". Can you see why rappers pick certain chicks to appear in their videos and bring up to their hotel rooms for meaningless one night stands?

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Juelz Santana shot his video for his track "Home Run" over the weekend in Atlanta.

The set was closed, but celebrity photographers had all access!

There were rumors this week that Lil Wayne's fiancee, Nivea, gave birth to his 6th child. But those rumors proved to be false. It figures that Weezy would be engaged to the roughest looking chick in his harem.

I can't believe they had tattoo girl on the set. Talk about ghetto!

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The ongoing saga between a convicted woman beater and one of pop's brightest stars continues. The latest news is Chris Brown and Rihanna plan to release their music videos on the same day. This won't do anything to dispel the rumors that Chris Brown and Rihanna are using each other to promote their albums and that this is all one big publicity stunt.

Rihanna will debut the music video for her controversial single "Russian Roulette" this Friday (tomorrow) on 20/20, while Brown will premiere his video for "Crawl" on MTV that same day.

Most will agree that this does smell like a publicity stunt on the parts of both Rihanna and Chris.

Alicia Keys shot her video for her new single "Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart" over the weekend. The single is considered a stab in the back to Mashonda, ex-wife of Alicia's boyfriend, the hawk nosed producer Swizz Beatz. Is it just me or is Alicia Keys' butt really, really huge in this pic?

They say Alicia Keys' stylist borrowed this studded jacket from LeToya Luckett's stylist last week. As you know, LeToya wore the jacket in her new video that she shot with Ludacris. How embarrassing if this is true.

Former Destiny's Child member LeToya Luckett teamed with Ludacris to shoot the video for her hit single "Regret". Don't the make a cute couple?!

Capitol Records artist Letoya Luckett recently shot the video to her hit song "Regret" featuring Ludacris - the song is currently Top 5 on the R&B chart! The video was directed by Parris (The Dream, Ludacris, Swizz Beats, etc.) and features Letoya looking gorgeous while she tells her ex man that "you must regret the day that you left me." Hip hop superstar Ludacris lends a hand on the song and the video - playing Letoya's new man - in fact, fans may recognize the ex as the same hot model who played her boyfriend in the "She Ain't Got" video.

"Lady Love" is IN STORES NOW!!

Source: Kisha Maldonado-Madrid | EMI Music

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Lady Scoop at Project Scoop says the cypher freestyles were the best part of the 2009 Hip Hop Awards. Yeah, they were nice but the freestyle is the raw essence of Hip Hop and these kids don't know what a freestyle is.

Especially that Hydrogel injected fraud Nicki Minaj. I know her rhymes were pre-written. Who is she fooling? KRS and Joe Budden were the best in my opinion.

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I keep hearing this chick's name -- Melanie Fiona, but I've never heard her sing until today. I'm impressed with her pipes! What a refreshing departure from the Beyonces, Ameries, Ashantis, Christina Milians and all the other image-first singers in the industry who can't hold a note. This beautiful lady can blow!

In this video, Melanie (and her camera crew) venture to Canada for the second stop in her series of live performances. The Bridge, available on iTunes.


*Reposting for those who didn't see this video the first time I posted it before Kanye removed copies for the web.

The day after Kanye pulled the vid down, someone made RIP KANYE WEST a trending topic on

Originally posted on 10/19/09:

The chicks in this video are all visually stunning, LSLH fare. The type that we've come to expect in an artsy video such as this. Black chicks needn't bother to audition anymore because we are not synonymous with class even with a head full of the best human Yaki.

Bothas like Spike Jonz, Kanye West, etc., have set us back 200 years.

Dionne Bromfield, the British teenager whose only claim to fame is being Amy Winehouse's goddaughter, can't sing a lick. She's not as horrible as Ashanti or Beyonce, but her vocals are flat and would be better suited for background work. Clearly the only reason she got a record deal is because of Amy's influence. That's sad because she's cute and all.

Click the video below to hear the evidence.

Last night during Monica's live chat on my blog, I learned that singer Mario's album that went on sale on Tuesday will flop with expected sales in the 20-25k range. Aw, that's too bad. One of my readers attributed the flop to lack of promotion. She said she wasn't aware the album was even coming out until it went on sale on Tuesday, lol.

Heads will roll in the marketing dept. at J Records after the final sales figures come out. I can understand why the label chose not to buy ad space on this blog. Especially since my readers outed their artist some time ago. But from a marketing standpoint, it was a miscalculation since Mario's fans frequent this blog too. Why not put your artist in front of his fans wherever they may be?

Oh well. I'm still going to go out and buy Mario's CD because we need to support our struggling R&B artists (except for Ash Trey Song, fukk him).


Blogger Nigel D. of sent along these behind the scenes pics from the video set of Fabolous' video shoot for "Say Aah" featuring Trey Song. We're still waiting for one-hit-wonder Trey to score a hit so we can add that 'Z' back to the end of his name.

Over the weekend, I received an email from producer/songwriter Johnta Austin (pictured, right), who defended his home boy Trey in a most civil and respectful manner.

Johnta was so courteous and nice in his email. You can tell he really likes Trey a lot. Johnta asked me not to post his email, so I won't. But I remember little child prodigy Johnta from one of those kiddie TV shows from back in the day. He has grown up to be quite the hunk. So I asked Johnta for some shirtless pics since my readers have been hounding me about doing a Morning Wood featur on him.

Johnta promised to send a few 'vacation' pics of himself. But like I said, that was over the weekend. And here it is Thursday and still no pics. Oh well. I tried, ladies.

When is Trey going to get his buttery teeth whitened?

Hhhow They Doin?

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Earlier I told you about a popular video streaming site that has been accused of fabricating video views in exchange for cash.

Independent artists have long put the site on blast for charging up-and-coming artists thousands of dollars for "packages" to post their videos, then artificially inflating their videos views.

Well, now rapper 50 Cent has put the site on blast in this new video for using a keyboard trick to inflate hits. Fiddy said:

"So if you hear artists talking about they hot right now 'cause they on Worldstar and got a bunch of hits... they could of just bought a package..."

Fiddy might have been referring to music videos such as the one by Playaz Circle which gained over 2 million hits while videos by Rihanna and Jay Z garnered less views.

Source: 1 and 2

Sean Combs was spotted out & about in Manhattan yesterday. Is it me or has Sean lost weight? It looks like his personal training fees (which are rumored to be close to $100K) are paying off.

Yesterday, Sean released the music video for "Angels" a new track off his upcoming album. The pop-tinged track features Sean singing, yes singing with a little help from T-Pain's autotuner. Angels is obviously targeted for that crossover market. The track also features a verse by the Notorious BIG and vocals by Dawn Richards, formerly of Danity Kane. No comment on Diddy's singing talent.