Multimedia TV personality and entrepreneur La La Vazquez was spotted out & about in Beverly Hills yesterday with wedding planner, Mindy Weiss, left, and a friend. The ladies were "RING" shopping at XIV Karats in Beverly Hills. La La's fiance and baby daddy is NBA star Carmelo Anthony of the Denver Nuggets.

As you know, Carmelo and La La have set their wedding date for July 10th. I have yet to receive my wedding invite, but there's still time. Me and La La go way back.

I've never been married so I have a question: Does a man give his fiancee his credit card to go buy herself a ring? Or does the woman buy her own ring nowadays like La La appears to be doing, and like Kandi Burruss did?

In the old days it was the man who bought the ring and his fiancee never saw it until their wedding day. But I guess things have changed.

Thanks to Interscope Records VP Shawn “Tubby” Holiday, left, for sending over these pics taken at his daughter Alaysia's 5th Princess Birthday party held at the luxury Hilton Garden Inn at Centennial Park in Atlanta. Tubby poses with his daughter Alaysia and music mogul Devyne Stephens.

Invited guests included Christina Milian (posing with Navy, daughter of Nivea and The Dream). Christina is due to give birth to her and The Dream's baby girl on Feb. 28th. Christina carries her baby well. Now we know how she was able to get on that plane to Atlanta in her 9th month. Does she look like she's 9 months along to you?

The Dream couldn't make the flight because he's in a west coast studio working on his album. The happy dad said:

The baby will be here Sunday, no later than Sunday! The baby already has a car, I got a house just for the baby—Christina can't get in the baby’s car. I'm giving all my attention that I usually give to Christina to the baby, all the flowers I usually give Christina, I’m giving them to the baby. It's a girl, Violet will be her first name. I'm not telling you the middle name, you gon' get me in trouble.”

Alaysia's Princess birthday bash was planned and designed by Antonia "Toya" Carter's planning firm, "The Network". And here we thought she was just a reality TV personality and Lil Wayne's baby mama. L to R: Alaysia's mom, Rikya (Toya's hair stylist), Daniel (party planner) and Toya (party planner). Give me a minute and I'll get you guys the contact info so you can begin planning your Princesses' birthday parties!

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Reality TV personality Kim Kardashian, right, and multi-media personality La La Vazquez arriving at Katsuya in Los Angeles to celebrate La La's engagement to Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony last night.

Love the heels, La La.

Non-celebrity, professional leg spreader, socialite and part-time model Amber Rose attended the Laura Smalls Fall/Winter 2010 presentation at The Plaza Hotel in NYC yesterday.

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A wise man once said "The love of money is the root of all evil."

This party should have been themed "Wasteful Extravagance" rather than "Prince of NY". At a time when Haiti earthquake victims are still buried under rubble, one of the entertainment industry's most shameless narcissists, Sean "Diddy" Combs and his first baby mama, celebrity stylist Misa Hylton, threw an over-the-top 16th birthday party for their son Justin Dior Combs over the weekend.

Sean must have known how insensitive this frivolous brag-fest would look so he made a show of presenting Justin with a $10,000 check which he donated to the Haiti relief efforts. But we know that $10,000 was an afterthought because the party itself had to cost ten times that amount.


Justin arrived in a chauffeured Bentley with rapper Nicki Minaj as his date. After the party, Justin left the club in his own $360,000 chauffeur-driven Maybach -- which probably went back to the dealer the next day after being used as a prop like Sean uses his children.

The entire affair was filmed for MTV's Super Sweet 16. It's probably just as well that none of the big name stars who were invited bothered to show up. Who could compete with Sean's enormous ego?

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Music Mogul Sean Combs and rapper Lil Kim participated in a Timbaland concert at Irving Plaza in NYC last night. I didn't know Timbaland could sing? Anyway, staying true to his narcissistic form, Sean is planning to throw an extravagant, over-the-top 'King of New York' themed 16th birthday bash for his oldest son Justin, who just turned 16 two weeks ago.

Sean is inviting the world's most conceited artists, Jay Z, Beyonce and Chris Brown to join Snoop Dogg, Lil Kim and others in celebrating the birthday of his already over-indulged son who has a restaurant named after him. Of course, the entire self-serving affair will be filmed for MTV's egocentric "Super Sweet 16" show. A source tells the NY Post that a NYC club will be decorated with images of NY's skyline. Oh, and in lieu of birthday gifts, Diddy is asking his well-heeled friends to donate to the Haiti relief fund. But before you think Sean is teaching the youngster the importance of generosity by foregoing gifts in lieu of charity, friends tell me that Justin already received his presents on his actual birthday, including his biggest gift -- a car.

Photos (3): Wireimage/Getty

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I know you've seen some of the pics from Sean "Diddy" Combs' ultra private New Year's bash on the lanai of his palatial mansion on Star Island in Miami, Florida (lanai is a fancy word for patio). But you haven't seen these pics yet (I don't think).

I didn't get an invite to the splashy affair (if you don't have at least 5 figures in your checking account, you weren't invited). But I had a spy in the house who gave me the inside scoop. I can't tell you everything all at once. I have to save some news for a later date.

L to R: LisaRaye's asst., singer Brandy, LisaRaye, and Tubby (Sr. VP of A&R, Interscope), who is one of the nicest guys in the biz. I remember Tubby from way back in the day when he started out in promotions. Now look at him running with the big dogs!

Bu and Chris Brown

Devyne Stephens, Akon and his brother Bu

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L to R: Shawn "Tubby" Holiday (Sr. VP Interscope Records), Janice Combs and her son Diddy

Akon congratulates Diddy on his wedding (just kidding!)

Bu, Young Jeezy and Tubby

I had no clue not that I really cared that rapper Nelly outsold Jay Z, Eminem, 50 Cent, Kanye West, Lil wayne and others to be named the biggest selling rapper of the decade.

This, according to Nelly himself who performed a New Year's Eve concert in Las Vegas along with his home boy Jermaine Dupri.

“Actual factual. It’s a lot of n****z talkin’ on it ’cause I just don’t scream on it. I am the biggest selling rap artist of the decade!," said Nelly to the sold out crowd of revelers.

Well, good for him.


Pseudo singer Keri Hilson celebrated New Year's at Karu & Y nightspot in Miami where she gave a middle fanga salute to all her hatahs. Keri was the subject of much hate on the blogs in 2009. So you really can't blame her for giving her haters the For U. Unfortunately, 2010 won't be much better for her unless she suddenly and miraculously learns how to sing in key.

Singer Akon looked so fine in his Armani suit down in Miami when he helped his artist Lady GaGa ring in the New Year.

Former TLC member T-Boz spent her New Year weekend bowling with the Traxx Girls lesbuns at 10 Pin Alley at Atlantic Station. Oh, you didn't hear that T-Boz dumped her linebacker boyfriend Takeo Spikes and tipped over to the other side? Well, you didn't hear it from me.

This is the custom whip that T-Boz pulled up in. I would be lying if I said I didn't envy those rims.

It was a ghey fest on the set of BET's 106 & Park last week as Trey Song and Omarion battled it out for the Teh Gheyest male singer of the year.

Honestly, Trey doesn't help his situation when he takes pics like this.

How U doooinnnn?

Photo: Wireimage/Getty, and Faded Youth

We don't have much in the way of real celebrities anymore now that psuedo singers and reality TV personalities have just about taken over. The music industry realizes that the genre is dying and have quickly switched their focus to white celebs like Lady GaGa and the newcomer white rapper Ke$ha.

What few celebs we still have left celebrated their New Year in the typical fashion. Beyonce spent the week in St. Barths with Jay Z on the French Riviera. She performed a New Year's Eve concert for the wealthy elite who could afford to be gouged on the ticket prices.

By the way, some of you may recall me mentioning Beyonce's stage manager/tour director(?) Kim Burse whom I had dinner with a while back (follow her on Twitter). Well, Kim is the one who auditioned and hired Beyonce's lesbun lady band. So you can thank her for the guitarist chick with all the crazy tats.

I told you that convicted woman beater Chris Brown would be partying on a private yacht near Miami Beach.

Brown and Bow Wow hung pretty tight the whole weekend.

At one point, Brown's camp got a little nervous and invited a buxom beauty to take pics with Brown to throw off the rumor mongers.

It didn't work

Unfortunately, the other celebs I mentioned didn't bother to show up to the private yacht party.

According to my friend, Akon's brother Bu Thiam, VP of Def Jam, who invited me to Miami for the Lady GaGa concert -- only Brown, LisaRaye, Polow Da Don, and new group The Rich Girls (one of whom is pictured above with Chris) showed up to party on the boat. Bu blamed the cold weather in Miami for the low turnout. But everyone still had fun as much fun as one can have with a convicted woman beater on board.

I also asked Bu about the incident involving Lady GaGa. The tabloids said she took a nasty spill while performing her New Year's Eve concert at the Fountainebleu hotel on Miami Beach. Bu said she did fall, but the blood was fake. "She just be on her artist sh*t. GaGa is an artist. You know how artists are. They just do crazy sh*t. She's all good," said Bu, who hung out with rapper Young Jeezy all weekend in Miami.

Photo: Getty Images, Wireimage/Getty and

Wow, the year 2009 went by so quickly and now 2010 is upon us. We have so much to feel Blessed about here at We wish you and yours a very Happy and joyous New Year, and we want to thank you for continuing to support!

Once again, as I did last year, I'm contemplating making some changes to my blog so it will be bigger and better for you in the new year.

Below is a poll listing some of the changes I’m contemplating.

Tell me what you think. You can select more than one answer. I’ll be checking in throughout the weekend from Miami Beach where I'm attending the Lady GaGa NYE party at the Fountainebleu hotel courtesy of Def Jam VP Bu Thiam!

Then on Friday, Bu has invited me to a private yacht party with celebs such as Young Jeezy, Akon, Lil Wayne, and Chris Brown.

Please be safe. I want to see you back here next year!

Have a great weekend!