Ice T's wife Coco showed off her 'twerking' skills on the new daytime talk show 'The Real'. The show, which airs on FOX, is hosted by Tamar Braxton, Loni Love, Jeannie Mai, Adrienne Bailon, and Tamera Mowry. It's hard to ignore the show's similarities to 'The View'. But unlike the respectable ladies on 'The View', 'The Real' isn't above lowering their standards to boost their TV ratings. Many people think the dance craze 'twerking' is cute, but the only difference between a woman who twerks and a stripper is one of them gets paid to shake her azz and the other one doesn't. We have to do better.

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After broke the story, VH1 was forced to release the names of Mona Scott-Young's new gossip reality show titled Gossip Girls. claims to have the official cast lineup -- which seems to change every week.

The names of the newest cast members are an assortment of women who have benefitted from their deep hip hop connections. But will these well-connected women be enough to get viewers to tune in?

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In Direct messages on (that she later deleted), Tamar Braxton informed me that WE tv has green-lighted her spin-off series Tamar & Vince for a 2nd season -- despite the fact that Tamar & Vince ranks dead last on Thursday nights with an average of 700,000 viewers nationwide.

"My ratings are FINE!! Thats why Wetv wants us to do a 2nd season with DOUBLE the # of episodes. You HATE to love me, & so do the HATERS!"

When was having the #1 & #2 show on a network losing? check your FACTS! When you want to know the REAL tea about me, ASK!! P.S I DO LOVE VINCE

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  • Despite what you think about the work of Tamar Braxton's makeup artist, the actress covers the Autumn Object of Desires issue of Kontrol magazine (singer Elle Varner is on the other cover). Tamar is not happy about the ratings for her 'Braxtons' spin-off show, Tamar & Vince. With only 750,000 viewers nationwide tuning in, Tamar & Vince ranked last in the ratings for Thursday nights.

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    Earlier I posted an email from Cheryl Redmond, the mother of Zeboe Pullins' youngest children. Cheryl is a great example of a woman who holds her family together and stands by her man through thick and thin.

    But some women marry men for all the wrong reasons.

    Without singling out Tamar Braxton, some women confuse love for neediness. As children they didn't have a healthy, supportive relationship with their fathers, so they grow up looking for men to fulfill their unrealistic needs. These women are beautiful, seductive, lovable, possessive, and eventually they become very demanding.

    When these women find men like Vince (who has issues of their own), they form a sometimes destructive relationship that doesn't benefit either of them spiritually or mentally.

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    There were some tense moments between the presidential debate rematch between President Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney at Hofstra University Tuesday. Governor Romney was concise and confident at the start of the debate, while Obama seemed anxious and fired up. The pressure was on and Obama appeared to rise to the occasion.

    There was a heated exchange between President Obama and Gov. Romney as the two men stood toe to toe over Obama's failure to drill for oil on federal land, thereby causing the price of oil to skyrocket.

    "You'll get your chance in a moment, I'm still speaking," said Romney at one point.

    The heated exchange sparked an explosion of tweets on, including the above tweet one from Tameka Raymond.

    Moderator Candy Crowley was totally incompetent, allowing Obama to completely dominate the debate with his constant interruptions. It's obvious who's corner Crowley was in tonight.

    When a black voter pointedly asked Obama what have you done for me? Obama responded, "These last 4 years haven't been so good for you," without adequately explaining why he failed to keep promises he made to the people who elected him president.

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  • Still basking in the success of her hit reality TV series, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,' producer Mona Scott-Young reportedly began shooting her newest scripted series titled 'Gossip Girls,' on location in New York. The new series reportedly stars radio jocks Angie Martinez, Miss Info, Angela Yee, and blogger Necole Bitchie.

    This blogger was in consideration as a cast member as well, but I politely declined. (Read the email they sent me after the break.)

    The cast is an enigma. These women don't gossip; they just say whatever their celebrity friends want them to say. Miss Info is a sweetheart and a cutie pie, but who the hail cares about Angie Martinez or Necole Bitchie?

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    In the upcoming episode of 'Tamar & Vince' on WEtv a relaxing trip to Hawaii takes a turn for the worst as Tamar and Vince come to blows over unresolved issues.

    Word on the curb is that Tamar's sudden change of attitude is turning off even her closest friends. "People don't like her anymore," said one industry source who asked to remain anonymous. "She only hangs out with celebrities now," such as Toya [Wright] and Toya's husband, Memphitz.

    The friend said Tamar hounded her husband Vince into signing Memphitz's new kiddie artist, Key Swag, in an effort to appease Toya.

    Tamar is aware that she is not very popular amongst the Hollywood elite, which is why she is throwing Vince's money in everyone's faces.

    A new episode of Tamar and Vince airs Thursday at 9pm on WE tv. Watch the sneak peek below.

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    Recording artists with modest to poor record sales now have a new revenue stream thanks to Internet radio service, Pandora.

    Pandora Media, Inc CEO Tim Westergren released a statement Tuesday acknowledging that it pays superstar rappers Lil Wayne and Drake over $3 million in royalties for streaming their music online.

    Drake's friend, Bad Boy artist French Montana (pictured above left with Drake), will receive a check for $138,567 from Pandora for his hit track "Pop That," featuring Lil Wayne, Drake and Rick Ross.

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    Whitney Houston's daughter, Bobbi Kristina, 19, is set to star in her own reality TV show titled "The Houstons On Our Own," on Lifetime television on Oct. 24. The reality show will follow Bobbi Kristina's life after Whitney's sudden death of an accidental drowning earlier this year.

    Also appearing in the program is Bobbi K.'s longtime boyfriend, Nick Gordon; her grandmother, Cissy Houston, Pat Houston, who is married to Whitney Houston's brother, Gary; and Pat's daughter. According to a source close to the show's production company, Whitney never officially adopted Nick Gordon as her son, which dispels the stories about Bobbi K. and Nick engaging in an incestuous relationship.

    Pat Houston described the reality show in a statement released earlier this year: "I have been working with Simmons-Shelley over the past few years developing a project suitable for myself and our family," Pat Houston said. "The unexpected passing of Whitney certainly affects the direction of the show. However, it is my hope that others will be enlightened as they watch our family heal and move forward."

    Bobbi Kristina made her acting debut on Tyler Perry's 'For Better or Worse' in July.

    Watch the sneak peak of 'Houston's On Our Own' after the break.

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    Actress Vivica A. Fox is still looking for a man one year after her very public breakup from Atlanta club promoter Omar "Slimm" White, whom she dated for a little over 2 years.

    Fox tells Hollywood Live's Billy Bush and Kit Hoover that she's not opposed to taking applications from single men. But she said her ideal man has to have a job. "I am very happily single," says Fox, who put extra emphasis on the "very happily" part.

    I'm gonna wait for Mr. Right to come along, and take my time this time. I'm enjoying having a little bit of just me time," said Fox, who has a preference for younger, virile hunky studs.

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    Last night's episode of T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle focused on health, fitness and fads. The Harris family patriarch, Tip "T.I." Harris, decided his family was eating too much junk food and not exercising enough. So Tip put his children on a healthy exercise regimen involving aerobic and non-aerobic exercises for kids of all ages.

    The episode also called attention to a dangerous fad -- specifically colonics, or colon cleansing. Tameka "Tiny" Harris' hair stylist Shekinah subjected herself to a colonic for laughs, but it is not a laughing matter when colonics introduce deadly bacteria into the colon or rupture the colon.

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    News One reports that former Atlanta radio veteran Wayne K. Brown lost his battle with liver cancer at age 55.

    Brown was the program director at Hot 107.9 (formerly 97.5) for many years. He helped launch the careers of La La Vazquez Anthony, rapper Ludacris and on-air personality Ryan Cameron (of Ryan Cameron Show on V-103).

    Brown is survived by his wife Nyesa and two sons.

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    Jason Russell, the creator of the Invisible Children documentary Kony 2012, recently sat down with Oprah for an in-depth interview. Russell explained why he stripped naked and ran down a street screaming obscenities and laying down in traffic.

    "Slamming my hands as hard as I can on the ground -- like, I don't know who that was," said Russell. "I look at that video and I think how sad for him. It's hard to explain," said Russell, who added that he "had an out of body experience."

    Russell, who told Oprah he is not gay, said he remembered bits and pieces of that day. He denied using drugs, although it's obvious that drug use (and/or mental illness) played some part in his temporary psychosis.

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    Anderson Cooper is letting Star Jones know that he is not the one to mess with. Jones, 50, irked Cooper's nerves when she accused him of coming out of the closet to boost the ratings of his syndicated talk show, Anderson Live.

    In a scathing and brutal response, Anderson told Bravo's Andy Cohen that Star Jones used her wedding to get free products and to boost her own ratings.

    "I haven't thought about Star Jones in I don't know how long. I was unaware she was even on TV still," said Cooper, 45.

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    R&B Diva Keyshia Cole, who is a friend of the blog, recently fired key staff members who helped her become the success that she is today. Without going into a lot of messy details, Keyshia hired industry bigwig Irving Azoff to guide her career. Azoff's management firm is already making major moves for her (more details on that at a later date).

    Keyco also parted ways with her longtime publicist, Tresa Sanders (who kept in the loop for so many years). I'm told that Keyshia hired a large PR firm with more contacts within the industry -- at a much greater cost to her.

    Keyshia completed work on her upcoming album, Woman to Woman, which is set for a November 2012 release. The first single off her album was the stellar "Enough of No Love" featuring rapper Lil Wayne. Keyshia is set to premiere her new reality TV series, Keyshia & Daniel: Family First. The show will center around Keyshia, Daniel and their son, DJ, as well as her sister Neffe and her mom Frankie.

    Watch the sneak preview after the break!

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    Rapper Bow Wow finally has a verifiable source of income so he can catch up on his child support payments. I'm just kidding. Bow Wow and Houston native Miss Mykie were named co-hosts of BET's longest running music video program 106 & Park following the departure of longtime co-hosts Rocsi Diaz and Terrence J.

    Bow Wow and Miss Mykie will share hosting duties with Ashanti lookalike Paigion and Soulja Boy lookalike Shorty Da Prince.

    Bow Wow, 25, earned the nickname "Mr. 106 & Park" due to his frequent appearances on the youth-oriented show over the years.

    AS I told you last month, Miss Mykie was being groomed by BET to take over the hosting duties, according to a well-connected industry insider.

    But BET didn't want you to know that. They wanted you to believe that Miss Mykie was auditioning for the part alongside other hopefuls, when in reality she already had the gig.

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    Over the weekend many celebrities and entertainment dignitaries were in town for the BET Hip Hop Awards. One of the stars I spoke with was comedian Alex Thomas (pictured 2nd from left), whom you may remember from the hit 2001 movie Two Can Play That Game with actress Vivica A. Fox.

    Well, Thomas and Fox have teamed up again to star in the hilarious comedy TV series Mr. Box Office, which airs Saturday nights at 9 p.m. on the CW Network (check your local listings).

    Mr. Box Office is a comedy sitcom about "the biggest star in the world" who is sentenced to community service, teaching English at the "toughest" high school in America.

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    Actress Taraji P. Henson was the celebrity guest on "ANDERSON LIVE" today. Taraji's dress was bursting at the seams and she had to be literally sewn into her dress on the set. Anderson brought his dog out to sit-in for Taraji while her stylists worked frantically on her dress backstage.

    Anderson Cooper: Oh, my my... You are literally being sewn into your dress.
    Taraji P. Henson: It happens. It happens a lot. And, um...
    Anderson: Wow! Do you bust out a lot like this... so to speak?
    Taraji: I'm a real woman with curves honey.
    Anderson: I like that!
    Taraji: Um, yeah, it happens a lot. Unfortunately, you have these designers who make these incredible pieces of wardrobe but they put these really cheap zippers in.

    "Anderson Live" is a nationally syndicated talk show. Please visit for when and where it airs in your city.

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    If you love redneck humor spewing out of the mouth of a precocious 7-year-old girl, you're in luck. TLC Network has ordered more episodes of the breakout hit cable reality series 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' starring kiddie beauty pageant star Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson.

    The network ordered Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday episodes of the hit show that trumped Bill Clinton's DNC speech in the TV ratings.

    Georgia native Honey Boo Boo Chile is famous for her redneck catchphrases such as "A dolla makes me holla" and "You better redneckognize!" But critics take issue with the show for making a mockery of the trailer park lifestyle.

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  • There are two things that should never be discussed at the dinner table: politics and gay marriage. NBC's scripted series The New Normal covers all of that and more.

    In Tuesday's episode (which we can argue is nothing but a campaign vehicle for Obama), Bryan (Andrew Rannells) and David (Justin Bartha) threw a dinner party to prove to Nana (Ellen Barkin) that they have black friends. The idea for the dinner came up after Nana (whose family has always voted Republican) accused Bryan and David of being racist because they voted for Obama. Her reasoning was the gay couple voted for Obama because he was black, hence, they must be racist.

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    According to a credible source, Tameka Foster Raymond was paid $25,000 to speak exclusively with Entertainment Tonight. Foster's exclusive interview with ET! airs tonight (Tuesday).

    Foster, 42, recently lost her Motion for a new trial after losing primary custody of her 2 sons, ages 4 and 3, to her ex-husband Usher Raymond, 33.

    During the interview with Entertainment Tonight host Nancy O'Dell, Foster seemed to forgive one of Usher's bridesmaids for sleeping with him after Foster and Usher tied the knot in 2009.

    "This is someone who was there when my children were born she took me to the hospital when I was in labor with one of [my children] but I hate to say but I somewhat empathize with her because I feel that she was vulnerable and she fell into somewhat of a trap," Tameka told O'Dell.

    "I think that she got very close to him as a result of being my friend and I feel as though he used it to his advantage. I think we all would admit that he's very charming," she went on.

    But a source close to Foster's camp tells that Usher slept with Foster's close friend because he felt "emotionally deprived of affection" from the mother of 5. "She would withhold sex to [control him]," said the source. "Her a** is sneaky and he didn't trust her."

    The confidential source continued: "[Usher's] mother gave him the the Private Investigator's report of Tameka's past criminal history that she forgot to tell him prior to their marriage.

    "Who did she think she was to believe mama Patton would allow her to get her paws on his fortune when she worked for so many years to help him amass such," said the source, who added: "I admire [Jonetta Patton] for that."

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    "Good Morning America" Anchor Robin Roberts thanked her GMA fans for their outpouring of love and get-well wishes. “Your thoughts. Thoughts are so powerful," said an emotional Roberts in a video blog that aired on GMA Thursday. "You’ve got to change the way you think in order to change the way you feel. And let me just say this lastly, I feel the love and I thank you for it. Thank you," she said.

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    Singer Tamar Braxton is not a big fan of rapper Nicki Minaj's hair choices. Braxton was a guest on Anderson Cooper's revamped 'Anderson Live' syndicated show (the episode airs Monday, Sept. 17).

    Tamar, who has been accused of biting Beyonce's weave style, went in on the neon wig Nicki Minaj wore for her "American Idol" announcement.

    "I love Nicki and I feel like I can speak about it because I've had a couple of bad wig moments myself. That is an atrocity!" said Tamar.

    "Put her back in the box and put her upstairs, boo!," said Tamar.

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    According to an industry insider, BET is grooming Atlanta rapper Miss Mykie to take over the '106 & Park' hosting duties from outgoing co-hosts Rocsi Diaz and Terrence J. According to the insider, BET is "cleaning house" in advance of Rocsi and Terrence's departure. Miss Mykie is among the fresh new faces that the BET honchos are looking for to revive sagging TV ratings.

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    America's Top Model veteran Eva Marcille was gracious and kind enough to answer some of your questions recently. Eva and 3 of her best friends, Denyce, Nikki, and Kelly, take on Hollywood in "Girlfriend Confidential: LA" on Oxygen Network, which airs tonight (Monday) at 11p.m. ET (check your local listings).

    Read Eva's responses to your questions after the break! Also, after the break, the Girlfriend Confidential ladies attend a party at T.O's house in LA, where Denyce confronts T.O about not calling her even though he has her number in his phone.

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    Def Jam VP of A&R Bu Thiam had one of the best seats in the house at last night's MTV VMA Awards. Bu sat in the front row right next to his client, singer Chris Brown, who won Best Male video of the year. But when Pink took to the stage to sing her hit "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)," Bu leaned into Chris and asked "Who is this?"

    Brown didn't hesitate to respond, "Pink," he said.

    Loyal reader ZimboChick (who reads lips) caught the exchange between Bu and Chris.

    Zimbochick wrote:

    I was surprised that as long as Pink has been on the scene - and as long as she has been performing at these award shows, for Bu not to recognize her or at least know her song especially since he is one of the leading music industry icons!!!

    I refused to believe Bu didn't know who Pink was -- until I watched the video of Pink's performance for myself.

    In Bu's defense, he didn't recognize Pink because she looked so different with her blond power Mohawk and slimmed down shape.

    Watch the exchange between Bu and Chris, around the 1:03 minute mark, after the break!

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    People were starting to wonder if NBA superstar Dwyane Wade still had a girlfriend, and if so, why she let him walk out of the house looking like he can't dress himself. Dwyane and his longtime love, actress Gabrielle Union, were seen leaving their SoHo New York City hotel together Friday afternoon. Wade is in town to promote his new book on fatherhood and his life growing up in Chicago.
    Photo: Curtis Means/ACE/

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    Wednesday's TV ratings for TLC's blockbuster hit reality series, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo trumped Bill Clinton's speech at the Democratic National Convention. The numbers aren't in yet for President Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention Thursday night -- which went head-to-head with the MTV Video Music Awards. So we don't know if MTV defeated the pesident in the ratings race.

    'Honey Boo Boo' pulled in 2.4 million viewers on Wednesday, and despite a 20% drop in ratings from the previous week, the precocious 6-year-old still tied with Clinton in the TV ratings.

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