Republicans Seize Congress as Obama and Democrats Suffer Heavy Losses

President Obama

President Barack Obama and the Democratic party suffered a massive blow during the midterm elections on Tuesday.

Despite opening the borders and busing in large numbers of illegal voters from Mexico and Honduras, the Democrats still lost key Senate seats in Iowa, North Carolina, Colorado, Arkansas, South Dakota, Montana and West Virginia — allowing the Republicans to seize control of the Senate for the first time in 8 years.

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Confirmed: Beyoncé Lip-Synced the Star-Spangled Banner

Beyonce performs National Anthem at Inauguration

Yesterday, the media and blogs came together in orgasmic praise for Beyonce’s rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. Some of the tone deaf listeners even compared Beyonce’s version to the best rendition of the National Anthem ever: sang by the late Whitney Houston.

Too bad Beyonce lip-synced the whole thing.

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Big Boi Did Not Vote for Obama

Big Boi did not vote for Obama

Many Obama supporters (read: blacks) were shocked at the news that superstar rapper Big Boi, of multi-platinum rap group Outkast, did not vote for President Obama in the November elections.

“I voted for Gary Johnson,” the Grammy-award winning rapper told Alyona Minkovski on Huffpost Live Friday. Patton recounted how he had to set a woman straight who thought he voted his skin color instead of his conscience.

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Malia Obama’s Spring Break Cost Taxpayers Over $115,000

Malia Obama Spring Break

Remember Malia Obama’s controversial Spring Break vacation to Mexico with 12 of her friends and about 25 Secret Service agents earlier this year? Judicial Watch has released records detailing the cost of that vacation to American taxpayers.

According to the records, obtained from the U.S. Secret Service as a result of a Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit, the total cost of the trip comes to $115,500.87 — not including the salaries and expenses of the 25 Secret Service agents for their babysitting services.

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Growing military sex scandals interfere with Obama’s post-election plans

Barack Obama and David Patraeus

The heat is on President Obama as angry congressional leaders demand to know why the Obama administration withheld information about a sex scandal involving the head of the CIA until after the elections.

And now Obama’s choice to lead the NATO team in Afghanistan is himself embroiled in a sex scandal involving one of former CIA director David Patraeus’s alleged mistresses.

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Woman runs over non-voting husband because Obama won election

Holly Solomon runs over husband

A woman enraged that her husband didn’t vote in last week’s presidential elections, ran over him with the family Jeep on Saturday.

Witnesses told police that Holly Solomon, of Scottsdale, Arizona, chased her husband around a parking lot before gunning the gas and hitting him as the Jeep jumped a curb.

Solomon apparently believed her husband’s vote was the deciding factor in the close race.

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Patraeus Scandal Could Bring Down the Obama Administration; ‘More than sex involved now’

Barack Obama David Patraeus

Dianne Gallagher WCNC

The Obama administration was desperate to keep the David Patraeus sex scandal from exploding on the eve of the presidential election.

There is evidence that the FBI — who answers to Obama — may have suppressed allegations that the disgraced former CIA chief was cheating on his wife at least a week before the elections.

On Monday night, about a dozen FBI agents descended upon the home of Patraeus’ alleged mistress searching for evidence.

“The FBI is here… I think there might be more than sex involved now…” tweeted WCNC reporter Dianne Gallagher, who was outside Paula Broadwell’s Dilworth home.

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