A 28-year-old Army veteran from Baltimore told police he drove to overpopulated New York City to carry out his racist plot to attack black people.

James Harris Jackson is suspected of fatally stabbing 66-year-old drifter Timothy Caughman. Police say Jackson used a 26-inch long mini sword to repeatedly stab Caughman in the chest and back on Monday night.

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beauty supply store

Protesters gathered outside a west Charlotte beauty supply store after the owner was seen in a video violently attacking an alleged shoplifter on Thursday.

Sung Ho Lim, owner of Missha Beauty Supply in Charlotte, N.C., told police he observed the unidentified woman stealing eyelashes.

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transgenders killed

The transgender community in Louisiana, is alarmed after the unrelated murders of three male-to-transgender people there.

Chyna Gibson and Ciara McElveen were murdered within 48 hours of each other in New Orleans.

Gibson, 31, was shot multiple times in the parking lot outside a shopping center on Feb. 25.

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