Santa Claus

A Tennessee Santa Claus may not have been truthful when he claimed he comforted a terminally boy who died in his arms.

Eric Schmitt-Matzen, 61, who often plays Santa Claus around the holidays, told a tale that was heart-warming and perfectly suited for today’s junk food news media.

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Blac Chyna

I don’t watch the Rob & Chyna reality TV show, but I have noticed both Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna posting cellular phone numbers on social media.

Of course, my people run with the manufactured drama like they didn’t get throwaway phones specifically for these stunts.

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Tasha Smith

Male gold digger Keith Douglas is a charming man of many words. Maybe that’s how he convinced 6 women to marry him.

A judge, however, was not impressed with Douglas’s charms. The judge annulled Douglas’s sixth marriage to actress Tasha Smith on the grounds that Douglas is a fraud.

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Soulja Boy

Rapper-turned-reality TV star Soulja Boy might end up owing credit card companies $175,000 after he was scammed in a hoverboard chargeback scheme.

Soulja Boy hopped on the Hoverboard craze hoping to make a quick profit this Christmas season. The Atlanta rapper sold hoverboards for $1,500 each on his online store (the store now redirects to his blog).

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Shaun King

Twitter suspended Shaun King’s page on Wednesday after the transracial fraud tweeted a snide remark about CNN anchor Don Lemon.

After Twitter unlocked his account, the arrogant transracial imposter tweeted that his account was locked because he refused to appear on CNN with Don Lemon.

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A Texas man was arrested and charged with making false reports and blaming Black Lives Matter activists.

Scott Lattin of Whitney Texas allegedly spray painted the words “Black Lives Matter” on his pickup truck and blamed the online social justice group.

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