As most of you in the ATL already know, young Quincy Brown‘s My Super 16 MTV taping is next Saturday at a secret location. But seeing as how no one bothered to send me an invite to such a momentous occasion, I figured what the heck, why not write about it?

What’s up with the theme of the party being “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy”? When did Sean Combs become Quincy’s daddy? As far as I know, Quincy’s real father, Albert Brown III aka Al B. Sure, hasn’t given up his parental rights to his son.

Originally, Sean Combs was in total control of the party planning – he even flew a local Atlanta Event Planner whom you all know, to New York). But then the infamous publicity stunt split occurred and Kim Porter took over the planning of her son’s party. From what I hear, Sean Combs intended to go all out financially spending a grip on everything from gifts (luxury vehicle) to flying celebrity guests in, but I’m told Kim wasn’t having that. Especially since the party was for her son and not intended as another publicity vehicle for Mr. Combs.

I’m told that instead of Quincy receiving outrageously expensive gifts (at least publicly) young Quincy will instead dole out gifts to invitees. That’s a switch. I’ll bet that was Quincy’s idea (he’s such a nice kid).

Happy Birthday, Quincy!

By the way, someone at Bad Boy should hustle on over to Wikipedia and re-edit Sean’s page. According to Wiki,

His sons Christian and Justin, also rap and produce, under the names Lil Choo Choo and Ducket. Their debut album is set to release in 2009. Borrowing heavily from their father’s influence, the boys’ artistic palette ranges from hood anthems, to club hits; as seen in slated singles, “You Gotta Ni*ga Hard”, and “Sweet Ghetto Pu$$y.”