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Addicts of HBO's hit series The Wire know Maestro Harrell as Randy Wagstaff, the kid who hustled candy during the 4th Season. When Randy Maestro isn't acting he plays the piano and sings a little. His crooning caught the ear of Jermaine Dupri who signed him to So So Def/Island Records in 2005.

JD and Island Records held a showcase last week where he put his new roster on display for executives of the label including LA Reid. Of course I wasn't invited, of course.

There's a video floating around the Internet of Randy Maestro and JD's other acts performing during the showcase. Time will tell if Maestro, 16, has the pipes to make us forget him as Randy the candy kid on The Wire.

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  • ms.peaches

    This isn't anything new I remember when this kid was on Apollo & he was also on a sitcom show playing lil brother to the guy that was on the last season of a different world (I can't think of his name but he played Jada Pinkett's boyfriend!!) he was just a lil tyke then no more than 10 if that old!! Anyway I think he sounds alright now if he's will last or not who knows cause what ever happened to Jason Weaver's singing career?? If anyone remembers him he was in ATL with the jacked up grill(lol)

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    Yeaaaa I vaguely remember that TV show.

    I will always remember Jason Weaver as young Mike in the Jackson 5 movie lol. That and "Smart Guy"

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    After the first listen, the song is kind of nice.

  • AaronMichael

    I'll pass. I'm not sure what happened to J. Weave but I do remember him working with Chingy on that one song awhile back.

  • one love

    he sounds very nice..



  • BlkButterfly

    Well considering the fact that on season 4 of The Wire he and Dookie sung the opening song. This is kinda old news that he can sing!

  • milly

    I remember him on sweet 16, he shouldve sang then too

  • jbnubian

    I've seen this kid, the one that plays Michael, and the one that plays Dukie sing.

  • allhoney915

    He has a very nice voice. He reminds me of Michael Jackson when he was a kid. The song sounds like a quirky love song from a movie soundtrack. So cute!!!!

  • imajin

    Please tell me this is not LIL' NICKIE from fresh prince of bel air?