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Photo: American Idol Worship

If this is old news I apologize, but I was not aware that American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino had a brother. Somehow I assumed she was an only child. According to American Idol Worship blog, the seventh season of American Idol begins tonight, and Fantasia's brother Ricco Barrino is one of the contestants.

According to them, Ricco is expected to win it all. I hear the major labels are in hot pursuit of the brotha. They say his voice sounds like a male version of Fantasia, whatever that means. I have never seen an episode of AI, so I'm counting on you guys to keep me up to speed on whether he wins it all or goes back to flipping burgers at White Castle.

  • Bird

    Unless the spoiler I accidently ran across was incorrect, either he doesn't make it to Hollywood or he gets eliminated in the first round of Hollywood. Either way he doesn't make it far enough for us to get the chance to vote for him. I hope the spoiler was wrong. I hate running into those things.

  • dapo

    yeah Ricco has actually been recording for a little while now. He never got signed to a major label but he released a single called "Bubblegum" last year that was actually pretty catchy. I'll send it to you if you want.

    I don't know if he has what Simon is looking for...but if he can make it into the later rounds he'll get some much needed publicity.

  • 2Unruly

    I thought he was Eddie Winslow at first.

  • 4evajulie

    You are funny sometimes. (white castle, comment)

  • kwallace577

    that was mean. not to mention nc doesn't have any white castle's.

  • bklynsjm123

    Dont they have rules in place against stuff like this? I mean her being a winner and him being her brother. That would sure get people talking and they are already in hot water cause many think the show is staged.

  • fatblkboy

    I thought I read somewhere that he didn't make it to Hollywood. I never heard him sing before but isn't he the guys that's been singing background for her? If so, he sounds alright...

  • sumpthinspecial

    The kid can truly blow. Ahem... sing!


    Ricco is good actually. Yes he did do, "Bubblegum" but he has been around as long as Fantasia. She actually has two brothers, Ricco and Joe. The whole family can sing and they used to sing on stage together in NC before Fantasia made it to the top for AI. I don't watch AI, never have unless it was the last 2 episodes or something...and now it's totally lost its appeal to me. Oh well. But I wish Ricco the best of luck because he sings and is a talented producer. If he doesn't "win" or make it far then he'll still be seen in some his sister is a famous singer...hello that is a plus to get in where he can fit in! Right now he splits his time between ATL and NC and is a cool, real dude, from my experience.

  • 2thick4u

    This boy can go. I love his music!!!

    I wish him much success!!!

  • SexyV

    If you saw her movie on Lifetime, Ricco is actually the one who drove her to the AI audition.

  • jane

    Apparently, I'm the only one who saw her wack ass lifetime movie. In the movie, he had intentions of trying out for AI too but she was the only one that got in to actually audition.

  • Bsoul

    LOL at 2unruly calling Darius, Eddie Winslow. When Transformers first came out, my friend said "did you know Eddie Winslow voiced Jazz in Transformers?". I thought about it and cracked up.

    Hmm, wonder how Carl Winslow would feel knowing that Eddie dated and threatened to marry Karin Steffens (sp?)

  • aqtpie

    I didn't know she had siblings either. I can't wait to watch this years auditions. I only like to watch the auditions and then the last few shows before we can vote and they announce the winner.

  • kita

    He did have that song Bubblegum that they played to death in the Triad area. He's even up for an underground music award here in NC.

  • dj_dceezy

    i thought he was a rapper?

  • milly

    no I watched the movie too...

    @ Sandra LOL for the White Castle comment..I coudlnt laugh as hard,it was funny but mean.

  • ms.peaches

    I thought her Lifetime movie was okay, I think anybody can get a show or movie on Lifetime!! As far as her brother trying out I don't think that them being related has anything to do with it cause from my understanding they are suppose to be related to K-ci & Jojo don't know how true that is but my thing is if you have family already in the industry why even try out for American Idol I can understand you wanting to do your own thing but It doesn't hurt asking them for help especially if you have real talent!!

  • wisdom body

    He has a song I'm Rich that's pretty hot, they don't really play it in the triangle b/c he's from the triad. K97 made it the #2 song for independent north carolina my baby was #4 Lil Y.I.T.

  • Music999

    He is featured on Fantasia's new album on the song "Bore Me".
    He sounds like John Legend, he is also one of her background singers.

  • 2bme

    Their supposedly Kci and JoJo's first cousins which I believe cuz all of them holler when they sing(literally) neopitism only gets you in teh door you still have to prove yourself as for AI..that's too much'd be one thing if Fantasia just SANG on the show but she was an actual winner..I wouldn't want that type of heat..too much scrutiny

  • mediakemi

    Sandra, he did not make it to Hollywood, in fact I did a story on him on Monday. Cowell said he was terrible. Here's the link.

  • shakura7

    I saw Fantasia's life story on cable here in the UK on Saturday gone so I was aware she had not one but two brothers...Her story made me cry and I am glad she made it. I wish Rico all the best and even if he did not make it to Hollywood as just posted...It dont matter everything happens for a reason...Someone will scoop him up real soon
    I love ya Sandra xxx

  • caramelbabe7

    first of all.....let me calm down

  • caramelbabe7

    second, I'm from NC and I don't know where Sandra is from, but there is not WHITECASTLE IN NC and Ricco Barrino had a hit song. GOOGLE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sexychocolate

    I read an article in Sister2Sister about Fantasia and she told Jamie that her father and K-Ci and JoJo's father are brothers so they are first cousins. After reading the article I was perplexed that with her being so talented that she has to go on AI. One would think that they would have been trying to put her out there. Maybe that's just how my family works...we look out for on another.