Yesterday I told you that V-103's Porsche Foxx confirmed that Vivica A. Fox had a sex tape circulating around Atlanta. In defense of Porsche, she never said her friend Vivica's name on the air. Since yesterday Porsche has fielded calls from friends, celebrities and even police detectives!

Now I'm hearing Vivica's management has threatened the radio station and are denying it is Vivica in the tape. Click the link below to listen to a clip from Porsche's show this morning.

  • kat

    lawd....i guess this is about to be dragged out now....

  • ATLien

    Stupid azzes!! It was Auntie that did the deed on film...why not sue her!

  • 2thick4u

    What is really going on with this story?!!! Something about this story sound fishy...all these over...Getting, Getting, Getting some head!!!

  • 2thick4u


    I am glad that she put the cop on the air and that she did a good job rectifing the situation.

  • Krysi – yes the same one

    Vivica know she did that sh*t! She needs to come forward and be a woman about least i would have more respect for her taking a loss with her head up high. The fact that she is trying to hide it so hard, makes me want to diss her even more!

  • MzScorpo

    Why are they has to be her! The detectives are investigating something, and bet it's not just a rumor they've been called to investigate!

  • Lou_Brock


    If she didn't say Vivica's name yesterday...

    Why did you post: "It's Vivica" and say Porsche "confirmed that Vivica A. Fox had a sex tape circulating around Atlanta"????

    I used to wonder why certain commenters had negative things to say about you... I think I'm beginning to see the light! Get it together Sandra, before you get sued for defamation one of these days!

  • prynsexxx

    Damn Porsh, who did your color????!!!!!!! Looks like somebody mistook your head for a Always with wings. I thought Atlanta put it down when it came to the hair. But that color job looks like your stylist missed that class in hair school.

    Oh and add more B5 vitamins to your diet to get those sides a lil more healthy and fuller.

  • Bsoul

    Why is her scalp always red. Her hairdresser should use tricks of the trade to keep her scalp from getting red after applying her cellophane.

    Now to the story at hand, Vi-Vi should have been doing damage control BEFORE drinking the dark liquor!

  • brenden

    I didn't listen to the clip but let me say this. I googled the phrase vivica fox sex tape. Several results come up. Several blogs reporting this story. Every last 1 of them list sandra rose as the source. So this may very well be an unconfirmed rumor that just spread like a wildfire. Maybe 2 weeks ago I was sent a clip of what was supposed to be "vivica fox doing what she does best" Turns out it was a porn chick who slightly favors vivica sucking some white dudes member. That clip was sent around like a chain mail. I'm sure some were duped by it, but until I see definitive proof I'm not buying it. If sandra says she saw a photo so be it. Until I see the video myself I refuse to pass judgement.

  • Sharonda

    Did anybody listen to the clip?Ok from what I heard Sandra can be making this ALL up.But I do understand a "loyal" reader could been mistaken.Lots of "pron" stars look like celebrities.You sure it wasnt Roxy Reynolds lol.

  • KittyHummerKitty

    Porsche Foxx is a nice looking girl, but she needs a lace front wig.

  • Bsoul

    Bad Kitty!

  • dapo

    great job of PR work here

  • ms.peaches

    If this is all true then the only thing I can think of is girlfriend don't want to be on danger of losing her job by letting the cat out of the bag so to speak!! but this is already getting stale Viv needs all the publicity she can get right now can someone tell me other than those BET movies she's done what else has she had poppin since 2 CAN PLAY THAT GAME looks like Gabby is getting all her work!!

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    She looks like a lighter Star Jones.

  • Lou_Brock

    Since my question didn't get answered, I'ma post it again...

    If Porsche didn’t say Vivica’s name yesterday on the air…

    Why did this blog state: “It’s Vivica” and say Porsche “confirmed that Vivica A. Fox had a sex tape circulating around Atlanta”????

    C-O-N-F-I-R-M-E-D... you said that, and the blogosphere picked it up! That's cold! A black woman assaulting another black woman through the media.

  • Sandra Rose

    @ Lou_Brock:

    Let me break it down for you: Porsche is Vivica's friend. Yesterday, Porsche said her "friend" was on the tape. Today she is doing damage control. Did you even listen to the clip I posted?

  • brenden

    Sandra let me ask you this. Was the guy standing up in the picture you saw? Did he have on a black shirt? Was her hand around the base of his penis?

  • mj

    Why is Vivica Fox looking like New York in this picture :)..

  • NC_NYer

    Well....SO WHAT if Vivica was giving head....I'm not mad at her...she is human, and if it happened it happened. However, I'd like to address the alleged dude whom "allegedly" forwarded the video to his boys....YOU ARE A F*%^ING IDIOT!! So high school.....PRIVATE MOMENTS ARE PRIVATE....

  • milly

    If she did it she needs to just woman up to it and move on,Although its not cute making sex tapes and having them circulate around, Hell shes not the first celebrity to do this and I'm sure she wont be the last.

  • Bsoul


    On the contrary, if this is true, this was not done in private. Besides, it was done while she was being recorded---no less. Whoever the woman in this clip is, why did she think she was being recorded? Certainly not for "America's Funniest Home Videos".

    A few minutes of thinking about what you're doing can save you a lifetime of heartache. Dark liquor is not our friend!

  • ATLien

    ********* posted the video...I have it on my site now too...

  • free

    sandra has a GOSSIP site. she is not obligated to do fact checking like she is CNN or something. porsche basically gave it away by stating it was her "friend". someone in the know like sandra made the connection (porsche probably knew such people would) and is able to put the name out there. everybody wanted to know who it was when sandra posted so don't ride her now. obviously porsche cannot give the name so she gave as much as she could.