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Keyshia Cole made it a perfect Valentine's day for fans who packed Dreamz nightclub for her platinum party last night. Keyshia performed all her hits and left the crowd screaming for more. Keyshia's mom and sisters joined her on stage for the concert and afterwards, Keyshia led everyone up to the VIP to continue the party.

Also performing at Keyshia's platinum party were Plies, Peach Candy, Big Boi and JC from Block Entertainment. NFL star Pac Man was in the house, but understandably, he wasn't taking pics.

My photographer Freddyo said Keyshia was so nice to him and allowed him to take exclusive shots of her brand new $250,000 Ferrari - a gift from her future hubby Jeezy maybe?

I must admit I wasn't feeling keyshia's new hair color but I love the color and cut in these pics. She looks beautiful! The party was hosted by Mz Shyneka and Hot 107.9.

  • plushlush

    Can keisha cole afford this vehicle...Ok let's not have to call SuzeOrman......Congrats on the Platinum status

  • Hotstuff

    Keyshia looks good didn't like the color at first either but here it looks nice and it fits her...

    Why y'all didn't get better shots of her though???

    And stay out of people's personal business if they wanted you to know it would be known!!!

  • prettybrwngrl

    i like keyshia but if her mama and neffee get a hold of this car Ferrari's will never be the same. In one of those episodes didn't her accountant check her on how much money she's spending? further if jeezy did buy this he's a d*mn fool. invest black people invest!

  • BayArea

    Was Jeezy in tha house? Congrats on the Platinum status Keysh:)

    Don't forget we like to party in the Bay, come home and throw party out here too!

  • Bsoul

    Keyshia might be able to afford that car. Since she writes her songs, she doesn't have to sell as many as artists who don't write for themselves--to get "good" money. I wish more artists recognized and capitalized on this.

    Not bad, Key-Key, you look good in that pic...all but those goofy space boots.

    K, I'm leaving now.

  • alana

    I think she looks great! Does anyone know if Neffe decided to keep the baby she was pregnant with on the show???

  • 2thick4u

    I love this hair color on her. She does look nice but I'm not feeling the boots!!!!

  • Bsoul

    Yeah, it looks like she wrapped her legs in aluminum foil. I lied, I didn't leave :^(

  • no12blame

    I was thinking the same thing. I didn't like the new color at first but it looks good on her in the car pics. Weave & wig free, that's impressive.

  • niastar

    First you putting all of their business out in the street talking about Jeezy cheating on her, now you kissing ass. What a turn around. WOW!!!

  • Bird

    I'm not crazy about the hair. Keyshia is so adorable that the hair almost looks to mature for her. I don't mind the color or even the cut, It's the style that isn't working for me. But then again my opinion counts for absolutely nothing. Do you Key Lo Lo.

  • ms.peaches

    Damn I don't think I will ever get a V-day gift like that if he did buy it for her, I may be a bit jealous, ok more than a bit but anyway I like the cut I wasn't feeling the color st first either but I guess it's growing on her is everyone jumping on the Kelis bandwagon, Im jus sayin

  • KIM 2.0

    "alana Says:
    Does anyone know if Neffe decided to keep the baby she was pregnant with on the show???"

    I was going to ask the same thing, do you know anything Ms. Sandra??? I read somewhere she changed her mind and didn't go through it.

  • candy

    She looks very cute

  • pinky2083

    She looks really good. Damn Jeezy must really love her ass!

  • niastar

    I saw a picture that the family took a couple months ago...I think it was for a magazine. Neffe was big and pregnant so she did decide to keep it. They are doing season 3 of the show so I am sure it will be on there.

  • pinkvirgo

    Those boots are god awful.

  • AaronMichael

    plushlush....Suze is da shyt! But why Keyshia smile always look forced and unwelcoming?

  • PaigeyWaigey

    The car is a rental.....she can't afford that....yet...but if she stays on track in a few years she can. But we all know what's gonna happen to her, she's gonna slowing fall off and her family will put her in the poor house. Keyshia girl....MOVE AWAY from your family and focus on your business...they been making it for all these years without your money, you've done enough now, let them figure it out like the rest of us, they've got a head start.

  • ms.peaches

    Damn Paigey that was a bit harsh but I guess you got a point!! @ Kim I thought they showed her on the show going to the abortion clinic?? I didn't know they were doing another season of the show? oh well that is the only reason I watched BET whatever happened to DMX show & I thought they were gonna do a show for Lil Kim after she got out or maybe I'm just late I love the reality shows but there are so many I can't keep up!!!

  • AreUForReal

    I think your photographer might just be the ish Sandra because these are the first pics I've seen of her with the black hair that make the style look decent too. But, Keisha is the biz so she can do what she wants. :O)


    i like keisha. great singer. the hair is looking better now huh? yeah. the boots first thots were stripper, 1980's space porn, etc. the car, whoever brought it, is hot!

  • milly

    I'm not a big fan of hers but she looks amazing in these pics,almost glowing

  • Richie Domino

    GOD I love this woman!

    Her mother gave me a new perspective on drug addiction & addicts. She humanized so called "crackheads." I don't look at them the same anymore. They are our brothers, mothers, sisters etc.

    Keisha's reality show relayed how much the black community needs therapy. We sweep our issues under the rug like they don't exist.

    Every time Keisha has a victory I celebrate with her. I feel like she's family.

    "AreyouForReal" I wasn't digging the color but the style in these photos make it look good. Big ups to the photog!

  • FayLo

    Love the car..keyshia does have a look on her face like she's never been in such an expensive car like that..but am I the only one who is lost with keyshia & jeezy's so-called "relationship"... I remember when keyshia was talking about her marriage proposal and all that mess in essence magazine, then she gets all defensive with SR comments and now jeezy is giving her gifts(a blue Ferrari) or maybe not..

  • aqtpie

    She looks cute and I'm loving the car.

  • HeyNow

    Love it!!!!! What's up with people talking about she can't afford a car like that..come on the girl is making money.she writes her songs,she's been on other people's stuff,didn't she sign a deal for some hair product(hince the reason for the change in hair color) I know B.E.T. Paid her for the show too. Only artist that sign with Puffy don't get paid. I didn't know she went platinum..go girl.
    On another note I hope Neffie didn't keep that baby,plus I cried my ass off on that episode.

  • prynsexxx

    I must say I LOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVEEE the hair color. I am not a fan, but as I stated b4, I give credit where credit is due.

    Her style of dress is on point..........sometimes. But when she doesn't "bring it", you can definately tell.

    Again I so love the blk hair. I think its more of the fact that, thats the ONLY color I wear. They can have all that blonde, red, blue, purple, mountain berry kool-aid flavor. Blk is my color, there is no other.

  • Krysi – yes the same one

    I guess the bottom line is it doesn't matter who she is allegedly knocked up by, engaged to,living with or owe her fame and fortunes to she is on her J-O-B. Some females in the biz should take notes *side eyez* Trina, La La, Kelly, Janet, Michelle, and many others!!

  • Bubbles

    she must be loving Atlanta right now

  • mzpriceless

    I don't know what these people are talking about. They obviously were not there! But I WAS! Keyshia looked beautiful and sound beautiful. Her boots may not be to your liking but they are so Keyshia. She did an AMAZING job. "Screaming for more" is right. She really needed to sing the whole album. But I'm aware that she was not putting on a show or concert. Ooooohhhhh and that damn Plies. He's not a very attractive brotha but his swagger is something serious!!!! LOL! My girls and I had a ball last night. Jezzy wasn't seen but he was definitely acknowledged. Upon exiting the stage, they started playing his verse from "Imma do me". And Keyshia and her sister were ROCKIN!!! LOL! But if you think her boots were a hot ghetto mess......what about the chick with the blonde quick weave bob that thought she was in the video! LOL! COMEDY!!!! LMFAO!!

  • istandbehindtheIam

    She looks fabulous. Her best look EVER!

  • Nina

    I agree with Sandra that these shots of her new hair color makes her look fab and she seems so happy - Congrats to her!

  • mrsgoodes

    the car is not a rental, Jeezy can afford it, and keyshia's hais was breaking off from that blonde ish anyway. I think it looks a lot better. do ur thing girl

  • hellava10

    Do your thing, girl

  • Ms.Tia

    i dont know why i choose the most arrogant and attitude having people as my fav artist...but keyshia cole is my girl,i liked that color the minute she got it and love it even more now,she looks sooo pretty in these pics

    Her and Kanye can do no wrong in my eyes....they have some sort of spell on me but really you look great keyshia,and that car is a good look


    i dnt understand y some ppl think keyshia cnt afford this car. once again, maybe shes investing her money. omg some ppl really need to get a grip. maybe the record compnay purchased the car for her as a gift for going platinum. who knows. but i know one thing, the main ppl talking are probably working a 9 to 5 or dnt have a D A M N job themselves, lol worrying about what someone else os spending their money on, lol get a grip ppl.

  • teina

    I love those boots!

  • ReadTheBlog

    She normally looks like an old ho with that blond hair - now she looks like a 5 year younger ho with the black hair.

  • J Gats Juice

    she looks so ghetto to me....its ok to be ghetto, but she looks like she doesnt have an ounce of class

  • Maxdan

    Wow, with the pics i've seen of ATL hot spots/locals and someone has the nerve to call Keyshia Cole GHETTO???!!! WTF?!!

    What's really goin on? SHE MADE IT OUT THE HOOD. That's my girl, she is fly...her hair is nice and those who have comments about the car wouldn't turn down a ride. I sure wouldn't. RENTAL my butt, but could you even afford to put the money down to hold it? Not really. Let this girl get her money, sing songs and date Jeezy. She is REAL, helps her fam and sings from the soul.

    Haters needs to kick rocks and get a hobby.

  • Taimia1

    Co-signing with Maxdan!

    STOP HATIN'!!!

    I've seen the pictures too and I think the locals in ATL are just as HOOD!! As far as her hair is concerned, maybe she needs to come back to Cali and get it done right!!!