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According to XXL mag, rapper T.I. will co-headline the upcoming Turn Up the Vote National Hip-Hop Summit in Philadelphia on Sunday, April 20 with Russell Simmons and R&B singer Ciara.

A number of Hip-Hop stars and industry personalities are expected to attend the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network (HSAN). T.I. will discuss issues important to the youth of today such as the 2008 presidential election and the need to get out and vote. T.I. secured permission from the federal prosecutor's office to travel out of state for this event.

In other T.I. news, according to Sonia Murray of the AJC, T.I. lost his multi-million dollar promotional deal with General Motors as a result of his legal troubles. "GM had to back up off of me. There are films that I missed out on. Not speaking of, of course, shows. Tours. Tons of business. I've probably lost about $10 to $12 million dollars, said T.I.

  • Tmekio

    Corporations KILL me!

    They are so QUICK to jump ship when folks have some "spotlight" on them, but they never stick around to see what the outcome is going to be...

    EFF General Motors!!!

  • 2thick4u

    I hope he learned $10 - $12 million lessons during his house arrest.

    Nobody made him lose money but himself. Dust your shoulders off and try again...this time do this legally!!!

  • 2thick4u

    *things legally!!!

  • HunE916

    Is this part of his 1500 hours community service?

  • HunE916

    Tmekio Says:

    Corporations KILL me!

    They are so QUICK to jump ship when folks have some “spotlight” on them, but they never stick around to see what the outcome is going to be…

    SPOTLIGHT! That n!gga plead guilty to FEDERAL WEAPONS POSSESSION charges! That's more than a damn “spotlight”!

    Come on Black folks!

  • hellava10

    That is his lesson to learn. He could have some extra change. oh, well it will go to some other upstanding citizen.

  • brwnsugga4you

    it was more like a radar than a spotlight. i like tip but i don't blame them for backing off. especially after he pleaded guilty. i'm sure some other celebrity would luv to pick up that deal.

  • ms.peaches

    Thats is messed up that he lost those endorsements, but thats the way the cookie crumbles!! he isn't the only one who got booted, I think Pepsi did the same thing to Luda & he didn't even do anything!! & look at all the athletes that eff up & lose there deals!!! He will bounce back I'm sure but you also gotta use your head!!!

  • Bird

    Lesson learned. I bet he hates guns now. Would probably have a panic attack and vomit at the sight of one. The deals will be waiting for him again when he finishes paying for his crime.

  • bklynsjm123

    I wish him the best, I really do I love his music and I love what he does for the community. I think T.I. is a good person who has just made bad decisions. Unfortunately he has to pay for those decisions because even though he is T.I. he is not above the law. When celebrities figure this out then everything will be honky dory.

  • bklynsjm123

    On a side note, alot of companies back out of endorsements when a celeb gets into trouble. They dont want to taint their lily white reputations dealing with the likes of the "trouble makers" which might I add, are the same people who made them money to begin with. Vivica lost her deal when she had her DUI situation. Mike Vick lost almost every damn thing with his troubles. I think its messed up but I cant say I blame them. All these companies are out to make money and the minute they see that their money is being fondled with, they are going to take the necessary actions to correct it.

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  • lexdiamonz

    this is good for T.I. maybe he can use his lyrical talent to steer some of these kids the right way.. go back to his "I'm serious" days

  • Naima

    That Niqqa can't vote!

  • ATLien

    He can't...but he can still enfluence those who can!

  • ATLien

    influence...I can't spell :-?

  • Naima

    According to him he has no influence, he raps about violence and selling drugs and he claims it doesn't affect the community

  • free

    what a sham. n**** should be picking up road kill, trash, and other assorted debris on the various streets and highways of atlanta. that's what the other bros have to do.