Thanks to loyal reader Brynn for sending this audio from the Howard Stern Show! Apparently, one of Oprah Winfrey's loyal viewers is LIVID with her for not answering any of his "certified letters" that he sent after seeing Oprah grant a wish to a Britney Spears fan.

Of course, Howard's ad libs are hilarious, but the true star is the irate viewer who refers to Oprah repeatedly as "Negro woman of the South".

  • milly

    lol...someone should tell him, just because you write doesnt mean it will get answered, I mean afterall its Oprah not god.

  • Anna

    He took the time to send them "certified" so he can keep track of them and refers to her as "Negro woman of the South". I would say he has issues. Watch Your Back Oprah.

  • 2thick4u

    This guy is a STALKER!!!!

    He thinks that just because he sent things "certified" that she should automatically respond to him. GET A LIFE YOU CREEP!!!

    Shit...if that was the case I would have been received my 2008 Black Mercedez - Benz with the 26 Lorenzo rims and tires!!!!

  • iscream

    As a former faithful Howard Stern listner (pre sat radio) I can assure you this is olllllddddd audio. (Even though I can't listen to it @ work). I remember when he first played this on 92.3 K Rock...

    Miss Howard... (wipe tear from eye.)

  • Bsoul

    Sandra, you better respond to every E-mail or this could happen to you. Then you'll have to change your blog to "Negro Woman of the South". LOL!

    How can someone get soooo bitter because someone doesn't answer a certified letter?

    Poor thing doesnt't/didn't realize that Oprah hasn't answered her own mail in years!


    Negro Woman of the WEST!

  • browni007

    Obviously he had nothing better to do with his time or his money.

  • lexdiamonz

    oprah done f-ed up now pissing off the gays veiwership will be down LMBAO

  • prynsexxx

    I haven't listened to it yet, but that picture is priceless. LOL

    It speaks volumes, such as:

    "I'm still rich! Harpo Production B!tches!"

  • Tiffochris11

    " T am HIGHLY Disgusted st this time!! " lol that was so funny!!!

    Oprah....GET XTRA Security!!! Cuz i keeps it REAL!! LOL

    and what makes a letter "Certified"?? lol

  • mimi08

    Okay, he does sound extreme, but the dude has a point. She didn't have to send a personally written letter from herself, but she could have sent a prefabricated catch all type letter for viewers to acknowlege receipt of their mail. It takes no time to do that. I understand his anger though i do think he was being extreme.

    Celebrities have to realize that they have fans from years and years ago, those that has followed them throughout their careers and have been their supporting them rooting them on from the beginning....if you lose your core fans, then what!

    I do see also see where he says she seems to kiss white folks ass a bit more than usual, and in my opinion, she seems a bit uncomfortable when black people comment or are on stage with her. She seems naturally more at ease with people who are not of color. This is just my opinion, i don't know if anyone else notice this...i mean she seems to get uncomfortable when black people speak on her show, whether they are from the audience or on stage with her. And she does seem to honor more white people requests than blacks or ethnic ones. I hear she's pretty generous, but her rise to fame seemed to have changed her a bit. I don't deny i see a change. She's less down to earth than she had been with she was the big woman, hugging black women from the ghetto on her sofa on her show when she first came out. I doubt if we'll ever see that again. Oprah must remember the days when her core and only fans where black women, black housewives, black female college students, and so forth...all the other fans such as the white females came much letter after she had been established by her black core fans and made extra famous by the rappers who hated her message on her show. They shouted her out in their music, though not in a good way. But promotion is promotion, and she rose fairly quickly after that.

    This guy is a little off, however, he did take the time, as one of her core fans from the beginning, to send her a certified letter (which cost extra postage for those who don't know), a request, the same as white people do, but she couldn't send him a prefabricated pre-printed by the thousands, catch all note, that says, your letter was received. I think he just wanted acknowledgement that she received it, and that she somehow valued his time to write to her.

    She might be losing touch a bit with her fans. This letter was writen in early 2001, and i'm noticing now her star is falling a bit, and she is losing fans. At least that's what the new york post is reporting as of 2 weeks ago. To say in control and power, you must maintain your core fan base cause they are the ones who will be there for you in the end, when all the other fake bandwagon jumpers leave you for the next hot thing. Celebrities should stay humble, be thoughtful of their fan base, and remember their roots cause sometime God has a way of starting us over at square one.

  • mrsdawn

    Can anyone really think that Oprah would respond to someone calling her what he did. Another thing, I dont agree that oprah is uncomfortable around people of color.
    Mimi, did you happen to see the Legends Ball. The Legends
    were Black women of her choosing. People be acting like Oprah owes the world . She does more for humanity that the average celeb. Hell, her Angel network did more for Hurricane Katrina victims than the freakin govt. As for her losing her fan base, yeah right! She's getting her O.W.N network on tv Oprah Winfrey Network which she will OWN!!!

  • Bsoul

    If his initial letter was in the same "verbiage" style as this response, it's no wonder Oprah's handlers didn't forward her his letter.