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Darius Jackson tried to turn the tables on actress Keke Palmer after a judge awarded her sole temporary custody of their 8-month-old son, Leodis.

Keke’s bitter baby daddy is accused of leaking audio and other damaging info to bloggers in hopes of building his case for child support from Keke.

In an audio recording that Darius allegedly leaked to YouTuber Armon Wiggins, Keke’s mom, Sharon, is heard dissing Darius for publicly chastising Keke who wore a skimpy outfit to an Usher concert in Las Vegas.

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In the leaked audio of a phone conversation, Sharon calls Darius a “punk” and a “mama’s boy.”

Keke, who is in the same room as Darius, tells Sharon he’s trying to use the “child actor’s parents who sacrificed their childhood gag.”

Sharon responded:

“OK, well, we got forty million dollars for that! Yeah, I sacrificed her [childhood] I guess. What did your mama do for you? She f–ked you up… She turned you into a punk ass mama’s boy who harasses a woman. What kind of bulls—t is that? Your mama should be ashamed of herself.”

A judge recently granted Keke a restraining order against Darius. He was also ordered to turn over his handgun to police.

Photo may have been deleted

Ironically, Darius’s mom has a longstanding restraining order against his father for domestic violence.

In the leaked audio, Keke tells Darius that his brain is “broken” and that he needs to seek professional help.

“You’re chemically imbalanced. There’s nothing that I’ve done for you to stay on that page. People have endured more; I’ve endured more from you. I don’t sit up there and call you names,” Keke said.

Darius demands to see his son, but Sharon interjects and rebukes him for disrespecting her daughter.

Photo may have been deleted

“What man thinks they can call the mother of they child c-nt, b–hes, whores, you been run through but ‘I’m gonna come get the baby’? What kind of mental motherf—ker are you? If my daughter ever, ever, give you the baby after you call her c-nt, imma beat her a—.”

Darius then tells Sharon his son is going to “grow up to be a man – a real man…” But Sharon cuts him off: “He’s not going to learn how to grow up and be a man from you!”

Photo may have been deleted

Darius deactivated his Twitter account in July after he commented under a video of Keke slow-dancing with singer Usher while wearing a black bodysuit under a sheer negligee.

Darius made it clear that he did not approve of the mother of his child wearing a skimpy outfit while dancing provocatively with another man.

“It’s the outfit tho.. you a mom,” he tweeted-then-deleted.

Photo may have been deleted

In the leaked audio, Sharon seems to confirm longstanding rumors that Usher is gay.

Darius deactivated all of his social media accounts this week after allegedly leaking the audio.

Listen to the audio below.