Photo may have been deleted
Jack Bridgland for GQ

GQ magazine’s 2023 Men of the Year issue – with honoree Kim Kardashian on the cover – continues to spark outrage among male readers.

For decades, men have stood idly by while women have increasingly assumed traditional male roles in society. Toxic masculinity is being erased from American pop culture and replaced by imagery of effeminate men.

Photo may have been deleted
Jack Bridgland for GQ

GQ chose Kim as 2023 Man of the Year since she juggles both the male and female roles while raising her 4 kids. During the GQ photo shoot, Kim’s children were visiting with their father, Kanye West, in Italy for a few days.


Even before their divorce was finalized in 2022, Kim was worth more than Kanye financially.

Men are being pushed out of traditional male spaces by female bosses who no longer rely on them for protection, companionship or financial security.


One disgruntled GQ reader tweeted: “Disgraceful! women should not get a mens title. Men are achievers and deserve there own price. Gq is a loser magazine [sic]”.

Another Twitter/X user wrote: “Men are portrayed as weak and laughable while women are glorified. This cultural shift is brainwashing and… Men are dominating women’s sports and winning female beauty pageants and Kim Kardashian was named a GQ Man of the Year…”

And a third person wrote: “Strange and unusual times we’re living in… How TF did Kim Kardashian get GQ man of the year?! I’ll never understand why some women be men soooo badly. Being a women has its privileges too. [Shake my head]…”


In the magazine’s defense, one Twitter/X user wrote: “I do understand the frustration – but the GQ ‘man of the year’ is actually a list of quite a few people, and it usually includes both men and women. sydney sweeney was one of them last year…”

Another GQ fan wrote: “Kim is not ‘Man of the Year’ she is the cover model for the issue and ‘Tycoon of the Year.’ GQ’s ‘Man of the Year’ edition has had multiple women on the cover starting with Jennifer Aniston back in 2005. Kim’s interview mostly talks about her father & his influence on her. This claim is just to work up the ‘anti-woke’ groups.”

Another person wrote: “No one’s reading GQ or US weekly so they need this type of outrage for clicks and views. Men win woman of the year and women win men of the year. It means nothing they are just grasping for relevance.”

“And this ladies and gentlemen….. Is why America is now laughed at around the world. Absolutely friggin embarrassing,” one Twitter/X user tweeted.