Whoever hacked Sohh.com's website also helped themselves to personal info of everyone connected with the site (staff and users). That means passwords, sensitive information, emails, etc., are all floating around the Internets as I type this. Someone sent me lists of personal information culled from Sohh.com's servers, but I quickly deleted the email. I want no parts of that.

Sohh.com is still down but hopefully they will survive this attack. We all need to eat.


    Not that I read anything on this site (I'm faithful to SandraRose) but I hope they get this taken care of expeditiously

  • shunda

    Every time Sandra says Internets I think about my Aunt saying Walmarts lol. I am glad I never registered for that site. I get enough spam already.

  • sharnell

    Sandra, i think its great that you pointed out that we all have to eat!

  • NC_NYer

    Glad I'm not on there - I feel bad for them though. What IDIOT would need people's personal info from SOHH.com - you certainly don't see schwab.com's site being hacked. It's always places like TJ Maxx (Oh yes, and MasterCard, too).

  • shunda

    You are so right it is always places like that. I went to TJ Maxx once with a friend and had to change my debit card info twice behind it.

  • brwnsugga4you

    wow..never read that blog anyway..but, hopefully he can get this handled.

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    S*oh forum's immaturity is what did them in. They (the posters) f*cked with the wrong person and now it's over for the whole site.

  • cupcakes

    That's jacked up! WoW!! Hope they catch the perp and send them up the river!!

    I tried to go on there site earlier with no avail, just trying to see what they were about. I don't mean to put pass tense "were" in there.

    Hopefully they recoup soon!

  • candi got gushy

    Im registered on that site. Ive been lurking, trying to see how much info the hackers got.PPl were erasing their myspace accounts and alot of them had personal info on their sohh accounts such as phone #'s and name info,pictures (some of their kids) its been crazy. Last night AHH got hacked as well although they both recovered around midnight.

  • http://www.myspace.com/millyly milly

    Damn thats messed up

  • bklynchick

    This is messed up for real!!

  • goat76

    AllHipHop site is down now..........Hope u r safe Sandra...

  • candi got gushy

    I see s o h h is down again.Someone(one of them immature dudes) went to the hackers website talking crazy to them threating them so the hackers followed back to the hiphop website and started spewing racist comments, phishing the site and taking over complete profiles.Im pissed off because s o h h should have closed registration when they learned about the hackers.I had to change my email password erase my myspace link and remove all pics from that site.

  • mina

    Never visited sohhh. Were they a big deal?

  • candi got gushy

    ^^^ its been around for 10 years. The community is what i frequent. Some posters had/has as many as 20k post or more one of their threads had as many as 1million views. You can get useful(album info) as well as not so useful(free porn) info on the site. Its a place to read about things going on in the hip-hop arena.I just started going there in jan08 but it was a place i've killed time on when i didnt have much work to do.I believe it is in the top 5 hiphop sites along with allhiphop.

  • http://notenoughrealmen.blogspot.com 2thick4u

    Glad I'm not a member!!

    I see they spared some funds in the security department.

    Sandra I hope you are 100% protected!!

  • Paris Hilton’s Valtrex

    The people that hacked SOHH was 4chan. They're a notorious group of hackers and they have taken internet beefs to the real world. You don't EVER want to cross 4chan (which is what some SOHH posters did) because they will always WIN.

    I know this is the internet but I tried to mediate the situation between SOHH and 4chan. They're so good at hacking that they can put you on the FBI Most Wanted List without the FBI knowing YOU were added! They have held up Super Bowl games by making threats. They have even gotten people's addresses and sent hookers and $500 worth of pizzas to people's homes. 4chan as even put people houses up for sale without their knowledge.

    Anyway, never speak of them in a bad way because they're all over the net. It's millions of them and their slogan is "Never Forget, Never Forgive"

  • candi got gushy

    Here's some info;


  • Paris Hilton’s Valtrex

    And the bad part is that the people who were calling out 4chan weren't even regular posters on S.O.H.H. and they didn't know how dangerous they are.

    4chan is so bad that a lot of websites have blocked their name from being mentioned, similar to how Sandra has the word S.O.H.H. censored.

  • leesalisa

    This is getting crazy, they just took down allhiphop.com

  • Paris Hilton’s Valtrex

    Yea, All Hip Hop was down off and on since Wednesday or Thursday. Since 4chan attacked AHH and Dat Piff (which are frequented by members of SOHH) I know for a fact that 4chan already had members on SOHH. Also, I knew SOHH's security had been breached when 4chan was able to send messages and emails as "admin". So, Felicia's account information was stolen sometime last week.

    I was telling everyone on SOHH to update their anti-virus, turn on their firewalls, and use proxies. Then for some reason, my SOHH account was banned. I'm unsure if SOHH's admin banned me or if 4chan did it but never, EVER challenge 4chan or you will regret it.

    4chan on Fox: http://youtube.com/watch?v=128IR21ZQa0

  • candi got gushy

    Both sites are still down,did yall see what they did to Alexxys Tylor site? WTF !!! The hackers released Felicia Palmer's password and email account address on their threads.I read she has the feds involved,i think thats a bad idea considering all the copyright infringment that was going on.